The Party Room - The Party Room

The Party Room - The Party Room


Join RN Breakfast’s Fran Kelly and RN Drive’s Patricia Karvelas as they discuss the winners, losers, voter issues and all the gossip straight from the corridors of Parliament House.


What comes next? Policies, compromises and new faces  

ABC 7:30's Sabra Lane looks to the future with Fran and Patricia. They discuss the policies and people to watch in the new parliament—new faces, a conservative insurgency and a fresh Senate crossbench.

Postal votes, Pauline Hanson and magic number 76  

The count continues: Barrie Cassidy joins Fran and Patricia to discuss what's happening under the surface while Australia waits for an election result.

Post-election special: too close to call  

Australia went to the polls and delivered a victory to ... well, we don't know yet. Votes are still being counted, with 13 lower house seats currently too close to call. Fran and Patricia recap a big, messy election weekend and look forward to what happens now.

Marriage equality plebiscite, marginal seats and voter apathy  

In the final days of the election campaign, David Speers joins Fran and Patricia to talk about what is likely to happen on July 2 and the implications of division within both parties over a plebiscite on marriage equality.

Brexit, stability and the final countdown  

Not long to go now: ABC NewsRadio's Political Editor Marius Benson joins Fran and Patricia for a special episode of the Party Room at the start of the final week of the election campaign.

Minor parties, NBN and CFA: the issues on talkback around the country  

We check in with some people who take the pulse of the electorate every day—local radio hosts from Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Rafael Epstein, Emma Griffiths and Matthew Abraham join Fran and Patricia to discuss the National Broadband Network, and Country Fire Authority and the swing away from both major parties.

Preference deals, pre-polls and the funny side of politics  

The news is full of preferences and pre-polls. The Chaser's Charles Firth joins Fran and Patricia to talk about where humour can be found in the 2016 election.

Internet speeds, feminism and rural issues  

Pip Courtney from Landline tells Fran and Patricia which issues have people talking on farms across Australia. The NBN and backpacker tax are high on the agenda outside the cities.

Mandates, rats and superannuation policy  

At the halfway mark of an eight week campaign, Annabel Crabb joins Fran and Patricia to talk about Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and whether anyone understands their party's superannuation policy.

Leaders' debate special: trust, boats and talking points  

What did we learn from the first major leaders' debate of the 2016 election?

The 'real Malcolm', costings and Johnny Depp  

Amanda Vanstone joins Fran and Patricia to talk about the public perception that Malcolm Turnbull is not being himself on the campaign trail. They discuss what it means to win a leadership debate, and the correct way to say 'spend-o-metre'.

Asylum seeker policy, hi-vis and no sparkle  

The second week of the election campaign is full of high-visibility vests and asylum seeker debate.

Marginal seats, preference deals and riding on trains with Turnbull  

ABC election analyst Antony Green tells Fran and Patricia which seats he finds most interesting this election. They also talk about preference deals with the Greens and the weird alternate universe that is the campaign trail.

The 44th parliament ends and the campaign begins  

As the 44th parliament comes to an end, attention turns to the looming election campaign. ABC 7.30's Sabra Lane joins Fran and Patricia to talk about Bill Shorten's budget reply and what happens next.

Budget special: 'national economic plan' or campaign platform?  

Fran and Patricia are in Canberra for budget week and as the dust settles the morning after, they tease out what this budget means for both sides of politics in the election campaign.

Negative gearing, Kerry O'Brien and scare campaigns  

The government spent the week demonstrating that they are 'still governing', with big announcements about defence spending and negative gearing. Labor also released their plan for an emissions trading scheme.

'Still governing', trust and the leadership style of Bill Shorten  

Which party would prefer a presidential-style campaign? And which musical did ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann star in?

Double dissolution, rookie leaders and a long campaign  

What issues do the major parties want the 2016 election to be about? Which leader is a better campaigner? Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas discuss all this, as well as the big political stories dominating the week.

The Party Room with Kelly and Karvelas begins April 14  

Join Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas for RN’s special federal election podcast. It’s already got people whispering in the halls of Parliament House.

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