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The Open Road Podcast has one mission: to help you find more adventure in the everyday. Your hosts, Calvin and Jeremy, are ready to whisk you away into a world of excitement and intrigue, as together you find out what it means to make every day a story worth telling to your grandkids. Ok -- it's just a podcast. The grandkids thing is no guarantee.


The Story of an Unlikley Adventurer with Cole McFarlane  

Risk taking, extreme sports, fire breathing and not wearing a seatbelt. None of these describe this week's guest. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to our wonderfully talented producer, Cole McFarlane. On this episode, he shares the story of how he has become more adventurous since starting the podcast journey with us. A lengthy bike trip has tested his endurance, Pokemon Go has grown his social sphere and he has learned to make more room for others in his life. Thanks for listening! For more photos and stories, visit us at, or follow us on Instagram @openroadpod.

Jeremy's Icelandic Adventure Part 2: Hitchhikers and Mind Adventures  

Jeremy is still in Iceland and on this episode Calvin gives him another call to hear about the trip so far. Buckle up and get the inside scoop on everything you ever wanted to know about Iceland!

Jeremy's Icelandic Adventure: The cold hard truth of exploring the land of fire and ice  

Jeremy is in Iceland and on this episode Calvin gives him a call to hear about the trip so far. Buckle up and get the inside scoop on everything Iceland!

The Adventure of Going Viral Part 2 with Jordan Axani  

On this episode, Jordan Axani tells us about the time he found himself at the centre of the largest human interest story in the history of the Internet. What could possibly go wrong?! Fame, fortune, Hollywood, travel, adventure, high highs, low lows - Jordan's uncut story has it all. This is Part 2. If you haven't listened to Part 1, it's pretty obvious what you should go do. Listen and be inspired! Jordan's New Podcast:

The Adventure of Going Viral Pt. 1 with Jordan Axani  

On this episode, Jordan Axani shares the the incredible story where he found himself at the center of the largest human interest story in the history of the internet. Wow! What could possibly go wrong? This adventure was a roller coaster ride to say the least. In fact, the story is so interesting that we decided to release it in two parts. Fame, fortune, Hollywood, travel, adventure, high highs, low lows - Jordan's uncut story has it all. Listen and be inspired!

Summer Kick-Off  

On this episode, Jeremy and Calvin share some amazing tips on how to make this summer the best of your life. If you can't find adventure this summer after listening to this episode, you are a lost cause... The boys also chat about current events, Jeremy's dead hedgehog Gus, and why guys don't wash their hands after they go to the washroom.

Partying with Owen Wilson, Experiencing Detroit, and more with Graeme Jenvey  

Where on earth does one begin when talking about a guy like Graeme Jenvey? Graeme is a true jack of all trades. If he isn't out filming and photographing some of the most beautiful cars in the world, you can be sure he is tending to his colony of buzzing bees. If he's not doing that, he is probably making furniture. Oh, and if you can't find him in his shop, he is likely out flying his drone with his dog by his side. Graeme recently began to document his many adventures with (basically) daily VLOGS. You can find his YouTube channel here - On the podcast, we hear some crazy stories about his adventures, and talk about what has motivated Graeme to get off the couch and live an adventure every day. Musical feature in this episode: Mount Farewell

Hustle, Snapchat and Adventure with DJ CEO  

DJ CEO got his start by following one of his life's mottos: say yes now, learn later. On this episode, he shares the unconventional story of how he started DJing, and where he has taken his craft to today. Whether he is lining up corporate gigs (some of his clients include Nike, Zara and Guess) or playing at universities, you can be sure that he is hustling wherever he goes. DJ CEO also shares some inspiring tips on how to get past fears and obstacles as you seek to find more adventure in your everyday. Also in this episode, Jeremy talks about how he and his wife are going to be moving in with some friends for a year to find adventure, community and to save some $! You will also hear a positive update on Calvin's new bee colony. Guest adventure tip from SHAD. Thanks for listening!

Creative Colorado & The Case for Keurig with Jeremy Worley of The Worley Co.  

