The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks

The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks


The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes.


225 | Dr. Caroline Myss: “Every word is a Universe.”  

Dr. Myss is back on the show to talk about the power of your thoughts and the words that you say, not only to yourself but the words you say out loud, and the three words we should all remove from our vocabulary for a better life. 


For more from Dr. Myss, visit

222 | Les Brown: “If Someone Has Done It, Then You Can Do It. It’s Possible.”  

Les Brown is back for your Motivation Monday! Today Les is talking about how important it is to believe in the possibility of our dreams, and live according to our imaginations instead of our memories. 


For more from Les Brown, visit


221 | Bob Proctor: “Faith Based on Understanding is the Key to Freedom.”  

Bob is back! Today's he's talking about the importance of undressing who you are, how powerful you are, and understanding the laws of the universe so that you may live the life you want in harmony and ease. 


For more on Bob's books, programs, and events visit

220 | Jim Rohn: “Learn to Work with the People Who Deserve It, Not the People Who Need It.”  

Jim Rohn returns to share what it really means to become a more attractive person and gives some tips on how to become one, which will allow you to bring more attractive people into your life. 

For more from Jim, visit Today's clip comes from The Nightingale Conant Personal Insight Library Volume One available on 


219 | Isabelle Mercier: “What You Tolerate, You Worry About.”  

Isabelle Mercier makes her QOD Debut today, talking about that when we tolerate things we shouldn’t or don’t want to it will always lead to worry, and that most of what we worry about is nonsense that keeps us from actually living. She also shares how we can repurpose our worrying energy into something positive.

Isabelle's website is

218 | Zig Ziglar: “With Integrity You Do the Right Thing.”  

Zig Ziglar returns to share the power of building character and the importance of having integrity and a strong foundation of values to live the best life possible and take advantage of all that life has to offer.

For more from Zig, visit 

217 | Lisa Nichols: “Abundant Thinkers Understand the Power of I AM.”  

Lisa Nichols is back on the show for Motivation Monday, talking about how to be an abundant thinker and be more responsible for our thoughts, actions, and reactions, and the importance of the words: I AM. 

Lisa's website is Today's talk is an excerpt from Lisa's "How to Step into Your Purpose" presentation available on the Mindvalley YouTube channel. 

216 | Jim Rohn: “Set a Goal to Become a Millionaire, for What It Will Make of You to Achieve It.”  

Jim Rohn returns for this week’s Finance Friday to talk about the simple things you have to do to get what you want, and that the most important reason for us to set goals is for us grow and stretch to become the person who can have it, believe it, and achieve it. 


Jim’s website is Today’s clip comes from The Art of Exceptional Living available at and

215 | Wayne Dyer: “Forgiveness is the Fragrance that the Violet Sheds on the Heel that Has Crushed It.”  

Dr. Wayne Dyer returns to the show to talk about the power of forgiveness and how much it can hurt us to hold onto the anger and resentment caused by wounds from our past, and that if we want to, we are able to let go and heal ourselves at any time. 


For more from Wayne, visit

214 | Marianne Williamson: “Moving Mountains is Small Compared to What You Can Do.”  

Marianne Williamson returns to the show to simplify the problems that we face, and reminds us that there is absolutely nothing we will come up against that we can’t handle because the universe is perfectly organized and has already given us everything we will ever need. 


Marianne’s website is Today’s clip comes from her audio program The Ultimate Marianne Williamson Library, available at and on Audible. A Course in Miracles is available on

213 | Howard Martin: “You Will Not Lose When You Truly Listen to and Follow Your Heart.”  

Howard Martin makes his QOD debut today to talk about what it really means to follow your heart and how important it is to listen to the intuition that we all have within to access our deepest power and take action to make our dreams come true. 


For more about Howard and HeartMath, visit This clip comes from the Personal Insight Library, available at

212 | Michael Wickett: “Life is a Perceptual Experience. The Way You See It is the Way You Get It.”  

Michael Wicket is back for this week’s Motivation Monday clip to remind us of how much of a difference our attitudes make int he quality of our life, and that what we focus on and how we see things, for better or worse, is ultimately up to us. 


The Power of Perseverance available at and Audible. 

Motivation Mix #015: Conor McGregor’s Mind  

UFC Champion Conor McGregor is the focus of this week’s mix, sharing how he got to where is today using mind set, hard work, visualization and the law of attraction, and how being a little bit crazy about our passions can sometimes be what will bring us the success we all want.

211 | James Altucher: “If You Don’t Make the Choices in Your Own Life, then Someone Else is Gonna End Up Making Them for You.”  

James Altucher makes his QOD Show debut to talk about the five simple things he did to come back from his own suicidal rock bottom, how important it is to make your own choices if you want to live on your own terms, and how small changes can make a big difference in the quality of your life. 


For more about James’s books, podcast, and appearances, visit His books, including Choose Yourself and his latest Reinvent Yourself, are available on

210 | Zig Ziglar: "Motivation without Instruction and Education is Ultimately Frustrating.”  

Zig Ziglar is back on the show today and shares an inspiring story to prove that motivation can lead to dramatic change when accompanied by instruction and support, and that persistence and pushing beyond our perceived limits makes the impossible possible. 


For more from Zig, visit his website at 

209 | Dr. Caroline Myss:  “How Many of My Greatest Fears Have Actually Really Happened?”  

Dr. Caroline Myss is back on the show today talking about the importance of taking risks in order to live a life without regrets, and how making decisions despite our fears and our past will allow us to live our best life. 


For more from Dr. Myss’s books, programs, and events, visit her website at 

208 | Jack Canfield: “It’s Never Too Late to Start.”  

Jack Canfield returns to share some of his principles for taking action to reach your goals, and how we can reject rejection and persevere instead of letting rejection slow us down. 


Learn more about Jack at

207 | Inky Johnson: “The Person You’re Becoming is Stronger than Anything You Have Ever Faced.”  

It’s Motivation Monday with Inky Johnson, who stops by the remind us that life happens for us, not to us, and that no matter what obstacles we come up against, if we embrace our obstacles and focus on our why we can use them to become better, stronger versions of ourselves. 


Learn more about Inky at His book, Inky: An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance, is available on

Motivation Mix #014: The Art of Giving  

Les Brown takes over this week's motivation mix to remind us of the unstoppable giving flow of the universe, and explains why when you hold back from life, life holds back from you, and that if we want to receive more and be more connected to the abundance all around us, we must simply give more freely and more generously. 

Today's clip comes from Les's audio program The Power of Purpose available on the Nightingale Conant website.

206 | Bob Proctor: “When You’re Dealing with Infinite You Can Never Take More than Your Share.”  

It’s Finance Friday with Bob Proctor, who stops by to remind us of the different kinds of freedom money can bring us, and shares the most important things we must do to get that freedom: understand the abundance of the universe, keep studying, keep learning and keep changing with the world around us. 


For more about Bob’s books, programs, and live events visit


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