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Explore what America’s thinking with two of the country’s leading pollsters--the bipartisan team of Democrat Margie Omero and Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson. In this weekly podcast we take a fresh, friendly look at the numbers driving the week’s biggest stories in news, politics, tech, entertainment and pop culture. Along with the occasional interview with pollsters, journalists, and other industry leaders, we'll lift the hood on the numbers revealing the hidden secrets of the public’s mind.


#129: We're Going To Need Something Stronger Than Coffee (8/17/17)  

Somebody please come to the rescue. We’ll try anything at this point. In the meantime, tweet us @ksoltisanderson @margieomero @thepollsters. Poll of the week: Alabama pollsters take a bow: Polling average comes pretty close: Trump-losion Status unchanged. That doesn’t mean it’s good: HuffPo on Charlottesville CBS has a poll on Charlottesville NPR/Newshour/Marist also has a poll:,%202017.pdf#page=3 Kristen wrote a thing on Trump’s hardcore base. Margie wrote a thing on racism in focus groups. Rasmussen has asked about confederate monuments, LSU asked it too Everything is fine, says Gallup (not really) You’re Mitching the point Not here to make friends: Gallup gets in on the act The Mav is back 2020 can’t come soon enough… Gallup on Elizabeth Warren Coffee: we’re going to need it.

#128: Life (Or At  Least  The Show) Must  Go On (8/10/17)  

Is it the end of the world as we know it? Well we're going to record literally from a bubble no matter what! Tweet us @ksoltisanderson @margieomero @thepollsters with your audio tips, prepping tips, and polling tips. Poll of the Week Gallup: Parents choose to intervene when a child is bored This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings SSRS/CNN: Low approval ratings at Trump’s 200 days mark Pew Research: Both parties believe the future will be worse for their children Kasichmania? ARG: In theoretical GOP primary, likely NH voters would choose Kasich over Trump Nuclear North Korea SSRS/CBS News: Americans feel uneasy about future US/North Korean Relations Women in the Tech World Science: Girls begin believing boys are smarter at young age Harris Poll/Kapor Center: Women site unfairness as a top reason for leaving tech industry ISACA: Women in tech industry cite a lack of mentors and gender bias The Bieber Belt NYT: Maps show concentration of music artist fans across the US Reddit/Wide Open Country: Map of best selling music artists, by state

#127: Take Time To Stop And Smell The Polls  

If the news is getting you down, take a moment to stop & smell the flowers. & then tweet us @ksoltisanderson, @margieomero or @thepollsters. Poll of the Week Delphi Analytica: Kid Rock wins in hypothetical Stabenow/Kid Rock Senate race Virginia Governor Change Research: While Perriello has a clear lead in the VA Democratic Primary, Gillespie’s lead banks on Republicans turning up to vote. Monmouth University: Voters are split on electing Gillespie and Northam for VA Governor This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings Politico: Tool estimates how voter groups impact Trump’s approval rating USA Today/iMediaEthics: Voters split on if Trump should be removed from office Politico: National Tracking Poll July 20-24, 2017 Partisanship Pew Research: Women see increased involvement in politics after the 2016 election Healthcare Politico/Morning Consult: Majority favor necessary changes to the ACA to prevent failure, and oppose a straight repeal News Quiz Pew: Quiz tests your “News IQ” Pew: “News IQ” Quiz Results Breakdown Wine vs. Beer Gallup: Beer remains the prefered alcoholic drink of the United States Gallup: The number of Americans who say they have tried pot is at a record high

