The Science Show - Separate stories podcast

The Science Show - Separate stories podcast


The Science Show separate stories podcast makes it easy to find your favourite stories each week. Your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery, The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio.


The threat to science and science integrity  

The 2018 budget proposed by President Trump for institutions of scientific research sees crippling and severe cuts. Scientists gathered in Boston in February to discuss the best response and how they might defend science and scientific integrity in the age of President Trump.

Working through the Drake equation with Cosmic Vertigo  

Amanda Bauer and Alan Duffy, presenters of RN’s new astronomy podcast Cosmic Vertigo run with a few assumptions, and plug in the numbers in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

CRISPR gene editing adapted from bacteria  

Fundamental research and copying basic cell processes has led to a revolution in gene editing.

Soil carbon 'a saviour' in locking up carbon  

Robin Batterham says soils offer huge potential as a carbon sink.

Australia’s human history older than thought  

A revolution in understanding is underway: of genetics, dating, and analysis of human behaviour. The Science Show brings it all together and traces the history of the first Australians.

Jared Diamond links the internet age with decline of political compromise  

It holds up progress at a time when big decisions need to be made to fix urgent problems. Jared Diamond suggests communication in the internet age may explain the decline of political compromise.

Science Friction introduces young nuclear physicist  

In 2008 when he was just fourteen years old, American teenager Taylor Wilson constructed a nuclear fusion reactor in his family garage in Reno Nevada and achieved a fusion reaction.

Legislative and social hurdles ahead before new genetics assists with conservation  

Phil Seddon argues that despite some wins, the big picture conservation battle is being lost.

New Zealand fur seals recovering, sea lions under threat  

Slow breeding sea lions may be extinct in 50 years if fishing practices do not change.

Chinese missions to study lunar dust  

Lunar dust which clogs machinery and pierces space suits was almost ignored by Apollo missions. Now dust is a top priority for Chinese lunar robotic missions.

Giving plants a leg up in their fight against viruses  

RNA delivered in a clay suspension helps plants with their self-defence.

Young kids lap up molecular structure and the periodic table  

Ian Stewart teaches young children about atoms, molecules and the periodic table in prep and early primary school.

Rebecca Richards: Australia’s first Indigenous Rhodes Scholar  

Rebecca is an early career researcher at the South Australian Museum investigating the best use of the museum’s materials showing the history of Aboriginal people.

Head-on collision gives rise to our moon  

It was thought our moon was formed by a side-swipe. New evidence suggests was it a head-on smash.

Gearing up for next stage for Lisa Pathfinder mission  

The was much excitement when gravitational waves were detected by the LIGO observatories in 2016. The next challenge is detecting the waves in space.

Searching for neutrinos  

Malcolm Fairbairn describes some of the experiments under way to detect neutrinos. Neutrinos might be used to detect conditions at the core of the Sun, as well as bodies and events beyond the Solar System.

Moon myths, asteroids and Mercury’s molten core  

Despite being the closest planet to the sun and its molten core taking up more than 80% of the planet, Mercury’s polar regions support some of the coldest places in the Solar System.

The immigrant who changed the world  

As some countries, notably the United States begin to restrict the movement of people from certain countries, it is timely to reflect on some notable contributions to immigrant nations in the past.

Despite earlier concern, Torres Strait dugongs no longer under threat  

Tagging and new methods of detection have revealed a more resilient dugong population.

Concern on sharp decline of dwarf minke whale sightings  

The Minke Whale Project records observations from the public. Recent sightings of dwarf minke whales are down.

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