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Hosted by RW Editor-in-Chief David Willey, this podcast brings listeners inside the runner’s world. The weekly mix includes stories of ordinary athletes doing extraordinary things, exclusive interviews with notable names in the sport, the latest from the experts on training, gear, injury prevention, and nutrition, and what’s happening behind the scenes at Runner’s World.


Quick Update: A Short Breather  

Hey listeners, we're taking a short break this week. We'll be back on June 30 as a part of the Panoply network, and we'll explore the connection between running and being a professional NASCAR driver. You won't want to miss it.

Episode 11: An Icon Talks Fear  

On this week’s Runner’s World Show, Editor-in-Chief David Willey talks with Amby Burfoot about his start in running, being tailed by rival Bill Clark before Burfoot’s 1968 Boston Marathon win, and the race that means the most to him today. (3:10) After a bad marathon, executive editor Tish Hamilton came on the show a month ago to announce to the universe she is backing off her running routine this summer. We catch up with her to see how things are going as she tries to morph into a cyclist. (22:50) On the Kick, we talk about a disputed trans-America run, a hotly-anticipated marathon debut, and an emoji you might like. (34:20)

Episode 10: Air Force Tested  

On this week’s Runner’s World Show, staffers Robert Reese and Christine Fennessy head to the Pentagon to take the Air Force Physical Fitness Test. The unusual opportunity provides them some surprising insight into their individual fitness regimes. (1:15)In the Kick, editor Sarah Lorge Butler and reporter Kit Fox talk about a super fast dog, a record treadmill run, a canceled race in Vermont, and a reunion of the Friday Night Lights crew. (25:10)

Episode 9: Running With Dogs  

The Dog Trotters program at Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania, pairs high-energy canines with runners to help them get adopted. Editor Christine Fennessy goes for a run with program coordinator, Adria Eichner, a Dalmatian mix named Ace, and a Pit Bull mix named Dillon to learn why this program is such a great idea for animals and humans, and to get some tips on running with our best buddies. Scott Jurek, the vegan ultrarunner superstar, talks plants, tough days on the Appalachian Trail, and his next big adventure with Nutrition Editor Heather Mayer Irvine. We close the show a bit differently this week. In honor of National Running Day, which was June 1, we share a few of the stories we collected from runners at our mobile recording booth at the Boston Marathon Expo.

Episode 8 - Running in China  

In this week's episode, Editor-in-Chief David Willey talks with Executive Editor Tish Hamilton about his recent trip to China, and how the country's running culture mirrors our own. In the Kick, we talk about the black market for running bibs, a new FDA warning that runners should heed, and what makes Desi Linden such a fun marathoner to watch.

Episode 7: Master the Mental Game  

On this week’s show, elite marathoner and three-time Olympian Deena Kastor shares what may be the most critical element to her success: her mental game. (1:30) Tish Hamilton, our Executive Editor, runs to live; this summer, she's going to see if she can live with running less, and doing other sports more. (18:15) In the Kick, we discuss elite runner Alexi Pappas’s productive month, the new spin on the beer mile that will make your stomach turn, and tips for a great overnight relay race. (30:20)

Episode 6: Big Inspiration  

On this week's episode, Runner’s World writer-at-large Charlie Butler catches up with Juli Windsor and John Young, the little people marathoners he first featured in the story, “Big,” in our April 2014 issue. (1:00) Shoe and gear editor Jeff Dengate finds a staff member with nearly zero shoe sense and takes him for his first proper fitting at our local running store. (18:37) In the Kick, we talk about selling flesh for ads, paying it forward in Boston, and Nike co-founder Phil Knight’s memoir, Shoe Dog. (30:35) Episode Credits: The Runner’s World Show is hosted by Editor-in-Chief David Willey. The podcast is produced by Sylvia Ryerson, Christine Fennessy, and Brian Dalek. Our theme music is “So I Run” by Thunderhoof. Interviews on the podcast have been edited for length and clarity. Got a story idea for the show? Send it to

Episode 5: The Life of Bart  

On this week's show, we hear from our Chief Running Officer, Bart Yasso. Otherwise known as the Mayor of Running, Bart talks about his crazy travel schedule, the disease that changed his life, and what he means when he says, “Never limit where running can take you.” (1:00) Editor Katie Neitz quizzes some of our staffers on how likely they are to get injured (you will be surprised), and the steps runners can take to avoid getting hurt down the road. (17:05) In the Kick, we gush over crazy fast old people and super stud high schoolers, reveal a few new races that'll help you BQ, and discuss the (wow) physical transformation of recently retired elite marathoner Ryan Hall. (30:00)

Episode 4: The Motivating Power of November Project  

We head out to Brookline, Massachusetts, for a Friday morning November Project workout along with 250 or so of the closest friends you never knew you had. Editors Katie Neitz and Brian Dalek explain why all that suffering and support is so darn good for you. (1:25) Editor-in-Chief David Willey talks with Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, cofounders of November Project, about their free, weather-be-damned, heavy-on-the-hugs fitness movement and their new book. (9:00) The Kick wraps up the London Marathon, from the overall winners to some of our favorite costumed runners, a freaky fast old guy, and a race call for the ages. (33:00)

Episode 3: Why You Should Set Some Crazy Running Goals  

On this week's episode, David Willey talks with Dave McGillivray, race director of the Boston Marathon, about his amazing running life. (1:00) Training and Races Editor Meghan Kita recounts her story of overcoming fatigue by going for a Guinness World Record while dressed as a hot dog. (18:40) The Kick wraps up the 120th Boston Marathon, from the overall winners to the notable finishers. (29:50)

Episode 2: Pioneers, Innovators, and Performers  

Roberta Gibb was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, and this year’s event marks the 50th anniversary of her historic achievement. We talk to Gibb and to RW contributing editor Amby Burfoot, who wrote about pioneering women runners in his recent book, First Ladies of Running. (00:42) On a lunch run, we test out unusual shoes and discuss what people should consider when purchasing new kicks. (18:07) We meet Joseph Tame, a British ex-pat living in Japan, who may just be the most connected runner in the history of the Tokyo Marathon. (23:43) The Kick leaves you with some of the most interesting news of the week. (36:45)

Episode 1:  Ryan and Sara Hall's Busy Lives, Obsession with the Sky  

This week, Runner’s World Site Director Chris Kraft explains his obsession with the sky, and the unusual stuff he sees up there during his (very) early morning runs. (1:00) Nutrition Editor Heather Mayer Irvine gives the lowdown on midrun fuel. (10:10) We talk with elite running couple Ryan and Sara Hall about adopting four sisters from Ethiopia and their new lives after Ryan's recent retirement. (17:40) The Kick wraps up the week’s most interesting (read: highly unusual) running news so you can wow your running buddies. (30:45)

The Runner’s World Show Preview  

Welcome to our first podcast. Hosted by RW Editor-in-Chief David Willey, The Runner's World Show brings listeners inside the runner’s world. The weekly mix includes stories of ordinary athletes doing extraordinary things, exclusive interviews with notable names in the sport, the latest from the experts on training, gear, injury prevention, and nutrition, and what’s happening behind the scenes at Runner’s World. Subscribe now.

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