The Quote of the Day Show

The Quote of the Day Show


The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Your Pilot Week speakers include Bob Proctor, JJ Virgin, Dr. John Demartini, and Jake Ducey. Hosted by Sean Croxton. (All speakers have provided expressed permission for the use of their audio content.)


066 | Dr. John Demartini: "The Greater the Cause, the Greater the Wealth."  

It's Finance Friday! Dr. John Demartini encourages you to get a cause greater than yourself in order to gain wealth.

Today's clip comes from Dr. Demartini's audio program Secrets to Financial Freedom available at


065 | Neale Donald Walsch: “It is Our Fear that Keeps Us From Each Other.”  

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the truth. On today’s QOD episode Neale Donald Walsch explains why we are afraid to speak our truth, how to heal the fear, and the big problem with becoming our labels and titles.

Today’s clip is from Mr. Walsch’s audio program The Heart of Truth available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and on the Nightingale Insiders app


064 | Lisa Nichols: “In Spite of Where I’ve Been, In Spite of Where I’ve Come From, I Still Have the Birthright to Be Successful.”  

Lisa Nichols keeps this week’s all-star lineup going with a moving talk about how no matter who you are or where you come from, the possibility for a successful life is obtainable for all. 

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Today’s clip comes from the audio program The Secret: Teachers Recorded Live available on Audible.


063 | Les Brown: “You Don’t Get  in Life What You Want. You Get in Life What You Are.”  

No one tells a story like Les Brown! Today Les shares how he landed a job he was seemingly “unqualified” for, why you MUST have ambitious goals, and the best ways to renew your mind on a daily basis.

This clip comes from Les’s audio program The Greatness Within You available on Audible. 

Learn more about his new book Laws of Success at

062 | Tony Robbins: “Most People’s Lives are a Direct Reflection of the Expectations of Their Peer Group.”  

Be careful who you surround yourself with. It can literally make or break you. On today’s QOD, Tony Robbins encourages you to take a good look at your social circle and ask yourself if their standards are lifting you up or bringing you down.

Today’s clip is from Tony’s audio program The Power to Shape Your Destiny available for instant mp3 download on the Nightingale Conant website.

061 | Werner Erhard: “People Would Rather Be Right in Their Relationships than Loved.”  

It’s Flashback Friday! Today we’re flashing back to the mid-70s with our featured speaker, Werner Erhard, who addressed our tendency to rather be right than loved.

This clip comes from Werner’s 3-hour lecture, The Heart of The Matter, available on YouTube. 

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060 | Jack Canfield: “Oh What the Heck, Go For It Anyway.”  

When you’re scared and afraid to take action, do THIS. Jack Canfield shares a quick mantra that will help you take the leap in spite of the fear. Plus, find out how to get value from negative feedback and why making mistakes is get you closer to where you want to go.

Today’s clip come from Jack’s audio program Maximum Confidence available for instant MP3 download from Audible, Nightingale Conant, and on the Nightingale Insider app.

059 | Cheryl Hunter: “You are Magnificent. And What Makes You Magnificent is Everything You’ve Previously Believed is Wrong with You.”  

Sometimes bad things happens. We can let the negative circumstances and events of our lives bring us down, or we can choose to see the perfection in the imperfection. Or as Cheryl Hunter explains in today’s QOD, the beauty in life resides in the flaws.

Learn more about Cheryl and grab your FREE copy of her bestselling book How to Get Unstuck at


058 | Zig Ziglar: “If You Find Yourself Falling Out of Love, Go Back and Court Your Mate Like You Did When You Fell in Love and You Will Fall Back in Love.”     

Sometimes a relationship can hit a wall. It looks like it's over. As if love has left the building. What to do?

Today on the QOD Show, the great Zig Ziglar returns to encourage the men to turn back the clock and court our women like the we did when we first met. 

This clip comes from Zig's audio program The New Courtship After Marriage available on Audible, the Nightingale website, and the Nightingale Insiders app.

Hosted by Sean Croxton


057 | Travis Thomas: “Our Setbacks, Vulnerabilities, and Failures Don’t Define Us, They Reveal the Divine Us.”  

On today’s QOD episode, speaker and author Travis Thomas encourages you to run toward the storm in order to get to know who you are. Because by knowing who you are, you will find the sense of purpose and authenticity that will push you to surmount any obstacle and uncertainty. You’ll leap and the net will appear!

Click a link to more about Travis’s new book 3 Words for Getting Unstuck and his upcoming 30 Days of YES online program launching February 1st.

