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Everybody on earth is attempting to be the next podcast king... I am not. My name is Pat McAfee. I'm an NFL punter/Comedian and all I want to do is deliver folks a hilariously raw and adult conversation between my friends and I. Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, Chris Bowers and myself chat about life, sports, partying, and other reasons why America is majestically amazing. Thanks for listening. Cheers.


PMS 057 - We Have A Good Time Here  

Pat and the boys sit down for another late night recording at Heartland HQ. No stone goes unturned as every topic that could possibly be covered in a 2 hour window is covered. Pat once again teases the release of his new hit rap single RIP Sea Japan. Look for that to drop soon, and enjoy a good ass conversation among friends.

PMS 055 - Tiger is LIT  

Welcome to the era of same day delivery for The Pat McAfee Show. Pat about flipping the rap game upside down, Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge", Tactical Digs gives us a sports update, and World News Nick delivers breaking news.

PMS 056 - Rashad Jennings  

Pat and the boys sit down for a chat with NFL running back and Dancing with the Stars Champion Rashad Jennings.

PMS 054 - Rip to the Sea of Japan  

Thanks to 100 Retweets in less than a minute by the twitter faithful, here is a Monday edition of The Pat McAfee Show. Pat talks about his first time watching the Colts, we receive breaking news from World News Nick, and get the latest NFL news from Tactical Digs.

PMS 053 - MMA Chat with Matt Mitrione  

A bonus episode of The Pat McAfee Show as two legendary badasses, Matt Mitrione and Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, crash the studio for an amazing chat about MMA. Enjoy the bonus episode. Cheers.

PMS 052 - A Lot of Stories  

Pat and the boys sit down for another late night podcast with Bobby the Money guy. The boys cover everything from finances, ordering 500 shots at the bar, and the newly formed "Little 3" Basketball league. The group also takes you on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.

PMS 051 - 20 Dollar Chef  

Pat and the boys sit down to podcast after eating an amazing meal prepared by the $20 Chef himself, Shaun Latham. The boys discuss the Dolphins signing Jay Cutler, the blind twin brother prank, Martavis Bryant being reinstated, and take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.

PMS 050 - 50th Episode Celebration  

It's the 50th episode ... the boys celebrate with Conor Daly.

PMS 049 - Tony Hinchcliffe  

Pat and the boys premiere the first episode from the new Heartland Studio. Comedian and Roast Master Tony Hinchcliffe calls in to talk about his upcoming tour and working with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Pat and the boys go past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update, and Pat gives us his game plan on playing soccer with U.S. legend Tim Howard.

PMS 048 - Diamond Dallas Page  

BANG! Diamond Dallas Page joins Pat and the boys and talks DDP Yoga, taking on Brock Lesner in the ring, Jake the Snake, and DDP's acting career. The boys fill pat in on the worst concert of all time, Pat gives his take on the most recent CTE study, Degenerate Digs gives his NFL week 1 gambling picks, and Todd takes us "Behind The Badge" with a real life horror story.

PMS 047 - Travis Pastrana  

Extreme/action sports icon Travis Pastrana joins the show and Pat attempts to find out what Travis is truly afraid of. The guys talk about the best show on tv (Game of Thrones) and the worst show on tv (Michael Phelps Races a Shark). Pat goes to the movie Dunkirk and throws a carnival for his ladies birthday. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.

PMS 046 - Life Advice From A Pro Bookie  

One of the best bookies in Las Vegas, Chris Andrews calls into the show to shed some light on the gambling industry. Not only is this podcast filled with great gambling advice, but Pat and the boys dish out cant miss life advice on texting and driving, sexual intercourse, catching punted balls, police search warrants, and more. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ and get a Jim Kong update.

PMS 045 - Bruce Arians  

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians joins Pat and the guys to discuss his reputation as a player's coach, his respect for Andrew Luck, running up the score, and his relationship with Ben Rothlisberger. Pat and the boys also discuss the Game of Thrones premiere, R. Kelly's legal trouble, Tim Tebow dominating the minors, and we take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.

PMS 044 - Fitness Gurus  

Pat and the boys sit down and discuss the new HBO show "The Defiant Ones", the McGregor vs Mayweather press conference, the legend of Wild Bill Hickok, and they chat with two of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in fitness, John Fosco and Cory Gregory.

PMS 043 - Hot Tub AIDS  

Pat and the boys sit down and recap their 4th of July weekend at the Greenbrier with John Daly, who had sex in a hot tub this weekend, Nick and Digs becoming dads to Sugar Gliders, Todd McComas gives us a glance behind the badge, and we take a trip past the DMZ to get an update on old buddy Jim Kong.

PMS 042 - John Daly at the Greenbrier  

Pat and the boys recorded this episode on the tour bus of a living legend, John Daly. Pat and John talk about being partners in the PGA tour Pro-AM at the Greenbrier, chocolate milk, living on a boat, surgeries, the White House, and going to the casino. Todd also takes us on a quick trip "Behind the Badge".

PMS 041 - America's Birthday  

Pat and the boys are back from vacation and ready to celebrate America's Birthday. The guys talk about their vacations and how good it is to be back in the good old US of A, Trump's unprecedented presidential GIF, getting your twitter hacked like Jim Irsay, and Todd takes us "Behind the Badge".

PMS 040 - Behind The Badge  

This episode is 1 hour and 48 minutes of Behind The Badge. It's hosted by Todd McComas and co-hosted by comedian Jeff Vibbert, U.S. Army veteran Ryan Cauley and firefighter / UFC legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle. The last 45 minutes of this episode features special guests Marty Dulworth and Joe Garrett. Marty and Joe are brothers that are both police officers for the city of Anderson, IN. Marty and Joe tell the crew the most intense story of courage, comradery, fortitude and sense of duty ever told. A story about how "just another shift" left Marty and his canine "Kilo" in a terrifying battle for their lives and left Joe in a desperate race to find his younger brother and get him out of harm's way. If this story doesn't move you, you don't have a pulse.

PMS 039 - Billy Buck Roscoe  

Pat and the boys are joined by Billy Buck Roscoe, a man who loves two things; his country and drinking beer. Billy Buck's drinking videos have made him an internet sensation, but his tales of sex and patriotism on this podcast will make him a legend.

PMS 038 - Adam Vinatieri  

Pat and the boys sit down with the greatest kicker in the history of the National Football League, Adam Vinatieri, and discuss the ins and outs of a living legend's career.

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