The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

United States

Buckle up, kids! This rocket ship's headed for... adventure! Join our hero, Eleanor Amplified, the world-famous radio reporter, as she foils dastardly plots, outwits crafty villains, and goes after The Big Story. Listen in as Eleanor's pursuit of truth takes her into orbit, out to sea, through a scary jungle, and even to the halls of Congress! Start with Episode 1 and get ready for a wild ride. From WHYY in Philadelphia. Keep up with Eleanor at


Ep 10: Megablurg HQ pt 2  

The dramatic conclusion to the most compelling internet story of our time.

Ep 09: Megablurg HQ pt 1  

The belly of the beast! The head of the snake! The end of the road?!

Ep 08: The Rook  

Nobody hears about The Rook! The Rook hears about you…

Ep 07: Maggie  

Brrrrr! Did you know that Siberia holds the record for the largest snowflakes? It’s true.

Ep 06: Antique Armoire  

Our nation’s capital: come for the museums, stay for the intrigue…

Ep 05: It’s Breakfast Time, America  

A brainwashing professor and an unscrupulous CEO! That’s nothing compared to… Cat Videos! Aw… So Cute…

Ep 04: The Couquitahwah  

Come on, with a name like “Scary Dangerous Jungle Island,” how bad could it be?

Extra: Terry Gross introduces Eleanor Amplified  

Terry Gross interviews Eleanor Amplified creator, John Sheehan on Fresh Air… stick around for the credits!

Ep 03: Kale Salad  

Drama on the high seas! Eleanor can barely catch her breath before someone’s trying to catch her!

Ep 02: The Bonnie Lass  

Eleanor uncovers a sinister scheme, and buys herself a one-way ticket into space!

Ep 01: Pilot (Robot)  

Welcome to Union City! Our first episode finds Eleanor in a secret underground laboratory, and already in peril …

Ep 00: Who is… Eleanor Amplified!?  

Trailer: Introducing Eleanor Amplified!

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