The Olsson Brothers Podcast

The Olsson Brothers Podcast


A podcast by Konrad Olsson and Joakim Olsson, furiously discussing the latest topics and trends within entertainment, fashion and global citylife. Konrad is a Stockholm-based editor-in-chief of global fashion magazines Plaza Magazine and Plaza Uomo. Joakim is a Los Angeles-based vice president for entertainment advertising agency Stockholm Design. They are brothers and grew up in Umeå, Sweden.


Andrew Tuck  

Andrew Tuck is the founding editor of Monocle, a magazine brand that during the past nine years has proven that you can build a strong readership and healthy business by doing quality journalism on paper. Together with editor-in-chief Tyler Brulé he has also expanded Monocle’s reach and offer through a 24 hour radio channel, book publishing, and e-commerce. Andrew is an experienced editor and has previously been the executive editor of the Independent on Sunday newspaper and also responsible for their Sunday and Saturday magazines.

Andrew Tuck lives in London.

The website is

This conversation took place in Monocle headquarters Midori House in London on March 22 2016.



James Goldstein  

James Goldstein is an architecture aficionado and the owner of the legendary Sheats/Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles. The mid-century modern house was created by architect John Lautner and has been featured in countless movies, music videos and fashion shoots, from The Big Lebowski to Vanity Fair, as well as being a party place for celebrities like Rihanna, Drake and Jack Nicholson. We sat down with James in his iconic home and talked about his love for basketball, travelling the world to see every fashion show there is, having his designer clothes customized by the designers themselves, and why he has decided to donate his house to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). 

The website is

This conversation took place on March 11 2016. 


Gay Talese  

Gay Talese is one of the world’s most influential non-fiction writers. As a part of the New Journalism movement in the 1960’s he wrote the legendary story ”Frank Sinatra has a Cold” for Esquire magazine, without even meeting Sinatra. Using his method ”the art of hanging out” he has written books about the New York Times, the Bonanno crime family, and the sexual revolution. He is also a masterful dresser, owning over 150 tailor made suits.    In conversation with The Olsson Brothers, Mr. Talese speaks about the similarities between writing and tailoring, about working on the Frank Sinatra story, and the ramifications his borderless research on the sexual revolution had on his marriage.    The website is   This conversation took place in Gay Talese’s townhouse on Manhattans Upper East Side, on February 18th 2016.    Enjoy!


Karl-Edwin Guerre has been called "the savior of street style photography" by The Washington Post. He has proven to be one of the best interpreters of menswear today, both by capturing well dressed men on the streets of New York and Florence on his website Guerreisms and in magazines around the world, and through his own unique way of dressing (a look he calls "casual fly"). Guerre is married, a father of two, and lives in Brooklyn.

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This conversation took place during the Pitti Uomo fair in Florence, Italy, in January 2016.



Andrew Weitz  

Andrew Weitz is a former talent agent in Hollywood who became a style consultant for stars and powerful executives. Since leaving the WME in 2014, the world’s biggest talent agency where he represented clients like Ricky Gervais and James Corden, he has set up The Weitz Effect, a method to bring confidence and success to top-performing men within entertainment, finance and tech. Andrew is voted one of the 10 best dressed men internationally by GQ Magazine. He is married and lives in Los Angeles. 

Follow The Weitz Effect on Instagram @theweitzeffect. The website is

This conversation took place in broffer Joakim Olsson’s house in Sherman Oaks, California, on January 4th 2016. 



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