Jeremy Worley... He's a guy who could hack into the government's security system and steal classified intellectual property, rendering The Man utterly defenceless and leverage-less as he coerces Secret Service agents to paint a giant smiley face on the White House lawn. Ok... maybe that's a little ridiculous, but that's how his mind works. Jeremy is a "creative" - and a busy one at that. Jeremy has started his own design company (, and started a co-working space (, all while holding down a full time job. Jeremy does business, art, and life differently, and his mantra of "goods that do good" colours everything he does. Tune in as we discuss drive, working with intention and, of course, his tips on the challenge of learning how to find adventure in the everyday. Musical Feature:

Finding Your North with Alex from Northern Scavenger  

Alex Traynor started Northern Scavenger, an outdoors resource website, to help you FIND YOUR NORTH. He brings his expertise on camping trips to the podcast with some great stories and tips. If you have been wanting to challenge yourself, explore the area where you live and make this the best summer yet, listen to this podcast and then cruise around! Musical Feature: Maps

Bachelor Party Survival Guide  

Jeremy and Calvin are fresh off of a successful bachelor party weekend for their friend Tim, and take this unique opportunity to give you some tips on how to make sure these events double as incredible adventures. You may also hear some untold behind the scenes stories from their own bachelor parties. Don't worry ladies - there are also some tips for you from the wives. Musical Feature: Texas King

"Why Dubai?" & more questions about travelling with Tim Van Meer  

Tim is a great friend. He has been on many of our Open Road Project road trips in Lily the RV. For this episode, we bring him on the show to talk about finding adventure when traveling with work, what it's like in Dubai, and how to successfully crash a party. He also shares some stories from his recent trip to New Zealand, where he explored the country with his lovely girlfriend, Sarah. Calvin also gives us the skinny on how to colonize bees, and answers some frequently asked questions about this new hobby of his.

Society, Culture and Jar Jar Binks with Comedian Ben Head  

Why do some comedians choose to be clean instead of dirty? What is it like to crush a comedy set one day, only to have the exact same set bomb the next time you perform? What is it like to work with musicians who BLOW UP in partly because of your work with them? In this episode, our friend, Benjamin Head answers all these questions and more. Jeremy and Ben went to university together, and worked on many creative projects during that time. Ben brings a great perspective on why art is important, and shares some fantastic tips on how to make everyday an adventure.

Tiny People, Big World - Jason And Brianna From Tiny Heirloom  

Jason and Brianna are two of the six co-founders of Tiny Heirloom. They build luxury custom tiny houses in Portland, Oregon. Cool! On this episode, they share the unlikely story about how they got started, grew in size and popularity, and ended up on HGTV's show Tiny Luxury. We also talk about simplifying our lives, the build process, and (obviously) how to find adventure in the everyday! Musical Feature: J O S E P H Dylan Hamm's "What If" Photo Set:

Less is More with Zach and Hanna Way  

Zach and Hanna are simply wonderful people. On this episode of the podcast, they speak with us about adventuring, minimalism and starting a family. Coming to us from the central coast of California, these two are the first to bring an international perspective to the show. Tune in for great tips, fun conversation and to hear them make fun of our "accents." Musical Feature: Texas King

Breathe In, Breathe Out - Emily Buck - Yoga Instructor & Adventurer  

Emily Buck says YES to adventure. When she's not helping people discover themselves through yoga, she can be found travelling around in her 1981 VW Westifalia known as The Adventure Van. Emily has a beautiful perspective on life, and shares how and why she decided to pick up her life in Waterloo, Canada to move to Los Angeles. Listen in to learn about the benefits of yoga, saying yes to adventure, and choosing to live a better story. Musical Feature: Eric Brandon

Ben Hardesty > Paris Hilton  

Ben Hardesty is a very interesting character. He walks us through the history of his band, The Last Bison, and shares with us what the future has in store. His adventurous tips are sure to make you want to take off your shoes and explore the textures and beauty of the great outdoors. DC Eagle Cam: Musical Feature: Eleven North

Leave Home With No Plan To Return - Jordan Bishop Of Yore Oyster & How I Travel  

This week, we hear from Jordan, who was hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He started a company that has allowed him to live abroad and fund his travels. He has also created an amazing resource for young travellers, and tells us all about it. Musical Feature: Jesse Maranger

Mbuntu Lifestyle - Adventures in Entrepreneurship With Luke Willms  

In this episode, we speak with Luke Willms of Mbuntu about global entrepreneurship. Find out more about what he is up to at, and watch him almost get demolished by a hippo over at Musical feature: The Last Bison

Brewing Up Adventure - Nathan Colquhoun Of Refined Fool  

For Nathan Colquhoun, life is all about sharing: sharing food, drink, community, ideas, and good vibes. Refined Fool Brewing is the best thing to ever come from a group of guys who tried (and failed) to rival their wives' book club with an "article club." When that studious attempt went belly-up, Nathan and his crew found something a little more up their alley. ...Beer. As fate would have it, those ten diverse dudes began brewing barley beverages in a backyard, and have been refining their their craft ever since. Musical Feature: HIGHS

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