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The Podfathers is a podcast from KFC, Clem and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.


Podfathers #22: Marc Roberge  

Marc Roberge from OAR joins KFC and Uncle Chaps to chat about his upbringing, family and invent an app that reminds you to be nice to your wife. He's gone from his basement to The Garden but he still isn't sure how to get his kids to stop cussing. Career day when you are a rock star and how kids nowadyas only care about iPads.

Podfathers #20: Boy or Girl  

KFC has a baby on the way and it's a... find out in today's episode! Also, minivans, traveling, kids wielding knives and raising your kids to like sports.

Podfathers #20: Disney  

KFC recaps his trip to Disneyland, and the guys talk about Roger Rabbit, Beauty and The Beast, how to name your baby so they end up a millionaire, and a couple of our best Bedtime Stories ever.

Podfathers #19: Baby On Board  

A few weeks ago KFC got some interesting news. Another little baby Clancy is on the way! KFC broke the news to Chaps and Clem and we caught it all on tape.

Podfathers #18: Vacation  

KFC is in sunny Anaheim, CA Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth! Taking a 1-year-old on a 6 hour flight. Dealing with jet lag. Being a stupid moron! Hotels, bubble baths, how Anaheim is the only part of Cali that sucks. Bullying classes. Do you need to take prenatal classes? Plus questions from the Diaper Bag.

Podfathers #17: Valentine's Day  

How to "celebrate" Valentine's Day with kids. 3 icons have all announced their wives are pregnant, who will be the worst father? Chaps got another dog like an idiot. When will Producer Pete kill the office chinchilla?

Podfathers #16: Chaps vs Daycare  

Chaps unleashes on daycare, Clem's daughter kisses a boy, Tom Brady kisses his dad on the lips, how to blame everything on germs, and the guys talk about coming home after being away from the kids.

Podfathers #15: Washed Up  

Chaps and KFC are away from the family on the #BarstoolRundown invasion of Houston for the Super Bowl. It's not a "vacation" but it's kinda a "vacation". They discuss how washed up they realize they are anytime tey try to do anything athletic. Also how they are conditioned by their wives and manipulated into cleaning.

Podfathers #14: Can't Do It  

All the stuff you used to be able to do but can't now, because: kids. Also, Don't Judge Me: stuff that other parents care about that you DGAF. Angry Phone Clem brings the HEAT! KFC struggles in the 'burbs. Chaps installs a movie screen in his 2nd Master Bedroom.

Podfathers #13: Dad Genes  

Do you have Dad Genes? KFC, Chaps and Clem answer questions from the guys around the Barstool office about what it takes to be a dad.

Podfathers #12: Dad Duty  

Juggling kids and work, #DadDuty: do the dishes vs put the kid to bed, Bedtime vs. Wake Up, Load car vs. Pack up the baby, how much it costs to raise a kid, getting a vasectomy, and of course Trick Daddy.

Podfathers #11: Christmas Reactions  

KFC, Clem and Chaps recount their Christmas and New Years with the family. Clem got puked on and compared himself and his wife to a meth-heads. The guys invent Daycare Uber. Hatchimals and Alexa saying inappropriate things. Kids on leashes and giving you wife power tools for Christmas.

Podfathers #10: Christmas with the Kids  

It's Christmas time and the guys are juggling holidays with the family, buying last minute gifts, and taking the kids to see Santa. Also the best and worst Christmas songs, buying your kid an extension cord, Elf, changing your kids birthday, travelling with kids and, as always, questions from the mailbag #BedtimeStories

Podfathers #9: Kid Shows  

Clem and Chaps play the theme songs of 5 shows their kids watch. Daniel Tigers, Bubble Guppies, Mio Mao, Caillou, Peppa the Pig and more. Also the guys discuss buying homes and EVERYONE HATES CHAPS. Inanimate object rage. A weird professional wrestling tangent. Chaps does a fantastic Elmo impression and #BedtimeStories

Podfathers #8: Sick, Shots and Sucking Snot  

Your kids are gonna get sick. And they are gonna get your wife sick. And then they are gonna get you sick and maybe even get the dog sick. How to get through it (Benadryl) and how to prevent it (don't be a hippy anti-vaxxer). Tricking your kid into taking medicine, Dad Hacks, peeing in baking soda, sucking snot out of your kid's face, #DontTellYourMother, Bath or No Bath?, War Stories Award Winners, Bedtime Stories Got questions or comments? Submit to the mailbox: Follow us on twitter: and Instagram

Podfathers #7: Daycare  

Somebody's gotta watch these kids! KFC, Chaps and Clem talk you through dropping your kid off at daycare, when to get a nanny, their kids getting bullied, their kids being bullies, #DontTellYourMother and Bedtime Stories. Got questions about being a dad? Got answers about being a dad? Submit both here and we will discuss next episode:

Podfathers #6: Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving Day edition of The Podfathers! KFC, Clem and Uncle Chaps are thankful for YOU the listener. Also their kids, I guess, them too.

Podfathers #5: The Name Game  

How to name a baby, protecting names so nobody steals them, wives vs. their best friends, TVs and iPads, minivans, the Damn Hammer, playing clean versions of rap songs, Snoozy Susie, and the Big Girl Bed

Podfathers #4: Home Sweet Home  

Bringing the baby home, Worst mistakes as a parent, War Stories from Podfathers listeners, installing the car seat, the breast milk apocalypse bunker, your wife will hate the dog, the pool noodle (???), daylight savings time, will you let your daughter use Snapchat? And a puke story for the ages. BONUS clip post roll. Listen till the end.

Podfathers #3: Delivery Day  

The big day arrives! The guys take you through the drive to the hospital, contractions, epidurals, staying above the wall, c-sections, umbilical cords, turkey sandwiches, and who's in the room. From the windows to the wall, this episode tells you what can expet while your woman tries to push another human out of her vagina.

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