The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions


#1 Bestselling author. Dedicating my life to help you play your best game & do your best work.


Adventure as a Performance Fuel  

This Mastery Session will kickstart your adventurous spirit.

A life without novelty, curiosity and exciting journeys is a life mildly lived.

I know this episode will remind you about some important values and some essential moves so this year becomes your finest yet.

How to Pick Your Social Network  

Your peers determine your performance. And your influences drive your inspiration.

This new Mastery Session will walk you through how to pick a strong social network, the science on why getting this piece of your best life is mission-critical and what happens if we keep toxic people in our lives.

A Message to Our Children  

I'm really excited to share this new Mastery Session with you as it's all about developing children of high integrity, deep ingenuity and strong leadership capability.

In this episode you'll discover:

--specific tactics to deepen your relationship with your kids

--how to grow children who lead and excel

--ways to build your children into genius-level performers who raise the world via their lives.

Cemetery Walking as a Life Mastery Tool  

I believe you'll get a lot of perspective and insight from this hot new Mastery Session.

In it, I explain:

--why I read obituaries regularly

--the reason why connecting with your mortality is a wonderful source of creative fire

--the power of connecting to the shortness of life as a vehicle to transcend your limits.

Own your craft. Raise your impact. Enrich the world.

Your fan always,


Why To Love Your Haters  

I think you'll find deep value in this very sincere message.

--you want to be the finest version of your best potential

--you want to do world-class work and inspire all witnesses

--you wish to impact society while you leave a mark on history.

If I know you as I believe I do, the Mastery Session that I've just released today will be massively helpful on your rise to legendary.

Personal sharing: as my profile grows, I've had a few people who have tried to bring me down.

As I've heightened my obsession to serve, I've had some critics who have hoped I'd fall.

As I've helped more human beings live their greatness + lead world-class lives, I've had some haters who have tried to dim my light.

Yet--rather than burying me, these "spiritual friends" have built me.

And I've used the rocks they threw at me to build monuments of forgiveness, understanding, wisdom and compassion within me.

If my words are speaking to you, please do the rest of your life a giant favor and listen to this new episode right now.

How To Love Life's Great Seasons  

Hope this episode causes some neat breakthroughs for you. I dig deep into the seasons of life. And what you can learn from each one when it comes to personal mastery, professional leadership and being an outright game-changer.

What Rich Really Means  

I've spent 20+ years advising billionaires, celebrated CEOs and other titans of industry on how to multiply their income, lift their influence + unleash their highest impact.

Here's one of the strange paradoxes I've observed:

A number of them are super-wealthy but very poor.

--they have money yet lack meaning

--they have a large net worth but low self-worth

--they have jets and yachts but no joy and peace.

So, in this new Mastery Session that I'm ultra-excited to share with you today, you'll learn what real wealth is all about.

The 4 Signs of a Genius Entrepreneur  

When I met Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple at The Titan Summit in Zurich he shared an insight I'll carry with me always.

--yes, he taught those blessed to be in the room with this giant of industry to make sure our work represented BIW: Best in The World [and his winning moves to do so]

--yes, he noted that he was obsessed, as he invented Apple's first computer, with producing a product that no one had ever seen [with color and symbols]

--yes, he made us laugh when the blue box he and Steve Jobs were marketing for free phone calls was used by him to call the Pope

Yet--what I'll never forget from that unique encounter with a game-changing genius is this one line he offered to me as I interviewed him on the stage:

I made a decision early on that when people were not nice to me I'd be nice to them.

In this Mastery Session called "The 4 Signs of a Genius Entrepreneur" you'll discover:

--how to become the disruptive visionary of your industry

--the need to make your "I can" larger than your "I can't" if you're ready to win

--the importance of leveraging your instinct to scale your success [over your intellect]

--the precious value of becoming "a radiant optimist" so problems get recoded into possibilities. And adversity fuels pure mastery.

5 Rituals That Predict Success  

These are 5 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), that I encourage you to wire into your daily life through consistent practice, because as you know so well, consistency is the mother of mastery. It's not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life, it's what you do every single day.

The ritual of early rising The ritual of strategic time-blocking The ritual of over-delivering The 60-minute student The ritual of private reflection
Why Great Leaders Are Devoted Readers  

I wanted to share with you 3 reasons why great leaders - the one's I've worked with, you know, many of the fortune 500 CEO's, billionaires, titans of industry, why great leaders really are devoted readers:

Reading a book is nothing more than having a conversation with the author; Reading collapses the timeline; Reading sustains hope;

Thank you so much for following these Mastery Sessions, and sharing them with your friends, and your teammates, and I'll see you next time.

