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Everybody on earth is attempting to be the next podcast king... I am not. My name is Pat McAfee. I'm an NFL punter/Comedian and all I want to do is deliver folks a hilariously raw and adult conversation between my friends and I. Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, Chris Bowers and myself chat about life, sports, partying, and other reasons why America is majestically amazing. Thanks for listening. Cheers.


PMS 007 - Dan Dakich, Darius Butler  

This episode features a March Madness rundown with ESPN analyst and radio host Dan Dakich and an interview with Colts cornerback turned safety, Darius Butler. Pat and the boys also discuss Pat's win in Barstool Sports' Bud Light Busters Challenge and his subsequent upcoming trip to Vegas.

PMS 006 - Edgerrin James  

This episode features an interview with former NFL running back and future Hall of Famer Edgerrin James. Pat and the boys discuss what's happening in sports and world news and they unveil the long-awaited Chicken Story during this week's segment of Behind the Badge.

PMS 005 - Just Us  

There was no guest this episode. Just Pat and the boys talking about what's going on in the world.

PMS 004 - Dan Dakich / Dave Portnoy  

This episode features interviews with ESPN analyst and radio host Dan Dakich and founder of Barstool Sports, Dave "El Pres" Portnoy. Dan Dakich breaks down his NCAA Men's Basketball bracket and Dave Portnoy breaks down his opinion of Soul Cycle instructors. The boys cover what's happening in the world with sports and other news, Uncle Todd answers the weekly cop question in Behind the Badge, and Pat shares his opinion on how America is getting soft.

PMS 003 - Mike Barwis, Arian Foster  

This episode features interviews with Strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis and retired NFL running back and potential wolf slayer Arian Foster. The boys also discussed what's going on in the world and they introduced their new "Ask a Cop" segment.

PMS 002 - Pierre Garcon, Drew Rosenhaus, Brandon McManus and Ryan Whitney  

This episode features interviews with Washington Redskins lead receiver Pierre Garcon, Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus, Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and Former NHL Defenseman / podcaster and NHL Analyst Ryan Witney.

PMS 001 - Glenn Robinson III, Matt Hasselbeck and Dan Dakich  

The first official episode of The Pat McAfee show features interviews with The 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Champ, Glenn Robinson III in the first hour, Former NFL quarterback / ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck in the second hour and ESPN sportscaster / radio host Dan Dakich wraps things up at the end.

Pat McAfee Show Announcement  

The Pat McAfee Show presented by Barstool Sports

Ep 10 - My Brother's Playboys  

Pat and the boys discuss the two heartbreaking losses the Colts have suffered thus far, Jason's safe return from his hiking trip in the Rockies, how Pat's older brother used to hide his nudie mags in Pat's sock drawer, and as always they all enjoyed another Bowers Life Perspective.

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 9 - Kokomo Strong  

Pat and the guys talk a little football, discuss Jason's upcoming hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains and recap the amazing comedy show that Pat hosted at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, of which all proceeds went to benefit the tornado victims in Kokomo, IN.  The show raised $150,000 for these folks and it was an incredible experience for everyone involved.  #KokomoStrong 

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 8  - Liar Liar  

In this episode the crew gets a very special celebrity call-in.  It's an interview of OLYMPIC proportion.  Pat and the boys also talk about the Colts' second preseason game against the Ravens, Pat's missed 62-yard field goal attempt, the choreography that exists between long snapper, holder, and kicker and their view on the Olympics.

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 7 - Random Drug Test  

Pat and the boys talk about the Colts' first preseason game against Buffalo, Pat's random test for PED's after booting a 67-yarder, his response to said random PED test which caused him to trend on Facebook, Shaun's cooking game, Todd's other career and this episode introduces a new segment called "A Bowers Life Perspective".

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 6 - Hall of Fame Game  

Pat explains to the boys, and the listeners at home, what it was like for him and the other players in Canton, OH when NFL officials discovered the problem with the paint job on the field and the ultimate announcement that the game had been cancelled.  They also chat more about the upcoming NFL season and the Olympics.  Go America!

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 5 - TV Shows  

Pat and the boys chat about how camp is going for Pat, Shaun's softball debut, the future of social media, their favorite TV shows, and other random things. 

This episode features: Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

Ep 4 - Training Camp  

As the NFL season prepares to "kick off", Pat has been slaving away at training camp.  This episode was recorded on his coveted day off.  Pat gives a thorough rundown of what life is like for an NFL player this time of year.  As usual, this episode also features Pat's comedy squad, Shaun Latham, Todd McComas, and Chris Bowers.

Ep 3 - Chris "Lights Out" Lytle  

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle was our guest this episode.  Chris Lytle is an MMA and UFC legend who lives in the Indianapolis area.  Chris also worked a firefighter his entire UFC career.  He's currently retired as a fighter of men but he's still a fighter of fire.  He's a father, a husband, an adored public figure and we were very thankful he took time from saving lives to sit down to have a conversation with Pat and the boys.  As you know Pat McAfee, Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, and Chris Bowers are all professional standup comedians but as you'll hear in this episode, Chris Lytle was more than able to hold his own with them.  This guy is hilarious and a joy to hang out with.

Ep 2 - Steak and Eggs  

Pat and the boys recap the squad's outrageous trip to Myrtle Beach, NC.  They performed at Carolina Comedy and took complete advantage of every hour in between the shows to make this trip one to never forget.  

Ep 1 - Happy Birthday America  

This is the inaugural episode of The Pat McAfee Show!  Pat and the boys, Todd McComas, Shaun Latham and Chris Bowers talk about how they celebrated Bowers' birthday and the independence of this great country of ours.  This is the baby!  The very first episode!  Enjoy America!

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