The Publicity Podcast - Public Relations Tactics a

The Publicity Podcast - Public Relations Tactics a

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The publicity podcast: Advice for SMEs on media training, publicity stunts, how to write a press release, electronic press kits, small business marketing, how publicity fits into a marketing strategy and a marketing mix, social media, and blogging.


Ep 3 - How to get 100K Raving Fans Via YouTube For Your Business  

David Walsh is an expert youtube practitioner who has generated almost 100K subscribers to his youtube channel in just shy of 3 years. In this episode of the publicity podcast, David shares his secrets for a lot of his success with video marketing; including the structure for every single one of his videos and what he would do if he were starting a youtube channel from scratch today.

Episode 2 - How A Small Business Owner Used The Media to Quadruple Her Turnover  

Alison Edgar is the owner of sales coaching solutions, a sales and customer service coaching provider in the South West of the UK. In 2014 she decided it was time to expand her relatively new business. Using PR as a bedrock of her strategy, she expanded her team threefold and quadrupled her income within 12 months. Pretty impressive going. In this episode, Alison explains how she did it.

Ep 1 - How A Solopreneur Got Invited On Network TV More Than 500 Times  

The property consultant Henry Pryor is a remarkable entrepreneur who very early on in his business journey, took the decision to focus on PR over any other type of marketing. Without hiring a PR company, and totally off his own back, Henry managed to get his opinion in a national newspaper which led to TV and Radio appearances. Those appearances led to more and more and approaching a decade later, Henry has racked up hundreds of appearances on TV, Radio and also newspapers. Combined with his enthusiastic use of twitter and youtube, his successful publicity strategy has given him a profile of a company of hundreds or even thousands of employees. He has achieved all of this at no financial cost to himself. In this podcast Henry reveals his three golden rules for dealing with the media and shows that with the right attitude, you don't need to hire a PR agent or spend money on advertising.

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