The Ozone Nightmare

The Ozone Nightmare

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Twin Engines Of Destruction: Gentle Arts Of Conversation Punctuated With Bloody Power Tools


Star Trek Discovery  

Today on the 5: The trailer for Star Trek Discovery was recently released. From what I'm seeing, it looks like it has potential.

Roseanne Rebooted  

Today on the 5: There is a reboot of Roseanne coming, and the modern political landscape might make it very interesting.

Station Eleven Review  

Today on the 5: I did a 5 on a book called Station Eleven recently, and I finally finished it. It's a fantastic book.

Trusting The Source  

Today on the 5: As we rapidly approach a point where nothing is real, can companies like Truepic provide some basic assurance?

Who Bears The Blame?  

Today on the 5: In the wake of the massive WannaCry outbreak, are users or Microsoft to blame for the scope of it?

The Gifted  

Today on the 5: The firs full trailer for The Gifted is out, and it looks like the X-Men could be a good for for TV.

The Shadow Innovator  

Today on the 5: Reading about a new Echo-type speaker, I started to wonder if Amazon isn't the Mr. Magoo to Apple's Steve Jobs.

Changing Pennywise  

Today on the 5: So far the new It adaptation look pretty good, but I'm on the fence about the new Pennywise design.

Station Eleven  

Today on the 5: I'm a ways into reading Station Eleven, a post-plague book that I am thoroughly enjoying.

The Hamster Wheel  

Today on the 5: The Flash has fallen a long way since it started, and the path it's taken is a big spiral.

The Downside Of Disruption  

Today on the 5: The continuing issues that Uber is facing are really symptoms of the larger issues with 'disruption'. 

The Mystery Defense  

Today on the 5: A recent Verge article talked about some of the issues with the series Lost, which still seem to be misunderstood.


Today on the 5: I had been getting a dog-centric subscription box called PawPack for about a year. Here's what I think of it.

Alien 5  

Today on the 5: According to Ridley Scott, Alien 5 is dead. I know I'm disappointed to hear that.

Empire of the Sun  

Today on the 5: I have finished reading my final J. G. Ballard book, Empire of the Sun. My review.

Have A Defense Ready  

This week Lando and I talk about Doctor Who, Salo, our Ghost Recon videos, and careers. Show music by Reed Love and OGRE. Support the show on Patreon!

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