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The SCUMBAG is a podcast by PR idiot Ed Zitron and Special Forces Operative/Writer Felix Biederman about the strange, the awful, the weird, the niche and the downright horrifying of the internet.



This wonderful election has made everyone an amateur political analyst, including the ones paid to do so professionally. Ed and Felix dig into the endless banal tweets about Trump, the oddities of the left's bizarre Twitter habits, and tweetstorms of things people already know.

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 11: Everyone's A Comedian Online, Ft. CJ Lemerise  

This episode, Felix, Ed and returning guest CJ Lemerise discuss how social media turns everyone, regardless of industry, into some sort of weird comedian. [I'm a Dolphin for This Podcast]

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 10: Relationships and Comments Ft. Ilan Zechory of  

The Scumbag is back after a brief hiatus. Felix and Ed delve into the seedy world of relationships both romantic and otherwise online. Dating sucks, and the online has made it even worse. Also, Felix, Ed and special guest Ilan Zechory, co-founder of, sit down to talk about the platform, internet forums and Felix's unfortunate accident with his groin.

The SCUMBAG Podcast: Episode 9 - Become Successful By Getting Punched In The Face  

In Episode 9, Felix and Ed fall down the rabbit hole of the success men of the internet such as Dan Bilzerian, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez and anyone who portrays the "winning" lifestyle to separate you from your dollars. And how DJ Khaled may have taken Silicon Valley for their money. Links of note: Gary Vaynerchuk's Instagram - "I Don't Need Air Conditoning - And Neither Do You" - Business: Is Tai Lopez A Scam? - "I am built to get punched in the mouth. I'll spit my front tooth out, look right back at you and be like - "What now bitch?"" - Gary Vaynerchuk -

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 8: We Fixed Plagiarism  

This week, Felix, Ed and guest star Mike Fossey have fixed plagiarism, and we are now a podcast entirely dedicated to the Suicide Squad, the greatest movie of all time.

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 7: The 5% Lifestyle of Rich Piana, Dan Quinn and DemoniusX  

In an episode guest starring CJ Lemerise, Felix and Ed discuss some of the finest work of the internet's weirdest people, such as Rich Piana, Dan Quinn and DemoniusX. Ed Shit of the Week - CJ's Shit of the Week: The content: Rich Piana's work: Demoniusx's work: First first video. His response to trolls. Demonius' Return. Dan Quinn's work: His first video. A Sunday Drive With Mom (go to 6:08) (explanation of his life) (Dan bends reality, trains with UFC fighter about to fight for the title)

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 6: An Open Letter To The People Who Write Open Letters  

Oversharing has become the economy of the internet. Bad upbringing? Let us know. Good upbringing? Goodness, please, let us know. Ed and Felix this week dig into the various bad and good ways people overshare, how women have been forced into an expected oversharing economy, and how 99% of open letters are total nonsense. Featured Reading: Mother Jones - My four months as a private prison guard. Talia Jane - A Letter To My CEO - An Open Letter To James Altucher - BuzzFeed - The Man Behind @ComfortablySmug - BuzzFeed - What I Learned From Wearing Makeup For A Week - Arthur Chu Watches Gay Porn - Newsweek Interviewed Ed - Huffington Post - I’m An Introvert. This Is What Living Out Loud Means To Me.

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 5: We're Not Mad, In Fact This Is Funny To Us  

In this episode, Felix and Ed dig into the madness of being mad online. From the beautiful Kurt Schlichter, to passive aggressive columnists, to those who just go totally batshit, enjoy a slightly longer than usual episode where neither of your hosts gets mad. Mentioned Articles: How ISIS Became The World's Deadliest Tech Startup -

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 4: Media Professionals, Internet Jokemen And ISIS, What's A Brexit  

This week the two guys that you're already listening to discuss the power of #social #media #experts, their routine mistakes, one PARTICULARLY bad mistake, the war between the internet jokemen and their possible but not remotely confirmed or researched connections to known terror groups, and which inflight magazines Ed reads. Also, what's a Brexit, and why should you care? Felix also performs a good deed. Congratulations Felix. Links mentioned: - Gary Vaynerchuk Apologizes for Cannes Party Invite Seeking 'Attractive Females Only'

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 3: Tragedy, Hot Takes and Emoji  

Ed and Felix are back to discuss the internet's reaction to tragedy, to death, to the terrible world we live in; by using social media to find their own personal take on the story. Hear Ed lose his temper about Emoji, Emojis, or whatever their plural is. Hear Felix talk about his budding relationship with Zoe Deschanel. Hear them both have a worryingly intelligent discussion about the way in which people discuss tragedy on Twitter, Facebook and other places. Welcome to the third episode of The Scumbag, where dreams never come true, and we're sorry. Featured links: [Annotated] Ian Bogost - I'm Retweeting Her AdWeek - Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Target Users Who Tweet Emojis:

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 2: Folks, Listen. No Jokes Today.  

On this week's podcast, Felix and Ed discuss the important issue of the important issues; when those despite their ability to discuss anything discuss everything, regardless of what knowledge they have on the subject. Tweetstorms, celebrity pieces on current events and basically anyone who should be shutting up on a subject. The internet's favorite game, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, is pontificating pointlessly about subjects that are important in the news and then accusing random parties as best they can. We also delve into the gun debate, and why it's so polarized, confusing and unproductive. Thank you Sweeties. Share with your friends, subscribe on iTunes, download and follow @ScumbagPodcast on Twitter. Mentioned Links: The Foldimate Laundry Machine: Marco Cooper: Gun Control Is A Misfire "The Brawler" - The Ringer on Kimbo Slice -

The SCUMBAG Podcast Episode 1: The Horny Men of the Internet  

Men have been horny for their entire existence, but thanks to the internet they have been allowed to take a new form. A weirder, hornier form. From the internet of sweeties to Jokemen With Intent, join Felix Biederman and Ed Zitron on their first jaunt into the hell of the internet. This is Scumbag.

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