The Ozone Nightmare

The Ozone Nightmare

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Twin Engines Of Destruction: Gentle Arts Of Conversation Punctuated With Bloody Power Tools


Oram Manhattan  

This week Lando and I talk about Ghost In The Shell, Alien Covenant, and the new Doctor Who. Show music by Reed Love and OGRE. Support the show on Patreon!

Conventional Localization  

Today on the 5: As fan conventions become more fractured and localized, does that make them better or worse for attendees? 

Accepting Change  

Today on the 5: As news comes out about the next phase of Marvel movies, I wonder how well fans will handle the end of the modern roster.

Dishonored 2 Impressions  

Today on the 5: I've just started playing Dishonored 2, and the excellent visual style is as strong in the sequel as the first game.


Today on the 5: Over the weekend I watched the Netflix Castlevania series, which managed to really surprise me.

'Pure' Baseball  

Today on the 5: I often hear commentators remark on how technology would ruin the 'purity' of baseball. The idea of purity in modern baseball is laughable to begin with.

The Good In Penance  

Today on the 5: A while back I discovered an awful Marvel character called Penance. As it turns out, his back story is pretty good.

Pointless Deception  

Today on the 5: Tyler Kokjohn alerted me to a Verge article about a UK ruling on health data security violations. Why do these companies bother hiding these things anymore?

Assassin's Creed Anime  

Today on the 5: Assassin's Creed is getting an anime series. Can this succeed where the film failed?

Dying Light  

Today on the 5: During the recent Steam summer sale, I picked up a game called Dying Light. It’s essentially Dead Island with parkour, which I’m quite enjoying!

The Smoke & Mirrors Of E3  

Today on the 5: Andy Last recently lamented how game E3 game announcements for over a year away are pointless. I agree, but fakery has been the the bedrock of E3 for a while now.

Silicon Valley S4  

Today on the 5: Silicon Valley has wrapped up season 4. While it's been very uneven, it may finally be the start of a change in the status quo.

The Inhumans Problem  

Today on the 5: The trailer for the ABC series Inhumans is out, and reaction is less than great. I still don't know how this series makes any sense.

Permanent Hurricane  

This week Lando and I talk about Iceland, Kong Skull lsland, and Twin Peaks. Show music by Reed Love and OGRE. Support the show on Patreon!

Late Night Talk Shows  

Today on the 5: Reading a book about David Letterman has reminded me how much the late night TV landscape has changed.

GTA Online Revisited (The Good)  

Today on the 5: After jumping back into GTA Online after a long break, I'm finding that it still provides some wildly inventive entertainment.

GTA Online Revisited (The Bad)  

Today on the 5: After a long absence, I jumped back into GTA Online. I found some things I can't believe haven't been updated.

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