How To Handle a Bad Day  

I'm doing this Mastery Session because so many people have been asking, "How do you really take a bad day and restructure it so that you can actually turn it into something valuable?"

I'm going to share with you the 5 Ps of turning a bad day into a valuable and even an epic day:

Perspective Pivot Pharmacy Pages Planet
How Change-Makers Generate Confidence  

Here are the 5 ways Change-Makers generate confidence:

Study the alchemy Flow with the seasons Bulletproof your TBTF Understand that the brain has a natural negativity bias Stop comparing 
5 Leadership Lessons My Mentors Have Taught Me  

Newton once said "If I have seen more than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." I don't know if you have a mentor, but if you don't have a mentor, you'll want to get one as swiftly as possible because we become our influences, we become our conversations. We think and perform like the people we surround ourselves with in our orbit.

Here are the 5 Leadership Lessons My Mentors Have Taught Me:

1. Run Your Own Race

2. Be Willing To Be Eccentric

3. Stand for World-Class

4. Be Deep vs Be Light

5. Be Kind

How Business Titans Do It  

Nelson Mandela is a titan of humanity.

Mozart is a titan of music.

Edison or Einstein are titans of invention and science.

In this Mastery Session I'm going to deconstruct how the best of the best in business achieve their staggeringly noticeable results.

The Value of Being Disliked  

You can inspire the world. Or you can be liked by all. You don’t get to do both.

I feel energized to share this Mastery Session with you. And I need to humbly thank you for sharing each episode I release.

Millions of elite performers from 60+ nations have listened them since I started doing them a few months ago.

In this one you’ll learn:

how to fight the fear of conflict that stunts epic innovation ways to rise far above The Cult of Average why every visionary and titan gets ridiculed before they become revered the common mindsets of Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Kanye West and Usain Bolt

Go for great. Own your game. Be kind. Get big things done.

With love and respect,



The 8 Purposes of Being in Business  

This Mastery Session is really a deconstruction of the eight reasons to be in business or the eight focal points as you scale up your business or scale up your team or grow your organization:

1. Fulfill Client Dreams

2. Remove Client Frustration

3. Refuel Client’s Joy

4. Distribute Value

5. Total Craft Mastery

6. Grow A Team of Picassos

7. Scale A Beautiful Life For You And Your Loved Ones

8. To Serve Humanity And To Pursue Immortality

The Journaling Deconstruction  

I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionised my mindset, transformed my heartset and generally influenced my life exponentially.

I want the same results for you. Period.

And so, with deep care and the highest of focus, I recorded a new Mastery Session where I literally deconstruct my personal practice of journaling in to 7 compelling reasons to start today.

Hope this helps you rise to your best and lead your field. I’ve got your back. Let’s fuel your greatness.


The 5 Mentalities of Mastery  

Seriously rich and robust stream of ideas, insights and implementation strategies that have taken me--oh, about 20 years to discover--in today's Mastery Session.

Sure you've got a lot to do today. Got it. But just roll with me and watch this episode if you want to discover The 5 Mentalities of Mastery that the geniuses, business superstars and ultra-effectlive people run quietly through their minds.

With a ton of encouragement, here you go:

In this high-content session, you'll learn:

--The Lunchbox Mentality (and how it will make you unbeatable in your field)

--The phenomenon I call "The Collective De-Professionalization of Business" and how you can leverage it to your advantage today

--Potent ways to release your past so you can produce your brilliant future

--The peak belief of exceptional entrepreneurs (that also just happens to be the antidote to scarcity in your life)

And definitely share it with your team + friends so we spread the value to as many people as possible.

With love + respect for your highest ambitions + greatest talents,


How Titans Beat Irrelevance  

--did you hear the story about how business icon Sam Walton got thrown into jail for pursuing innovation?

--interested in learning the #1 way great companies absolutely own their industries?

--want to know the dangers of "Mediocrity Creep" and how it destroys most businesses, over time?

If so, carve out 8 minutes and listen to this Mastery Session that I carefully made based on one of the models I teach at my annual flagship event The Titan Summit that has helped past attendees build their fortunes and scale world-class enterprises.

Hope all this free training I work so hard to make so valuable is helping you do epic things with your greatest days.



How To Add 100 Years To Your Life  

Learning from the giants injects their knowledge into your brain.

Associating with massively intelligent people and uncommonly successful performers, through their books and other content, infuses all they've understood into your days.

What I'm suggesting to you is that you can add 100 years of greatness/wisdom/value and insight into the rest ‎of your life by installing what I call "The Daily 60 Minute Student Habit" onto your schedule.

I recorded this Mastery Session to walk you through my latest thinking on the power of curiosity as a way to winning.

Remember: Education is inoculation against disruption. And as you know more you can produce better.

Be great. Stay strong. Reach for genius.



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