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Neil Sanders : Now Is The Only Thing That's Real  

Now Is The Only Thing That's Real What's myth and what's fact in the story of Charles Manson? What were the true motives behind the murders and who was really involved? There are many books covering this topic, yet very few have broken through the 'official' tale told by the trial's prosecutors and the news media at the time. This book includes hundreds of hours of research into court and police documents, witness statements, media reports and interviews with those involved. How do Terry Melcher, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Jane Fonda, the Mamas and the Papas, Michael Caine, Dean Martin, Angela Lansbury, Peter Sellers, Warren Beatty, Yul Brynner, Peter Falk, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Nancy Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and Debbie Harry fit into the tale? What Hollywood secrets did the industry, the police and the prosecution strive to keep hidden? Were the victims really chosen at random by a crazed cult of serial killers, high on a mix of LSD, Satanism and the music of the Beatles? Read on to uncover the secrets of the Manson family, their trial, the main players in the case and the murky world of Hollywood. The book contains 564 pages, 200,000+ words containing a complete history of the life of Charles Manson. A detailed examination of the Hinman, Shea, Tate and LaBianca murders, appraisal of all the most prominent theories surrounding the case, explanations of the coded confessions revealed in interviews with Manson. Stories of celebrity encounters, facts about Manson’s relationship with the music industry, details of organised crime connections, faults with the prosecution’s case, troubling indications about the motives and character of Vincent Bugliosi, examinations of further murders and other criminal activity possibly connected to Manson. Revelations about the main players involved in the case, embarrassing secrets of the Hollywood elite, suggestions of police ineptitude, signs of a cover-up, bizarre coincidences, strange occurrences, salacious gossip, radical political movements, riots, the Black Panthers, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, cults, religion, sex, drugs and murder.

Jeffrey Felix Reacts to OJ parole Hearing  

2 hour interview with Jeffrey Felix on members section Get the book here

Exclusive satanic Ritual Abuse investigation  

I have a window of opportunity in the next 5 days to travel to Northern California to investigate an SRA case that involves an iconic family name and Bohenian Grove. If all the pieces fall together in this investigation it could make international news. This would be a filmed report and the trip would include filming on the Steven/Carey Stayer 'Yosemite" murders as well. I'm seeking new memberships or donations to fund this investigation. Pleave visit to sign up as a member or email for information on special discounts or sponsorship opportunities or PayPal donations. We have just uploaded NEW exclusive documents and an interview regarding the underground room and tunnels under McMartin Preschool. We have just uploaded an interview with Samantha Spiegel ex-girlfriend on John Mark Karr the man that confessed to murdering JonBenet Ramsey. We can expand on both of these investigations and film these reports if we can raise these funds.

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