The Players’ Tribune: R2C2

The Players’ Tribune: R2C2

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Two ‘R’s. Two ‘C’s. Two friends with a Star Wars obsession and four days of down time between starts. Thus, a podcast is born.

Join Yankees’ pitcher CC Sabathia and media personality Ryan Ruocco as they bring fans inside the mind of one of MLB’s most successful and durable performers.

Recorded in-season and exclusively between CC's days on the mound, you never know who will enter the bullpen as the duo discuss sports, music, culture and more.


WNBA All-Star Weekend + Sue Bird = Killer Bonus Episode!  

Bonus Episode!!! We're taking this show on the road! 10-time WNBA All-Star Sue Bird joins the crew as R2C2 takes Seattle by storm. (Yes, our puns are crazy. You're welcome.) The trio talk hoops, Sue's fabled relationship with Nick Carter, gender biases and how no one bothered to ask about Megan Rapinoe until now. Sue and CC share their secrets to staying young, and the world rejoices -- Game of Thrones is back! 

That time that CC ghosted Derek Jeter  

What better way to kick off a podcast with the The Players’ Tribune than an interview with the captain himself? Derek Jeter joins CC & Ryan to talk Yankees legacy, his golf game and retirement while our hosts flex their knowledge of Game of Thrones. Derek adds to his legend with an elaborate tale of his days as a clubhouse prankster and he also calls out CC for being a pretty unreliable golf buddy. R2C2 has landed.

Teaser Episode  

R2C2 begins Wednesday July 12th with special guest Derek Jeter.

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