The Science Show - Separate stories podcast

The Science Show - Separate stories podcast


The Science Show separate stories podcast makes it easy to find your favourite stories each week. Your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery, The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio.


On the trail of those on the trail of Bigfoot  

A single sighting isn’t enough. Is there any physical evidence? Are there good photos? Is there an independent sighting? Watch out reporters of unusual animals! Rhys Jones is on your trail!

New approach to avoid pre-term births  

Pharmacology and bioengineering are being used for a new treatment which hopes to save some of the 10,000 deaths each year of pre-term babies in the UK.

British Science Association reaches out to girls and women  

The British Science Association wants everyone to think of science more as they do sport or music, that is as essential to their lives.

Keeping the wheels on in orchestra rehearsal  

The Syncphonia app allows players to stay with the beat. Students feel more capable and encouraged.

Want to share your genome?  

The Personal Genome Project UK invites people to share their genomes for the public good.

Self-examination swab allows DNA collection after rape  

Hundreds of thousands of women have been raped as part of conflicts in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and elsewhere. Now a self-examination swab allows women to collect DNA evidence to a standard accepted by courts.

Understanding UK riots  

The shooting of Mark Duggan in August 2011 in Tottenham England sparked riots which saw buildings burned and police attacked. John Drury is trying to understand why the riots spread to other cities.

Science not under siege  

Despite the headlines, about 50% of people from both faith and non-faith groups say science is important to their daily lives. Fern Elsdon-Baker says science is not under siege.

Richard Dawkins back writing following stroke  

A stroke in February 2016 has left him with a croaky voice and some mis-hits as he types. But that hasn’t stopped him. The ideas continue to flow and Richard Dawkins is back writing.

Homeward Bound aims to boost women in science  

Their mission is to increase female voices in science and decision making around the future of our world. The leadership program will be held on board a ship in the waters of Antarctica in February 2018.

The Arctic - big changes, super-fast  

The changes in summer ice cover are seeing loss of wildlife, and new claims for territory and resources.

New battery technology reduces recharge time  

Rather than hours, the C-ion cell recharges in just minutes.

Hydrogel retina first step in relief from macular degeneration  

A PhD candidate at Oxford University, Vanessa Restrepo-Schild has led a team producing a new synthetic, double-layered retina which closely mimics the natural human retinal process.

Staying Connected - A Privacy Crisis  

From Brisbane’s World Science Festival a discussion considering the threats posed by our online lives and the digital trails we leave behind.

The path to zero carbon energy  

The Earth has warmed by 1 degree. 2 degrees will bring with it awful consequences. Are we on track for getting the rise under control? Join Robyn Williams and a panel of energy experts at Brisbane’s World Science Festival.

Real-life tale mirrors le Carré novel  

Peter Underwood tells the story of a health reformer gunned down after decades campaigning on behalf of people in a developing country who are poor, powerless and needy.

Career advice for early and mid-career scientists  

Most people tread the familiar path in their careers. One scientist took a different route. Bernd Eggenberger describes his chequered career to Robyn Williams.

Ode to the typewriter  

William Zappa reads Les Murray’s poem ‘The Privacy of Typewriters’.

*!*!*!*!* 42 *!*!*!*!*  

Paul Davies shares his love of 4 and 2 and 42 (he doesn’t care much for 3).

Harry Diculus does it with feeling  

Professor Harry Diculus chats with Robyn Williams about the role of feelings in scientific work. Professor Diculus is mentored by Rodney Marks.

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