The Ozone Nightmare

The Ozone Nightmare

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Twin Engines Of Destruction: Gentle Arts Of Conversation Punctuated With Bloody Power Tools



Today on the 5: I've started reading the 2016 She-Hulk series, and so far I'm really liking it.

Targeted Difficulty  

Today on the 5: One of the aspects I liked most about Dying Light was the survivor sense, a narrowly aimed difficulty mitigator.

Twin Peaks Review (No Spoilers)  

Today on the 5: The new Twin Peaks series has just ended, so here is my spoiler free review.

The Evolving Convention  

Today on the 5: Attending the San Francisco Comic-Con, the ways conventions have changed was very obvious.

Altered Viewing  

Today on the 5: I wonder if watching the new Twin Peaks series without the weekly gap will change it.

Penis Fist  


This week Lando and I talk about Mayweather-McGregor, Free Fire, Thor Vol 4, and The Defenders. Show music by Reed Love and OGRE. Support the show on Patreon!

The Joker Movie  

Today on the 5: A lot of people are not thrilled about the idea of a solo Joker film. I think it could be really good if done right.

Essential Phone  

Today on the 5: Reviews have started coming out on the new Essential Phone. From what I can tell, it's...a pretty Android phone.

Fitbit Ionic  

Today on the 5: Fitbit has announced the Ionic, their answer to the Apple Watch. Or not.

Dying Light Review  

Today on the 5: I finished Dying Light over the weekend. My review of the game overall.

Demon Bird & Hitman  

This week Lando and I talk about Le Samouraï, Shin Godzilla, and Manhunt. Show music by Reed Love and OGRE. Support the show on Patreon!

Electric Dreams  

Today on the 5: A new anthology series based on the short stories of Philip K. Dick is coming, and it looks really interesting! 

The VR Reality  

Today on the 5: The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have both cut their prices, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

The End Of Andromeda  

Today on the 5: Based on what BioWare is saying, it looks like Mass Effect Andromeda is a dead series.

The Dead Hand  

Today on the 5: I've just finished a great book about the Cold War called The Dead Hand. Too bad the scariest elements didn't stay in that era.

The Conflict In Wonder Woman  

Today on the 5: While I generally loved Wonder Woman, I recently realized I have a problem with how it addressed mankind.

About Justice League  

Today on the 5: A rumor about an early cut of  Justice League being 'unwatchable' is making the rounds. I'm thinking this is the studio trying to lower expectations.

The Danger Of Silence  

Today on the 5: In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, my general policy of keeping politics out of the show has changed.

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