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The Opperman Report

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Join Ed Opperman with expert guests and authors as they discuss true crime stories in the news, conspiracy theories, issues of social injustice and NWO resistance.


Mark Shaw : Dorothy Kilgallen / Daniel Hopsicker : American Made- Barry Seal - CIA - Drug Smuggling  

Ed opperman interview Mark Shae about the murder of Dorothy Kilgallen Part Two Ed Opperman interviews Daniel Hopsicker, Author of Barry and The Boys, about Barry Seal the CIA cocaine smuggler durring Iran Contra and the subject of the Tom Cruise movie American Made

Brian Saady - The Drug War: A Trillion Dollar Con Gam  

Ed Interviews Brian Saady author of The Drug War: A Trillion Dollar Con Game. They discuss the legalization or decriminilzation of victimless crimes.

WM3 Killer Damien Echols' Secret Journals and Explicit Photos / Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast :Simon Wells  

Guest Rob Horn describes contents of two storage lockers once belonging to convicted West Memphis Three child killer Damien Echols and his wife Lori Davis. Items include fetish images and writings including ball gas and enigmas. Information about Mara Levert and Devi's Knott and Echols advance review of the book . Legal documents, occult and satanic writings. Echols description of himself at THE Devil not a devil. Clear evidence of recent Echols interest and involvement in satanism, occult, witchcraft and sorcery.

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