The Race for the White House

The Race for the White House

United Kingdom

Every week, LBC's US Correspondent Simon Marks brings you the latest from the US election trail as Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump fight it out in the Race to the White House.


Trump Pulls it Off  

'‘Episode 16: The Final Edition - Trump pulls it off.’

FBI investigate Hillary....again  

‘Episode 15: Hillary Clinton faces a reinvigorated FBI investigation. Trump advances in the polls. Will it be too close to call on Election Day?’

Even Sheryl Crow is getting involved!  

‘Episode 14: Trump concedes many Republicans have abandoned him but insists he can still win. Questions are raised about voting machines. Hillary Clinton is accused of "pay-for-play". And Sheryl Crow says the US should rethink campaigns.’

Trump claims election is 'rigged'  

‘Episode 13: Trump claims the election is "rigged" and makes history at the third Presidential debate. Plus the analysis of Michael Shure.’

Trump's Campaign Implodes  

‘Episode 12: Donald Trump's campaign implodes after leaked videotape and claims by allegedly abused women. Wikileaks attempts to deal a blow to Hillary Clinton's election chances. Simon prepares for the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas.’

Have you heard of the Vice-Presidents?!  

Episode 11: The Vice-Presidential debate makes headlines. But so do Donald Trump's taxes. Plus, can you believe the polls?

Trump & Clinton clash on camera  

‘Episode 10: The first Presidential debate, and the fallout from out. Plus, the politics professor who has correctly predicted the outcome of every US Presidential election for the last 30 years.’

Candidates react to terror attack in New York.  

Episode 9: The candidates react to a terror attack on New York, prepare for the first TV debate (live at 2am on Tuesday on LBC) and “Skittles” take center-stage in the US Presidential campaign.’

The US election goes medical.  

Episode 8: Simon's in Montreal as the US Election campaign enters the Twilight Zone. Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters "deplorables", then collapses with pneumonia; and Trump releases his medical records on....the Dr. Oz Show.’


Barack Obama calls Donald Trump "wacky and uninformed" after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lay out their national security policies. And a third party candidate has trouble with a very basic foreign policy question #WhereIsAleppo’

Trump in Mexico  

Episode 6 : Donald Trump travels to Mexico, while Hilary Clinton dodges more questions about her time as Secretary of State

Trump's Reboot  

Donald Trump's campaign engages in a badly-needed "reboot" and Hillary Clinton launches her economic plan. LBC's US Correspondent Simon Marks looks back over the week's events.

Trump v Clinton : the self-inflicted wounds.  

Episode 4: Donald Trump suffers more self-inflicted wounds as Republicans abandon him; Hillary Clinton is accused of influence-peddling; and LBC’s Simon Marks looks at the complexity of remaining objective in US Presidential election coverage.’

Is the Trump campaign unravelling?  

Has Donald Trump finally put his foot in it and sent his campaign off the rails by criticising the parents of a fallen American soldier? Despite the howler, Simon Marks still finds Trump supporters who will do anything except vote Hillary.

The Democratic Convention  

Amid the Obamas, the Clintons and a LOT of balloons, Hillary became the Democratic candidate for President. Simon Marks analyses how the Democratic Convention went.

The Republican Convention  

Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination amid three crazy days in Cleveland. LBC's US Correspondent Simon Marks looks back over the Republican National Convention.

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