#126: The Smoking Poll  

No matter how you slice it, it's getting hot in Washington. Check out our latest & tweet us @ksoltisanderson @margieomero or @thepollsters. Poll of the Week: Smoker Discrimination Gallup: A majority of American smokers believe they are discriminated against This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump approval ratings WaPo/ABC: Since Spring, public opinion of Trump has continued to diminish Monmouth: More than half of Americans think the Trump team’s meeting with a Russian lawyer was inappropriate. Morning Consult/Politico: New poll shows that a majority of voters are think Trump, Jr.’s meeting was inappropriate. Bloomberg: Voter opinion on Trump’s success regarding domestic and foreign policies Gallup: Americans disapprove of Donald Trump because of his personality and character WaPo/ABC: Majority of voters view Trump’s actions as “unpresidential” Echelon Insights/Medium: Narrow plurality of Trump Country voters support Trump’s “Solar Wall” Trump Country/Midterms PPP: A plurality of those who approve of Trump say they would still approve if he shot someone on 5th Avenue NBC News/WSJ: Broad support for Trump’s policies in Trump Counties, though voters are less supportive of President Trump’s personal styles WaPo/ABC: Voters prefer to have Democrats control Congress after 2018, but Republicans are motivated to show up at the polls CEF/Brilliant Corners: Some Obama voters voted against Clinton in protest and do not regret their choice The End of the AHCA Monmouth: Americans are less supportive of the Senate’s health care reform bill Online Harassment Pew: Americans are divided on how to balance free speech and safety issues online when trying to tackle online harassment Close: How Well Do You Know Emojis? Merriam-Webster: Teenagers know emojis best, while fifty-year-olds are least knowledgeable

#125: We Share The Same Biology, Regardless Of Ideology (7/13/17)  

Margie introduced Kristen to the world of kids' birthday parties & Dream Of The Blue Turtles. Tweet us your cold-war era tunes--we're going to need 'em! @thepollsters, @ksoltisanderson, & @margieomero. Poll of the Week: Fugghedaboutit Politico: New Jersey voters react to Chris Christie’s visit to the beach amid a government shutdown This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings Gallup: American opinion towards the media’s coverage of Trump Politico: Trump Approval Ratings Gallup: American people provide Congress with little guidance on how to reform Affordable Care Act Politics and College Views Pew: Strong partisan divide in views surrounding the impact of colleges, news media, labor unions, and religious institutions Close: Who Tips Better? CreditCards: Tipping differences among men and women, Northerners and Southerners, cardholders and cash payers

#124: It's Trump Vs. The World (7/6/17)  

This week we'll be on Left Right & Center to help them celebrate their new one-hour show, so make sure to listen. And follow us anytime @margieomero @ksoltisanderson @thepollsters. Poll of the Week Pew: Most Americans want to make it easier for all Americans to vote. This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist: Americans believe that, under Trump, the country is becoming less civil PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist: National Poll Topline Pew: Most Americans believe that the country is among the greatest, if not the greatest, nation’s in the world Trump and the Media Axios/SurveyMonkey: Trust of the media and the president is strongly linked to parties MC/Politico: Trump’s tweets insulting Mika Brzezinski were deemed “unacceptable” by Americans MC/Politico: National Tracking Poll June 29-30 Drudge: Poll by right-leaning site shows that nearly 78% of respondents think that Trump should keep tweeting. MC: Poll shows that while a majority of Americans think that most Americans think Trump is not “PC” enough, most Trump voters think he is about right. MC: National Tracking Poll June 20-21 North Korea Suffolk Univ/USA Today: Americans on Punishing North Korea after Warmbier’s death Men, Women, and the “Pence Rule” MC/NYT: Most Americans are wary of being alone with a person of the opposite gender besides their spouse Did You Fourth It Up? NRF: How do Americans spend the 4th of July?

