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The Science Show - Separate stories podcast


The Science Show separate stories podcast makes it easy to find your favourite stories each week. Your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery, The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio.


Despite earlier concern, Torres Strait dugongs no longer under threat  

Tagging and new methods of detection have revealed a more resilient dugong population.

Concern on sharp decline of dwarf minke whale sightings  

The Minke Whale Project records observations from the public. Recent sightings of dwarf minke whales are down.

Building products and procedures tested for cyclonic conditions  

The Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville tests building products in a shed for simulation of wind driven debris, and a wind tunnel.

Chance cyclone saved southern GBR from 2016 bleaching  

In February 2016 Cyclone Winston saved the southern Great Barrier Reef from severe bleaching due to extreme water temperatures. The intense rainfall helped cool ocean waters.

Social and cultural influences of antibiotic consumption and resistance  

Carlyn Harris suggests ways to reduce the abuse of antibiotics, a major contributor to the build up of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Kids book goes inside the crow’s smart bird brain  

Pamela Turner has written a book for middle age readers, children between 9 and 12, about crows and their amazing intelligence and abilities.

Gene for teeth used to track ancient human populations  

A region between Alaska and Siberia was favourable for expression of the EDAR gene, and populations selected for it. These populations then spread to the Americas and to north east Asia.

Should we be worried about CRISPR gene editing?  

Microbiologist Merlin Crossley looks at the pros and cons.

Stripping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere  

 A resin absorbs carbon dioxide when dry, releasing it when wet.

Mission to observe Arctic climate from 2019  

The Arctic is a warming hotspot, showing the fastest warming of any area on Earth, way faster than predicted.

Two-thirds of northern Great Barrier Reef coral killed by intense heat  

Corals as old as 100 years have been killed.  Bleaching occurred in 1998, 2004 and 2016. Bleaching events are increasing in frequency. Recovery periods for corals are becoming shorter.

The immunological effects of caesarean sections on newborns in Sao Paulo Brazil  

It is thought lower levels of key blood components following caesarean births may affect babies’ health later in their childhood with conditions including asthma.

Placenta could offer clues about cancer genes  

Viral DNA is controlled in the placenta, but out of control in cancer. Understanding the mechanism may assist in developing therapies for cancer.

Big early vocab helps children learn to read  

Children’s vocabulary flows on to their readiness to learn to read when in their first years of school. Talk with me baby, encourages parents to talk often to their babies.

Babies’ early vocabulary:  Look at the…  

Interaction between babies and their parents is vital to how babies learn how to talk and learn language.  The early vocabulary is full of living things, particularly animals.

Adopted babies can retain birth language memory which helps in language re-learning  

Language learning in the first months of life can be subconsciously retained even when no conscious knowledge of the early experience remains.

After being severed, nerves retain memory of the functions they once controlled  

Rather than sit or lie in bed after an accident, patients need to stimulate their nerves, gradually increasing stimulatory information.

Ohio junior takes up the fight in treating cystic fibrosis  

Sukhmani is exploring the use of cord tissue and stem cells from the placenta for their potential anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight infection and inflammation in lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

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