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The Passive Aggressive Podcast

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Comedians Bobby Haha, Mike Vecchione and Ben Rosenfeld discuss the week's issues as well as their own.


Episode 102 - Aaron Berg and Our Final Episode  

Bobby and Ben welcome comedian Aaron Berg to discuss the Waaco Biker shootout, David Letterman's last show, Romney vs Holyfield, Louis CK's SNL monologue, Ireland legalizing gay marriage, the murder of rapper Chinx, the cancellation of Bristol Palin's wedding, Texas's new fracking law, the NBA lottery, a heroin seizure, Bill O'Reilly's domestic abuse allegations and the end of The Passive Aggressive Podcast.

Episode 101 - Amtrak Derailment, Deflate Gate and NY Rangers  

Bobby and Ben discuss the Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia, deflate gate and Tom Brady's suspension, the New York Rangers comeback in the playoffs, Misericordia University getting sued over failing grades, an Argentinian soccer death, self healing concrete, Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, the U.S. House passing an abortion bill and user tweets.

Episode 100 SPECIAL - Mike Vecchione, TJ Del Reno and Louis Mitchell  

Bobby and Ben celebrate their 100th podcast episode by having comedians Mike Vecchione, TJ Del Reno and Louis Mitchell on the show. Eventually they talk about the Baltimore riots, the Texas drawing shooting, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Spurs vs Clippers, The Kentucky Derby, the Price is Right, U2 playing in a NYC Subway and user tweets.

Episode 99 - Jay Schultz and Baltimore Riots  

Bobby and Ben welcome musical comedian Jay Schultz to discuss the Baltimore riots, the Supreme Court Hearings on Gay Marriage, the Indonesia executions, Bruce Jenner, Iran shooting at a ship, Nepal earthquake, the Mayweather Pacquio fight, Audi's new water and air diesel fuel technology, the NFL draft and user tweets.

Episode 98 - Emilio Savone and Scott Lindner  

Bobby and Ben welcome New York Comedy Club owners Emilio Savone and Scott Lindner to discuss cop resignations in Missouri, the Uber driver shotgun hero, the Full House spinoff, the new Star Wars trailer, Google's Mobilegeddon, Sarah Silverman's apology, confederate flags in Michigan, Roseanne Barr going blind, the NBA and NHL playoffs and Bobby's conspiracy ideas - don't call them theories or he'll get mad!

Episode 97 - Ray Gootz, Marco Rubio, Cop Shootings and Mexican Wrestling  

Bobby and Ben welcome comedian Ray Gootz to discuss Marco Rubio running for president, more cop shootings, the history of Mexican wrestling, Chibok Nigeria kidnappings, NY Attorney General suing for on call scheduling, Ben and Jerry's giving out free ice cream, Suge Knight's hit and run victim not testifying, Russia giving weapons to Iran, liquid water found on Mars, the USGA Masters, Google not caring what college you went to, Lawerence Phillips charged with murder and user tweets.

Episode 96 - Robert Punchur, Rand Paul, Edward Snowden, Rolling Stone Law Suit and God  

Bobby and Ben are joined by comedian Robert Punchur to discuss Rand Paul's run for president, Edward Snowden's statue and interview with Jon Oliver, Virginia University's lawsuit against Rolling Stone Law, the existence of God, Duke vs Wisconsin March Madness, Easter, National Beer Day, aluminum batteries that take a minute to recharge, the White House blackout, Russell Peters' comments about Trevor Noah and user tweets.

Episode 95 - TJ Del Reno, Trevor Noah, Germanair Pilot and the Indiana Law  

Bobby and Ben welcome back comedian TJ Del Reno to discuss Trevor Noah getting The Daily Show and his tweet controversy, the Germanair Pilot, the Indiana Religious Freedom Law, the Justin Bieber Roast, the Iran Nuclear Treaty and nuclear power in general, Robert Kraft testifying at the Aaron Hernandez trial, Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, user tweets and more.

Episode 94 - Ted Cruz for President, Germanwings Crash and James Corden Debut  

Bobby and Ben discuss Ted Cruz's announcement to run for president, the Germanwings crash in the Swiss Alps, James Corden's debut on The Late Late Show, Angelina Jolie's ovary removal, national puppy day, Utah legalizing firing squads and more.

Episode 93 - Pat Dixon, St Patrick's Day, Chris Borland Retiring and Subway Hero Joe Lozito  

Bobby and Ben are joined by comedian Pat Dixon to discuss St Patrick's Day, the subway hero Joe Lozito and the cowardly NYPD, Israeli elections, Internet Explorer being renamed, the United Airlines jihad attempt, Chris Borland retiring from the 49ers, Walmart's Bathroom meth lab, Durst murder charges, March Madness, the NYPD Shot Spotter system, Sarah Palin's daughter getting married and user tweets.

