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Antonio Fernandez King Tone Almighty Latin Kings CEO of Grow Up Grow Out LLC  

Antonio Fernandez, also known as King Tone, is the former head of the Latin Kings (the largest Hispanic street gang in the US). In 1999, Fernandez was sentenced to 12 to 15 years for conspiring to sell narcotics.[1] He is the main figure in the HBO documentary, Latin Kings: A Street Gang story, which was released in 2007. He is also featured in the book, The Misfit Economy, by Alexa Clay, which was published in 2015. Upon his release, Fernandez has shared his insights as a former gang leader and political activist, and how that relates to the "legitimate world". CEO Grow Up Grow Out LLC Latin Kings: A Street Gang story In 2007, HBO released a documentary called "Latin Kings: A Street Gang story", which was primarily a biography of Fernandez. Created by award-winning documentary maker Jon Alpert, it depicts two sides to Fernandez' role as head of the Latin Kings. It portrays him as a symbol of hope who empowered the Latin American Community, and increased the King's membership by more than a 1000 people. It also portrays him as a man who could not practice what he preached. Despite asking his Latin King members to find legitimate employment and to reject a life of crime, he continued to use his position as leader of the Latin Kings to assist in large scale narcotic transactions

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