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The MLW Radio Network presents The Ric Flair Show. Join the 16 time World Heavyweight Champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair® and Conrad Thompson as they talk about the “good ole days” with their friends like Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Sting, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, and every other major name in wrestling from the last 40 years. On occasion, Ric will have some of his other friends on the show too like NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and even Grammy Award Winning Darius Rucker. The fans even get a chance to be involved with the show and ask any question they want using #AskNaitch. Don’t miss a minute by subscribing to the Ric Flair Show today on iTunes. Learn more at


Episode 25: Dana White & Kurt Angle  

A new show is coming. In the meantime, here are some classic moments featuring Ric Flair & Conrad Thompson. WOOOOO™!

Ric Flair returning mid February  

Ric Flair is coming back with a brand new show and format this February! More details soon at

Episode 24: The Nasty Boys  

Go to Nastyville and Naitch with Ric, Conrad and the Nasty Boys!!!!

Episode 23: Ask Naitch  

You tweeted questions using #AskNaitch and the 16-time champ has answers! WOOOOO™!

Episode 22: Jeff Jarrett  

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair talks with Jeff Jarrett about "holding Vince up for money," Cody Rhodes, whether or not he was a Horsemen, Global Force Wrestling and more! WOOOOO™!

Episode 21: Magnum T.A.  

Ric Flair reunites with Magnum T.A. to talk about the car crash, Starrcade 87’s main event that never was, Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo, Steamboat, Naitching and of course, Tully Blanchard!

Episode 20: Ric Flair's WWF/WWE Run  

This week Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson talk Ric Flair’s shocking jump to the WWF in 1991 and Naitch’s wild ride up north through the years. WOOOOO™!

Episode 19: Best of Ric Flair Show featuring Shawn Michaels  

Naitch has food poisoning so this a BEST OF edition of the Ric Flair Show with Shawn Michaels! No Top Stories, Voicemail of the Week, This Week in History, How to Be the Man, or #AskNaitch this week. Just 75 minutes of the two greatest wrestlers of all time talking about their love for the business and one another without any commercial interruption whatsoever.

Episode 18: Torrie Wilson  

Torrie Wilson catches up with Naitch and Conrad as they talk Vince McMahon, WCW, A-Rod, heat with Sable and more!

Episode 17: Jonathan Coachman  

The Nature Boy is giving away a copy of WWE 2K17 for XBOX 360! Learn about how you can win it on today's show. Plus, Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson take on the top stories of the week, give Hell in a Cell predictions and then in the main event the guys are joined by former WWE personality and current ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman. WOOOOO!

Episode 16: Shane Helms  

Ric, Conrad and Shane Helms talk WCW, TNA, Goldberg as the greatest WCW World Champ of all time(!?!), Shane's accident, Waka Flock/Flair'16, Naitching, and more. WOOOOO!

Episode 15: Michael Hayes  

Michael "P.S." Hayes talks Bret Hart’s comments on the Fabulous Freebirds and more.

Episode 14: "The Count" Michael Bisping  

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping stops by to catch up with Naitch & Conrad. Plus, Ric and Conrad talk women making history on WWE RAW, wrestlers getting stabbed and No Mercy! WOOOOO!

Episode 13: Chi-Town Rumble '89  

Ric Flair and Conrad do commentary on Ric's historic February 1989 title match against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat from Chicago.

Episode 12: Bruce Mitchell  

Pro Wrestling Torch’s Bruce Mitchell stops by to talk about the majestic sport of professional wrestling with Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson.

Episode 11: Ask Naitch  

Right of the jet from England, Ric Flair is back along with Conrad Thompson talk CM Punk, new WWE Champion AJ Styles and take on your questions! WOOOOO!

Episode 10: Road Warrior Animal  

One of the most legendary tag team wrestlers of all time, Road Warrior Animal joins Naitch and Conrad to talk Dusty and the spike, Ole Anderson, Demolition = rip offs?, Vince McMahon and more!

Episode 9: Haku  

One of the most dangerous men to ever compete, former WWE World Tag Team Champion, Sumo wrestler and all around bad ass, HAKU catches up with the Nature Boy and Conrad.

Episode 8: Dana White & Kurt Angle  

Ric Flair and Conrad hang with one of the greatest of all time Kurt Angle and then check in with Dana White on the upcoming UFC debut of CM Punk and talk Conor-Diaz and more!

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