Episode 92 - GOP's Letter to Iran, Apple Watch and Facebook's Feeling Fat  

Bobby and Ben discuss the GOP's letter to Iran, the Apple Watch, NFL Free Agency, Zoolander 2, University of Oklahoma frat racism, Dunkin Donuts pulling chemicals from their donuts, Facebook's "feeling fat" emoticon, a white cop shooting a naked unarmed black man and user tweets.

Episode 91 - Boris Zilberman, Israeli Prime Minister Speaks To Congress and SNL ISIS Commercial  

Bobby and Ben welcome playwright and actor Boris Zilberman to discuss his new off-Broadway play "Knock" as well as the Israeli Prime Minister's address to the US Congress, the SNL ISIS commercial, Hilary Clinton's email scandal, the LAPD shooting, the Russian political opposition assassination, study showing Facebook leads to depression, Petraeus pleading guilty, Rikers inmates rescuing a female corrections officer, Bobby's prison stories and user tweets.

Episode 90 - German Eddie, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Penn and Chris Christie.  

Bobby and Ben are joined by Bobby's friend Eddie to discuss the latest ISIS hostage situation, the Oscars and Sean Penn's statement, Chris Christie having to give back money to NJ's pension funds, the American Sniper movie, Bill O'Reilly's falsified news reports and feud with a NY Times reporter and user tweets.

Episode 89 - Allan Finn and eventually Jason Scoop  

Ben and Bobby welcome comedians Allan Finn and Jason Scoop to discuss SNL40, NBA All Star Weekend, The Mars One Mission, NYC Fashion Week, Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez, the White House suing a Texas Judge, Kaspersky Lab's NSA Hacking situation, Brian Williams being suspended, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga getting engaged and user tweets.

Episode 88 - Miguel Dalmau, Hayden Riot and Samsung's Smart TV  

Bobby and Ben are joined by comedian Miguel Dalmau and model Hayden Riot to discuss the new Samsung Smart TV, NBC's Brian Williams, The Grammy's, Bobby's eBay business, rapper Deso Dogg, KFC organs, Boston Snow, Dolan's Knick Fan Letter, an 11 year old girl charged with murder, the release of 50 Shades of Grey and user tweets.

Episode 87 - TJ Del Reno, The Super Bowl, Vaccinations and Ben's New Sketch  

Bobby and Ben welcome comedian TJ Del Reno to discuss the Super Bowl, giving kids vaccinations, Harper Lee's new novel, Warren Sapp arrested for hookers, Apple's electric car, Uber's self driving cars, Suge Knight's hit and run, Bruce Jenner becoming a woman, Ben's NFL sketch and user tweets.

Episode 86 - NYC Snowpocalypse, Joe Franklin, Bobby's Wrong House Story and Al Gore's car ban proposal  

Ben and Bobby discuss the pending NYC Snowpocalypse, Bobby's Wrong House Story, Al Gore's proposal to ban cars in cities, Joe Franklin's death, the Home Depot and Fox News shootings, a California mother's affair with her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Bill Nye's take on Deflate Gate, no more Cadbury chocolate in America, the Ms Universe winner and user tweets.

Episode 85 - Superbowl Matchup, State of the Union and Justin Bieber Roast  

Ben and Bobby are joined by Michelle to discuss the Superbowl Matchup, Deflate Gate, the State of the Union Address, the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber, the fake OBGYN in West Palm Beach, Fox News' No-Go Zone in Paris Reporting and Law Suit, the Larry Wilmore Show debuting, Oscar nominations and user tweets.

Episode 84 - Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram and Ohio State vs Oregon  

Ben and Bobby discuss the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Boko Haram Nigeria mass killings, the Ohio State vs Oregan football game and college athletics reform, the US Central Command's twitter account being hacked, Facebook's plans to post amber alerts, Alabama's canned goods defense and user tweets.

Episode 83 - Aldo Marachlian, NYPD, Dish Network Sling, CT Girl Refusing Chemo  

Ben and Bobby welcome comedian Aldo Marachlian to discuss two more NYPD cops shot, the NYPD barely issuing tickets as a protest, Dish Network's new internet only cable channels service Sling, a 7 year old surviving a plane crash, a flexible iPhone, Game of Thrones in iMax theaters, a hedge fund daddy murder and user tweets.

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