The Philosopher's Zone - Program podcast

The Philosopher's Zone - Program podcast


The Philosopher's Zone looks at the world of philosophy and at the world through philosophy. The program addresses the big philosophical questions and arguments. It also explores what philosophical analysis can contribute to our understanding of some of the fundamental and perplexing issues that face the world today.


Happiness—it’s not personal  

What does critical theory have to do with happiness?

Sleep, sex, and fairy tales  

For an activity that takes up 30% of our lives it’s a mystery that we don’t pay more attention to it.

Death duties  

It’s said that philosophy is a preparation for death—so try this simple question.

Gender bending  

Gender—time to revisit the basics.

From Reason to Enlightenment  

Some pivotal moments in philosophy—in plain language.

Logic: if + then = why?  

Hold on to your modus ponens; we’re getting serious about precision.

The truth, beauty, and power of punk  

40 years of punk, but what's it got to do with philosophy?

What were they thinking?  

Can we really know what other minds are up to—including your dog, cat or canary?

Talk about a revolution!  

The rise of science was more mess than method; the untold story of a glorious revolution.

Martha Nussbaum on the limits of anger  

Is anger a sign of moral seriousness or a dangerous slippery slope?

David Chalmers on Pokémon Go and the future of reality  

How would you like your reality? David Chalmers has some suggestions.

I’m just not myself  

Buddhist thought holds that at core there is no real self—two philosophers at the junction of east and west, self and mind.

Hilary Putnam  

We mark the passing of Hilary Putnam—and explore some of his key insights.

How to love a less free will  

Free will is on the run—but relax and enjoy a healthy dose of compatibilism.

Cicero on growing old  

Growing old is an undeniable fact of life, though for many not a season to look forward to. The famed Roman orator and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero had put his mind to the dilemma two millennia ago, proposing a ten-point self-help plan. But does it still stand up in our fast-paced modern utilitarian world?

Can you trust your memory  

What’s so wrong with the storehouse model of memory?

Your right to be a foodie  

Why do so many people find foodie-ism morally questionable?

Your right to be a foodie  

Why do so many people find foodie-ism morally questionable?

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