#123: Hufflepuff-Polls & Chocolate Cows (6/28/17)  

Updates from the UK & around the world. And we find a way to make even Harry Potter depressing. Follow us @ksoltisanderson @margieomero to get our tweets-of-conscience. Poll of the Week NPR/National Dairy Association: Questioning NPR’s use of a milk marketing survey Columbia Journalism Review: Looking into the dubious chocolate milk survey This Week in Trump Gallup/Huffpost: Trump job approval NPR/PBS/Marist: Trump approval rating among Republicans and Democrats AHCA - A State Perspective Morning Consult: Majority of voters are against Senate healthcare bill medicaid cuts Politico/Morning Consult: Less than 40% of voters support HOP healthcare bill Politico/Morning Consult: National Tracking Poll Public Opinion Strategies: Nevada statewide voter opinions of American healthcare legislation Public Policy Polling/West Virginians for Affordable Healthcare: West Virginians support a replacement plan before the Affordable Care Act is repealed Morning Consult: Approval ratings of US Senators Marquette University Law School Poll: Party Leadership Politico: Poll shows that while Democrats in Washington want Pelosi out, voters don’t want her gone HuffPo/YouGov: Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan . Confidence in American Institutions Gallup: 3% increase in Americans’ confidence in key US Institutions compared to 2016 US Image Around the World Pew Research Center: Around the world, decline in public image of the US and Trump Putin’s (Un)favorability Ratings Gallup: Vladimir Putin’s negative image in the US falls even lower Close YouGov: Poll proves majority of British people are Hufflepuffs, but they would rather be in Gryffindor

#121: You're so very special. We wish we were special. (6/21/17)  

We write back sometimes! So follow us @thepollsters and @ksoltisanderson @margieomero. Don't forget to send Margie you're glastonbury reco's! Poll of the Week Planet Fitness/ Kelton Global: The Dad Bod is the “New Shape of Sexy” Georgia 6th Special Election RealClearPolitics: Georgia 6th District Projections This Week in Trump HuffPost: Trump Approval Ratings AP-NORC: Views of Trump’s Work in Office AP-NORC: Public’s attitudes about Trump and the Russia Investigation Presidents after Retirement Gallup: Bush and Obama popularity in retirement Civility -- US Politics CBSNEWS: US Political debate is becoming more uncivil Public Relations PR Professionals-USC: How the White House has impacted the public relations profession Rural-Urban Divides Washington Post: Cultural and value-based differences between rural and urban Americans Washington Post: Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation Topline & Methodology Close AP-NORC: Summer Vacation Plans of Americans AP-NORC: Many Americans cannot afford summer vacation

#120: Playbook's Anna Palmer, 5 Kinds of Trump Voters, & VA/UK Reax (6/15/17)  

We talk to Anna Palmer from Politico's Playbook, give h/t to all kinds of Wonder Women, and even read some breaking polling news about GIFs. Follow Anna at @apalmerdc & us @ksoltisanderson & @margieomero. Poll of the Week Politico/American Univ/Loyola Marymount Univ: What stops women for running for office? Democracy Fund Voter Study Group Lee Drutman, New America: What are the political divisions that have caused tension since the election? John Sides, GWU: How have race, religion, immigration shaped the debate over the American Identity in 2016? Robert Griffin & Ruy Teixeira, Center for American Progress: Trump appealed to voters primarily on identity politics, amongst economic concerns and views of trade Emily Ekins, Cato Institute: There are five types of Trump voters who have very different views on a variety of issues UK and Virginia Polling Wins and Misses BBC: How wrong was the UK General Election polling? BBC: UK Vote Share HuffPo: UK General Election Polls BBC: After the General Election, Brexit negotiations and May’s leadership are up in the air HuffPo: VA Democratic Primary Polls HuffPo: VA Republican Primary Polls The latest in gun polling GunsDown/PSB Research: Americans believe that there should be less guns and that they should be harder to get Seriously with these movies? Empire: Magazine releases its 2017 list “100 Greatest Movies”, topped by The Godfather (1972)

#119: Never Tweet. Always Poll. (6/7/17)  

