The Party Room - The Party Room

The Party Room - The Party Room


Join RN Breakfast’s Fran Kelly and RN Drive’s Patricia Karvelas as they discuss the winners, losers, voter issues and all the gossip straight from the corridors of Parliament House.


Long nights in the Senate, 18C and banking inquiry  

Senate arguments heat up in the middle of the night, and Malcolm Turnbull bolsters support within his party by moving on 18C. Fran and PK pull the week's politics apart with Barrie Cassidy.

Snowy Mountains Scheme 2.0, SA energy and WA votes  

What could Labor's landslide victory in Western Australia mean for the future of the Liberal Party? And could the PM's Snowy Mountains Scheme extension be the 'game changer' he's been looking for?

One Nation, WA and Waleed Aly  

Waleed thinks we've seen a 'moment of subtle disintegration for One Nation'. He joins PK and Fran to talk about the impact of the WA election on federal politics.

Penalty rates, 18C and 'throwing the whip away'  

Rafael Esptein tells Fran and PK about the issues that have people calling in: 'how much they get paid and how much it costs for them to buy a house'.

Refugees, housing affordability and Annabel Crabb  

Annabel Crabb joins Fran and PK to pick apart the politics of housing affordability. They also talk refugees, Israel, energy policy, Anna Bligh and Daft Punk.

Closing the Gap, One Nation and Stan Grant  

ABC Indigenous Editor Stan Grant joins Fran and Patricia to analyse this year's Closing the Gap report. They also talk about One Nation and NDIS funding.

Turnbull's QT performance, Cory Bernardi and the year ahead  

Parliament is back and so are Fran and PK: they're joined by Andrew Probyn to talk about the year ahead and what the split in the Liberal Party means for Malcolm Turnbull.

Climate change, leadership and looking forward  

Lenore Taylor joins Fran and Patricia for a look back at the year in politics. They also talk climate change policy and get an update on Tanya Plibersek's election rat.

Compromise, cross-trading and chaos  

Compromise and cross-trading: both were needed to pass the government's Australian Building and Construction Commission legislation this week. But will the backpacker tax mean the end-of-year narrative is one of chaos?

Backpacker tax, Peter Dutton and One Nation  

Some significant policy wins for the government this week, but the politics is still on Labor's side.

457 visas, asylum seekers and the prism of Trump  

The success of Donald Trump in the US presidential election has shifted something in Australian politics.

Trump wins, productive chaos and asylum seeker policy  

What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for Australia? And is parliament a mess or are we seeing productive chaos in action?

Bob Day, Rod Culleton and asylum seeker policy  

Emma Alberici joins Patricia in The Party Room: she gets nerdy and reads the Constitution, shedding some light on the fate of Bob Day and Rod Culleton.

Leigh Sales, Solicitor-General and Malcolm Turnbull  

Leigh Sales joins Fran for a special episode of The Party Room, talking about the resignation of the Solicitor-General, the government's paid parental leave plan and leadership.

Tony Abbott, horse trading and avocado in estimates  

Efforts to pass the ABCC legislation have brought up questions of horse trading, leadership and Senate tensions. Fleur Anderson joins Fran and Patricia to talk about the industrial relations changes and how guns have been dragged into the debate.

US election, the same-sex marriage plebiscite and Two Grumpy Hacks  

A grumpier time than usual in The Party Room this week, with Malcolm Farr and Dennis Atkins joining Patricia and Fran to talk the US election and the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Banking, energy and budgie smugglers  

ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann joins Fran and Patricia in The Party Room to talk banking, energy and whether Tony Abbott is still hoping to be Prime Minister again.

Compromise and the same-sex marriage plebiscite  

The election might be over but federal politics is as interesting as ever. Join Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas as they talk about the role of compromise in the new government and answer your listener questions.

What comes next? Policies, compromises and new faces  

ABC 7:30's Sabra Lane looks to the future with Fran and Patricia. They discuss the policies and people to watch in the new parliament—new faces, a conservative insurgency and a fresh Senate crossbench.

Postal votes, Pauline Hanson and magic number 76  

The count continues: Barrie Cassidy joins Fran and Patricia to discuss what's happening under the surface while Australia waits for an election result.

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