The Quote of the Day Show

The Quote of the Day Show


The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Your Pilot Week speakers include Bob Proctor, JJ Virgin, Dr. John Demartini, and Jake Ducey. Hosted by Sean Croxton. (All speakers have provided expressed permission for the use of their audio content.)


084 | Tony Robbins: “The Greatest Revenge is Massive Success.”  

Tony Robbins shares an unforgettable story of drive, persistence, and betting on one's self. Today's clip is from Tony's audio program The Power to Shape Your Destiny.

082 | Steve Harvey: “The Only Way For You to Soar is to Jump.”  

Steve Harvey, host of Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show, reveals the one thing that every single successful people had to do. 

081 | Marie Forleo: “We Make a Living by What We Get, We Make a Life by What We Give..”  

Your Finance Friday speaker is the one and only Marie Forleo, host of Marie TV and creator of B-School. On today's episode, Marie shows you how she built an 8-figure business on a foundation of generosity. And how you can too!

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Happy Friday!



079 | Bob Proctor: “If It Hasn’t Been Done Before, You Can Be the First!”  

The legendary Bob Proctor is back to encourage you to do what hasn't been done before. Because somebody has to be the first. Why not you?

Today's clip comes from Bob's You Were Born Rich seminar available for free viewing on YouTube. 

Don't forget, Bob's LIVE Fourth Dimensional Leadership event is this weekend! Find out how to attend via livestream video at

078 | JJ Virgin: “When It Gets Harder, Step Up Higher.”  

On September 10, 2012, JJ Virgin’s son Grant was the victim of a hit-and-run accident and given a 0.25% chance of surviving. He survived. On today’s episode, she shares two of the most important aspects of overcoming adversity — persistence and forgiveness.

Watch JJ’s new documentary chronicling Grant’s accident and recovery for FREE this week at

077 | Les Brown: “Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead, But Go Where There’s No Path and Leave a Trail.”  

How about some Monday Motivation? Les Brown is back with a handful of inspiring yet hilarious stories and quotes to fire you up for the week.

Today’s clip comes from Les’s audio program The Greatness Within You available on Audible.

076 | Dr. John Demartini: “Building Wealth is Actually a Spiritual Development Process.”  

It’s Finance Friday, friends! Our main man Dr. John Demartini is back to explain what your brain has to do with your finances. Remember, you must earn the right to invest and speculate by saving your money first. This minimizes risk and keeps your emotions in check. 

Today’s clip comes from the doc’s 2-volume audio program Secrets to Financial Freedom available at

075 | Michael Wickett: “I am a Lovable Person. I am Worthy of Life’s Good.”  

Michael Wickett picks up where he left off on this Monday’s QOD episode with 5 actions steps you can use RIGHT NOW to boost your self-esteem.

Today’s clip comes from Michael’s audio program It’s All Within Your Reach available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and on the Nightingale Conant Insiders app.


074 | Wayne Dyer: “Circumstances Do Not Make a Man, They Reveal Him.”  

What you focus on expands. Focus on what’s wrong and you’ll get more of what’s wrong. But when we realize that there’s nothing missing in our lives, everything shifts. Listen in as Dr. Wayne Dyer encourages you to be grateful for anything and EVERYTHING you have.

This clip comes from Dr. Dyer’s audio program Inner Wisdom: The Best of Wayne Dyer available on Nightingale Conant website.

073 | C.W. Metcalf: “You Have to Be Willing to Access Joy Even in Adversity.”  

Ever had a bad day? You know, one of those days when you just feel a little bit blah but have no idea why. Or how about the blues? Maybe a relationship ended or you lost a job and got pretty down about it. Of course these happen to all of us. But what can we do about them? 

Today on the QOD show, C.W. Metcalf gives you a few tips for how deal with those days when you’re down and out. This one comes from C.W.’s audio program Lighten Up available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and the Nightingale Conant Insiders app.

072 | Michael Wickett: “The Moment that a Person Takes Total Responsibility for Everything in their Life ... ”  

We’re back! Motivational speaker Michael Wickett kicks this week off by urging you to take responsibility for your life and your own feel-good. Remember, the only one with ultimate control over your emotions is YOU.

Today’s clip comes from Michael’s audio program It’s All Within Your Reach available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and on the Nightingale Conant Insiders app.


071 | T. Harv Eker: “Comfortable is the Kiss of Death to Success.”  

It's Finance Friday! Today, Harv Eker is back to put you through an exercise that will change your financial life forever. Find out how to STOP playing defense with your money. Instead, get uncomfortable by going on the offensive. That's the only way you will ever become financially successful.

This clip comes from the audio program The Secret: Teachers Recorded Live available on Audible.



070 | Jake Ducey: “The Genius That You See in Others is Your Own Suppressed Ideas.”  

What are you TIRED of? Are you tired of being broke? Being stuck? Tired of letting another year pass without accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish?

Today on The QOD Show, author and speaker Jake Ducey shows you how being TIRED can be one of the best motivators for success.

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069 | Earl Nightingale: “You Will Become What You Think About.”  

You don't become what you think about. You become what you think about and INTERNALIZE. And the most direct path to internalization is through emotion.

On today's episode, Earl Nightingale shines some light on goal setting, reminds us of his definition of success, and shows you how to make your goals part of who you are.

Today's clip comes from Earl's audio program Start Here available on the Nightingale Conant website. 

068 | Dan Millman: “I Don’t Really Like Money, But it Calms My Nerves.”  

It's like Finance Friday came early! This week I've got two finance quotes for you. This one is from Dan Millman, author of Way of The Peaceful Warrior, who explores the roots of our money mindsets. Enjoy!

067 | Bob Proctor: “The Future Must Become the Present in the Imagination of the One Who Would Wisely and Consciously Create Circumstance.”  

The imagination is arguably the most important of the mental faculties, but it also the most underused. On today's episode, Bob Proctor is back to show you how to use your imagination to create a life you love.

Learn more about Bob's upcoming Fourth Dimensional Leadership event at

066 | Dr. John Demartini: "The Greater the Cause, the Greater the Wealth."  

It's Finance Friday! Dr. John Demartini encourages you to get a cause greater than yourself in order to gain wealth.

Today's clip comes from Dr. Demartini's audio program Secrets to Financial Freedom available at


065 | Neale Donald Walsch: “It is Our Fear that Keeps Us From Each Other.”  

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the truth. On today’s QOD episode Neale Donald Walsch explains why we are afraid to speak our truth, how to heal the fear, and the big problem with becoming our labels and titles.

Today’s clip is from Mr. Walsch’s audio program The Heart of Truth available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and on the Nightingale Insiders app


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