Hey whaddya know, another slow news week. Just a UK election & another sleepy Comey hearing. Follow us for the latest @ksolitsanderson @margieomero and @thepollsters of course. Poll of the Week Billboard: ‘Despacito’ tops Songs of the Summer Chart This Week in Trump HuffPo: Trump’s approval rating slightly move up to 41.5%. ABC News/WashPo: A majority of Americans do not trust Trump after firing Comey. Monmouth: According to Americans, Trump is his worst spokesman. Politico/Morning Consult: Voters think Trump’s Twitter hurts is negatively impacting the country Paris Agreement WashPo: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump scrapping Paris agreement Reuters/Ipsos: While Americans want “aggressive” action on climate change, most aren’t sure if it should be prioritized. UK Election Tracking HuffPo: UK General Election Tracker FiveThirtyEight: How are UK pollsters trying to stop underestimating the Conservative vote. Independent: Twitter poll shows that May would definitely lose to Basshunter Close HuffPo/YouGov: Maybe millennials aren’t actually blowing their home deposits on avocado toast…

#118: The  Latest Covfefes on Impeachment, NATO, Paris, the UK & staycations  

Margie's twitter poll shows covfefe twitter is the best twitter. Don't forget to tweet us @ksoltisanderson or @margieomero. Poll of the Week Gallup: Majority of Americans view all branches of military very favorably Pew: US Veterans are generally more supportive of Trump than the overall public This Week in Trump HuffPo: Trump’s approval rating has slightly increased, going from 39.9% to 41.3% Politico: More people want Congress to impeach Trump, even if they don’t believe he has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” Does Trump Support Help or Hurt? Pew: Trump’s first budget request makes large cuts to government programs, but few Americans support cuts. Gallup: Americans still see manufacturing as key to job creation PewGlobal: Over the past year, NATO’s image has improved on both sides of Atlantic. HuffPo: Most Americans believe in man-made climate change and want the US to participate in the Paris Agreement Yale Climate Comm: A majority of Americans in every state say that the US should participate in the Paris Agreement. Yale Climate Comm: Climate opinion maps and public opinion estimates on climate change. UK June 8th Election Tracking HuffPo: The Conservatives are losing their lead in the polls over the Labour Party. YouGov: Reasoning for YouGov’s use of the MRP technique during the UK 2017 General Election. NYTimes: “Liar, Liar”, a song assailing Theresa May, is now topping the UK iTunes Chart. YouTube: “Liar, Liar” by Captain SKA (iTunes Independent: Although Labour has been gaining in polls, the Party still won’t win the election. Close Looper: According to Fandango, “Wonder Woman” is the most anticipated film of the summer. WalletHub: Orlando ranks first in the “Best Places for a Staycation” list.

#117: Is polling morally acceptable? (5/24)  

We're back from a teensy weensy break where Margie went to the AAPOR conference. We love your reviews! And often dislike your misplaced pitches. Follow us on @thepollsters, @ksoltisanderson & @margieomero for more polls & yuks. Poll of the Week Roll Call: Ossoff leading Georgia’s 6th, voters unhappy with Trump Washington Post: Republicans are struggling in the Virginia governor’s race Trump HuffPo: Trump approval decreasing slightly Gallup: People dislike Ivanka less than they dislike her father Politico/Morning Consult: Voters want Russia collusion investigated HuffPo: People don’t approve of sharing intel with Russians Values Gallup: Americans don’t think they live in a morally centered country Gallup: Majority believe in evolution Gallup: Americans are becoming more liberal on moral issues Washington Post: How question wording impacts views on LGBT+ rights Young Republicans Likely to Switch Parties Pew: Younger support slipping for GOP My kid could name that LewisandQuark: This neural network has interesting ideas for paint names

#116: Ariel Edwards-Levy's favorite pun (AAPOR edition)  

Margie talks to queen of the Huffington Post fempire Ariel Edwards-Levy, and she recounts the vibe from the AAPOR conference, the role of gender in 2016 polling, and her favorite pun. Follow her immediately @aedwardslevy.