See you tomorrow!


056 | John Demartini: “Spirit Without Matter is Expressionless. Matter Without Spirit is Motionless. The Two Have to Be Integrated if You Want to Master Your Life.”  

Do material wealth and spirituality have to be completely separate? Today, Dr. John Demartini states a case for why financial prosperity is often rooted in a spiritual calling.

Learn more about Dr. Demartini at

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055 | Michael Wickett: “A Brand New Life That Any of Us Could Seek Begins in Our Mind First.”  

You are a creator! Everything that exists in physical form first existed in somebody’s mind. All you need to do is get the vision, hold it your mind, and do the actions every day to move you closer to the realization of that vision. In fact, it is the vision that will attract everything and everyone you need to bring it to form. 

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Michael Wickett returns to inspire you to create an “uncommon” vision to get a brand new life. Or as he says, you get the vision and life handles all of the details!

This clip is from Michael’s audio program It’s All Within Your Reach available for instant mp3 download on Audible, the Nightingale Conant website, and on the Nightingale Insiders app.


054 | Dr. Wayne Dyer: “How Do You Find Your Bliss? You Don’t. You Have to Let Your Bliss Find You.”  

Follow your bliss. But what if you don't know what your bliss is? Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses why you DON'T have to find your bliss, but rather allow your bliss to find you.

Today's clip comes from Dr. Dyer's audio program The Awakened Life available on Audible, the Nightingale Conant website, and on the Nightingale Insiders app.




053 | Napoleon Hill: “In Every Instance Where You Find a Man of Outstanding Achievement in Any Calling, You Will Find that He has Been a Success as a Result of a Mastermind Alliance ...”  

You'll never be able to do it ALL by yourself. The great Napoleon Hill discusses the importance of forming a mastermind alliance to propel yourself to success.

This clip comes from Hill's audio program The Science of Personal Achievement available on Audible and the Nightingale Conant website.

052 | Jake Ducey: “We Can Change the World with a Little Bit of Love and a Lot of Courage.”  

Let's get this new year started right! On today's QOD episode, author and speaker Jake Ducey shares his story of when adventure called and he answered.

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051 | Joe Vitale: “The Belief that Money is Bad for Me Causes Me to Feel Safe and Not Judged."  

It’s Finance Friday! Author and speaker Joe Vitale shares two of his 9 Secrets for Attracting Money. Follow along as he walks you through his Money Belief Cleansing process. This is critical if you want to improve your finances!

Today’s clip comes from Joe’s audio program The Secret to Attracting Money available on Audible, the Nightingale Conant website, and the Nightingale Insiders app.

050 | Ken Blanchard: “We Want to Take Our Jobs Seriously But Ourselves Lightly.”  

It's okay to take your job seriously. But sometimes we can let that seriousness bleed into our personal lives. We start taking ourselves way too seriously. 

On today's episode of The Quote of The Day Show, author and speaker Ken Blanchard encourages you to lighten up and have a good time!

This clip comes from Ken's audio program Personal Excellence available on Audible and the Nightingale Conant website.



049 | Zig Ziglar: “You Cannot Make It as a Wandering Generality, You Must Become a Meaningful Specific.”  

You must have goals. And your goals MUST be written down!

Today on the QOD Show, the late Zig Ziglar discusses how having specific goals can boost your motivation, improve your quality of life, and shift the way you use your time. 

This clip is from Zig’s audio program Goals: How to Set Them, How to Reach Them available on the Nightingale Conant website, the Nightingale Insiders app, and on Audible.

048 | Tony Robbins: “The Past Does Not Equal the Future Unless You Live There.”  

You are not your behavior. You are not your past. If you’ve behaved stupidly, it does not make YOU stupid. If you’re focusing on the past, you’ll likely get more of what you’ve gotten.

On today’s QOD episode, Tony Robbins is back to teach you how to expand your identity and acknowledge stress for what it REALLY is. Plus, a simple question to ask yourself when stress takes over, and how to use your body and mind to instantly break out of a high-stress state.

This clip comes from Tony’s audio program The Power to Shape Your Destiny available on the Nightingale Conant website.


047 | Bob Proctor: “It’s Not Who You are That’s Holding You Back, It’s Who You Think You’re Not.”  

Time to get ready for your 2017 goals! Bob Proctor is back to give you the roadmap to achieving your resolutions. Remember, you don't have to know HOW you're going to reach your goals. You just have to know that you will!

Learn more about Bob and his upcoming Fourth Dimensional Leadership event at



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