The Human Factor  

Today on the 5: Tyler Kokjohn recently wrote about applying software screening to Alzheimer's patients. I worry about a future where all of healthcare is pushed into software.

The Grand Tour  

Today on the 5: The former Top Gear hosts have a new show on Amazon called The Grand Tour. Is the magic still there?


This week we're talking Suicide Squad, The Untold History Of The United States and cyberpunk. Music for the show provided by Reed Love and OGRE.

Ozone Late Night: Jean St. Jean & Roejen (Part 1)  

Tonight is part 1 of a look back at DC and Marvel live action properties with sculptor Jean St. Jean & Roejen from Project Archivist. Music for the show provided by OGRE.

The Death Of CNN  

Today on the 5: CNN's acquisition of the social video app Beme feels like the last gasp of a dying company.

The Update Potential  

Today on the 5: Hello Games recently released a big update for No Man's Sky. This is one of the positive aspects of modern fluidly built games.

Rosie Perez, Hacker  

This week we're talking whooping cough, First Blood, With The Old Breed, Overwatch, Mad Max, and Westworld. Music for the show provided by Reed Love and OGRE.

The New TV  

Today on the 5: An excellent article over on the Verge compares Netflix to Blockbuster. Are streaming video services destined to become just another form of television?

Fake News  

Today on the 5: Tyler Kokjohn sent over an article dissecting a fake news story and how it spread so quickly. If only the news item was the problem.

Razer Ornata Chroma  

Today on the 5: After hitting a breaking point with my Logitech wireless keyboard, I picked up the Razer Ornata Chroma. So far i's been working out pretty well! 

The DNA Market  

Today on the 5: Tyler Kokjohn sent along an article on bio-piracy that got me thinking about licensing in a designer DNA age.

Exasperation Nation  

This week we're talking the Electoral College, the Ghost In The Shell trailer, the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets trailer, and Westworld. Music for the show provided by Reed Love and OGRE.

Patient Practicality  

Today on the 5: As if pre-ordering wasn't bad enough, now new games are presenting actual technical reasons against launch day purchases!

Mad Max  

Today on the 5: After finishing AC: Syndicate, I've gone back to the Mad Max video game. It's proving to be very entertaining!

Creating Mystery  

Today on the 5: Westworld has drawn concern from some that it may follow in the footsteps of shows like Lost or Twin Peaks.

Defining 'Pro'  

Today on the 5: Apple announced the refresh of the Macbook computers recently, and some are questioning the way they're using the term 'Pro'.

Stripping Civilization Away  

This week we're talking about Adobe Max, Lynsey Addario, Dispatches, and Doctor Strange. Music for the show provided by Reed Love and OGRE.

Superficial Resemblance  

Today on the 5: A lot of reviews of Doctor Strange compare the character to Tony Stark. I think that analysis falls apart under scrutiny.

Choosing The Path  

Today on the 5: Google has launched their Echo competitor, Google Home. Which ends up being the better choice for a consumer will have everything to do with ecosystem, not hardware.

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