#115: Comey At Us (5/10/17)  

Come(y) at us, reviewers! If you want more "what happened in 2016?" then today is your day. And follow us on @thepollsters, @ksoltisanderson & @margieomero for more polls & yuks. Poll of the Week University of Virginia Center for Politics/Public Opinion Strategies: Trump voters, 100 days in University of Virginia Center for Politics/Public Opinion Strategies: To supporters, Trump is a lion The Week in Trump Huffpost Pollster: Trump approval AHCA Part Deux HuffPost/YouGov: The new AHCA is still not popular, but Trump voters have warmed to it Comey Chameleon The New York Times - The Upshot: Nate Cohn on the “Comey Effect” FiveThirtyEight: Nate Silver says the media is “in denial” about the Comey letter’s impact The Atlantic/PRRI: White, working-class fears of cultural change fueled support for Trump “What Happened??!!” AAPOR: A new report investigates what went wrong (and right) in 2016 election polling POLITICO: Five key conclusions from AAPOR’s 2016 election report The Washington Post: The AAPOR report comes to a “split conclusion” about the 2016 election FiveThirtyEight: Just because Macron won doesn’t mean French pollsters got it right Mother’s Day National Retail Federation: From bling to brunch, Mother’s Day spending will set records this year

#114: Cats + Polls = ? (5/2/17)  

(Recorded 5/2/17) What's more popular than polls? Cats! Plus where should the Democrats go next? Thanks for the lovely reviews, don't forget to find us @ksoltisanderson & @margieomero. You know you love free stuff! Check out Poll of the Week Politico: Surveying journalists covering Trump Trump Approval/Favorability Trump Approval Trump Favorability Dem Firing Squad McClatchy: Democrats say they now know why they lost WaPo: GSG/Priorities USA present their findings WaPo: This pollster says Democrats are overconfident about 2018 Explaining the Wealth Gap through Partisan Lense Pew: Why people are rich and poor AHCA Politico: Voters resist pre-existing conditions opt-out Criminal Justice Reform Charles Koch Institute: Surprising support for criminal justice reform among Trump voters AAPOR Report AAPOR: An evaluation of the 2016 election polls Funny NYT: Empirical evidence shows cats love people

#113: We Regret Nothing (04/26/17)  

Take a bow, pollsters! We read crazy PR pitches & lovely reviews. Don't forget to tweet us @ksoltisanderson @margieomero. Poll of the Week The Telegraph: French presidential election tracker The New York Times: How the election split france Vox: The French election, explained in 9 maps and charts Trump Washington Post: Post-ABC poll: Trump popularity through nearly 100 days as president Washington Post: Americans size up Trumps first 100 days in Post-ABC poll NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey Huffington Post/YouGov Poll Harvard IOP: As first 100 days nears, president Trump approval rating at 32% with young americans Big Government Pew Research Center: With budget debate looming, growing share of public prefers bigger government NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: A record number of americans say government ‘should do more’ Politico/Morning Consult: Border wall funding isn't worth shutdown Quinnipiac Poll Men and Partisanship Council on Contemporary Families: Some men feel the need to compensate for relative loss of income to women Funny The Washington Times: Is President Trump right to skip White House correspondents' dinner? Salon: Should reporters boycott Trump’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

#112: Our tribute to Bill O'Reilly, Nate Silver & Weed (4/20)  

What's wackier than twitter trolls about our Easter candy preferences? This 5-year-old clip of Kristen & Margie introducing Bill O'Reilly to Nate Silver. Like free stuff? Check out our ZIPRECRUITER free trial at We're also always at @margieomero & @ksoltisanderson. Civilized: New cannabis culture poll debunks stereotypes, shows overwhelming support for legalization ABC 9 News: Americans think marijuana is safer than opioids Yahoo News/Marist Poll: Weed and the American Family WBUR Poll: Massachusetts 2016 general election Georgia Huffington Post: Here’s what the polls say about tuesday’s special election in georgia Trump World Huffington Post Pollster: Trump job approval Gallup: Majority in us no longer thinks trump keeps his promises Axios: Trump's growing trust problem Pew Research Center: Public dissatisfaction with washington weighs on the GOP Gallup: Americans name dissatisfaction with government as top problem Taxes NPR: We asked people what they know about taxes. see if you know the answers Gallup: Majority say wealthy americans, corporations taxed too little Pew Research Center:Top frustrations with tax system: sense that corporations, wealthy don’t pay fair share French Election The Telegraph: French presidential election: Poll tracker and odds Independent: French election too close to call as support for far-left Mélenchon surges Financial Times: France election polls Driverless Cars Washington Post: Are you ready to try a driverless car? 70 percent of Americans say yes Fortune: Majority of Americans fear riding in self-driving cars, poll finds

