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Doc and Lono wax philosophical on stuff like video games, beer, stupid people, and trying to appear to be responsible parents.


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Episode 20

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Episode 18

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S7 E12 - Respawn Radio Dark Souls 2 Chat Continues  

Doc is away this week. Sitting in is the irrepressable 8BitBass, the godfather of 30 second chip tune intro songs! We talk about his Glomtom and of course we disucss Dark Souls 2!

This time we heavily focus on adaptability, covenants, PVP and Dark Souls 2 regrets!

S7 Ep. 11 Beating Up On Dumb People On Twitter  

Doc and Lono are back in rare form as they discuss game like Strike Suite Infinity Zero Director's Cut for PS4, Donald Sterling flubs by former Community Managers, and discuss the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare!

S7 E10 - OMG FTL FTW!  

In what can only be described as the Doc's worst opening joke in history, we managed to steer the boat back on course to get in some good gaming discussion, and to congratulate our latest Extra Life Diamond Supporter with a minute all to him.  Thank you Scott!

S7 Ep.9 - Aids, Aides and Aiding Doc's Gaming  

We're back with another Episode, as we discuss upcoming games Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Titanfall on 360, Console gaming and Doc's obsession with beating Lono's scores on old games. 


April Fools  

Doc and Lono are back to discuss the new Head of Xbox, internet April Fools jokes, MORE DARK SOULS 2, games, games and more games!


Plus an expanded HEADLINES! 

S7 E7 - Kickstarter For 8Bit's Second Son AND MORE DARK SOULS 2!!!  

This week, 8BitBass himself sits in for Doc to discuss the Occulus Kickstarter fiasco, Infamous Second Son and of course Dark Souls 2. 


S7 Ep.6 -- Keith Hicks Banished Us Into Titanfall's Dead Soul  

We're back waaaaaaay too soon to talk about video games and stuff. Banished, Dark Souls 2, Titanfall's "campaign" and more! 


If you are seeing this, you're subscribed to the wrong podcast feed, and this one will be going away at some point.

S7 Ep 4 -- AmishFall  

Doc is back and we blow it out this episode. We talk, TitanFall, Battlefield 4, Plants v. Zombies Garden Warfare, iOS games, news and so much more....



S7 Ep.3 -- 8Bit Bass Comes Out Of The Closet To Love The Wii U  

8 Bit Bass sits in for Doc this week and brings the gaming goodness! We talk about a bunch of games, the Wii U, Lego Marvel Superheroes and a whole lot more!!! 

S7 - Ep. 2 - Shirtless Vladimir Putin's Candy Crush  

We're back, late, yes we know, but we hope this offering of high comedy and intense verbal foreplay will get you into our good graces again! Enjoy our latest discussions on Candy Crush's trademarking, giant Dead Rising patches and insidious Xbox One advertisng.  


SG Podcast:  S7-E1  

A new year, a new show, and a new numbering system!  Join us as we look back on the year that was, and discuss the latest headlines to emerge from the game-o-sphere!

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