#111: The Trump Effect, Syria, & Candy (4/12/17)  

Try not to get into any PR disasters on the way to the parking lot. & don't forget to follow us @thepollsters @margieomero @ksoltisanderson. We write back! (sometimes.) Poll of the week Morning Consult: People react to Pepsi’s ad in real time Morning Consult: America’s most and least popular governors Morning Consult: America’s most and least popular senators Trump Huffington Post Pollster: Trump job approval Reuters: The Trump effect Gallup: Media faulted by both sides for coverage of Trump Gallup: Six in 10 in US see partisan bias in news media Syria Washington Post: Narrow support for Trump’s strike in Syria Gallup: US support for Syria strikes rates low in historical context CBS News: What Americans think about U.S. strike on Syria Huffington Post: Here's what the latest polls say about the airstrikes In Syria POLITICO/Morning Consult: Voters back Syria airstrikes Candy wars Cosmopolitan: Reese's mini peanut butter chocolate eggs are the most popular Easter candy this year National Retail Federation: A later Easter is expected to bring record spending

#110: Toxic City, The Resistance, & Shy Trumpers  

Don't forget to follow us @thepollsters @margieomero @ksoltisanderson. We write back! (sometimes.) Poll of the Week Huffington Post: A poll finds most Americans don’t trust public opinion polls Pew Research Center: Are telephone polls understating support for Trump? The World of Trump Huffington Post Pollster: Trump job approval McClatchy Marist Poll: March 2017 Pew Research Center: Most say tensions between Trump administration and news media hinder access to political news Politico: Voters recoil from government shutdown Morning Consult/Politico Poll: Crosstabulation result; March 30 - April 01, 2017 The Resistance The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: The fall of the AHCA and next steps for the ACA Huffington Post: Progressive activism has surged since Donald Trump took office Huffington Post: Poll finds surge of political activism on the left Lake Research Partners Poll Huffington Post/YouGov Poll: Poll finds little opposition to confirming Neil Gorsuch Funny Time: See who is winning the 2017 TIME 100 poll

#109: Polls, paid leave, sex & dogs (3/29/17)  

Don't forget to follow us @thepollsters @margieomero @ksoltisanderson. We write back! (sometimes.) Poll of the Week Axios: Ad trust rises as news trust sinks YouGov Poll: America's trust in advertising grows Trump-World Huffington Post Pollster:Trump job approval Gallup: Trump's Approval Rating drops to new low of 36% Gallup: Presidential approval ratings Scribd.: CBS NEWS POLL-Republicans blame unpopular bill, not Trump for healthcare defeat YouGov Poll: Republican healthcare bill 2017 Huffington Post: Barely Anyone Is Mourning The Demise Of The GOP’s Health Care Bill Quinnipiac American voters want to save big bird, most oppose spending cuts in Trump budget The New York Times: A 2016 review: Turnout wasn’t the driver of Clinton’s defeat Politico: Democrats burned by polling blind spot Lady-Stuff Pew Research Center: Americans widely support paid family and medical leave, but differ over specific policies Vox: Poll: 80% say women should be able to have sex for pleasure, not pregnancy French polling update The Guardian: François Fillon's wife charged over embezzlement of public funds The Guardian: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, France's hard-left rebel, targets the disenchanted The Funnies Journalist David H. Montgomery: Pup inflation, good dogs getting better CBS News Poll: March 2016 Fox News Poll: February, 2013 Merit Report: April, 1983

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