The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll Show) w/ B

The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll Show) w/ B

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The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll) is a one hour weekly podcast featuring comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio host Ralph Sutton. Each week they interview Porn Stars, Rock Stars, and more. Big Jay Oakerson has been on the stand up circuit for over a decade. Has had his own comedy special on comedy central, was the opening act for Korn on the Rockstar Energy Tour as well as many various TV shows and comedy tours. Ralph Sutton has been the host of a nationally syndicated rock radio show for over a decade, has been a VJ on VH1-Classic as well as the host on various tv shows as well as of Shiprocked, M3 Rock Festival, and the Sturgis Motorcycle rally.


Sherrod Small, Justin Silver, Alana Luv & Kelli Provocateur (Comedians & Porn Stars) - Great American Batch Off  

Comedians Sherrod Small and Justin Silver join porn stars Alana Luv and Kelli Provocateur along with Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton this week!  Things go off the rails quickly when Ralph's mom calls in to square away any disbelief that Ralph was wanted by the FBI in his teenage years then after being baited by Jay she jumps right in to share her opinions on Ralph's dating choices!  The show continues with Jay telling a story about Patrice O'Neal's fight and attending UFC 208 and then the Great American Batch Off gets under way...listen to find out who wins!  

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Ron Bennington (Comedian & Broadcaster) - Professor Jay  

Ron Bennington, legendary broadcaster and comedian, joins Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton this week to discuss how the Ron & Fez Show began and how Ron got in to comedy, Ralph creating break dance moves, Jay doesn't believe that Ralph was in trouble with the FBI, interviewing methods, what happened in Ralph's apartment again while he was away, how comedians are with their kids, Jay's daughter getting in to comedy, Ron's firsts and so much more!

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Lloyd Kaufman, Catherine Corcoran, Zac Amico, Jayden Cole (Co-Founder of Troma, Troma Girl, Troma Actor & Porn Star) - Ralph Lives Matter  

There's a full house this week with the iconic Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma Entertainment along with Troma Girl, Catherine Corcoran, comedian and Troma Actor, Zac Amico and porn star Jayden Cole!  The crew discusses the break up letter that Ralph received from Sam, crystals and healing, celebrities charging for autographs, how Lloyd films his movies (including having the whole cast live together), Jayden schools Ralph on not being too agressive, everyone's firsts and so much more!

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London Keyes (Porn Star) - Pick A Coaster  

Ralph and Jay are back from Shiprocked this week with special guest, porn star London Keyes and things fly off the rails.  The guys recap their time on the boat, Ralph talks about his cruise break up, what happened to his apartment when he was out of town, then London offers Ralph a bj in exchange for being able to smoke in the studio (listen to find out what happens) and so much more!

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Sovereign Syre (Porn Star & Comedian) - Men Don't Live Here  

Ralph and Big Jay are away on the Shiprocked Cruise this week so we're releasing this special lost episode!  Special guest, porn star and comedian Sovereign Syre, joins Ralph and Luis J. Gomez (in for Big Jay) to discuss her transition from girl/girl to boy/girl sex scenes, first experiences at strip clubs, how much money it would take to give up on their passions, Trump vs. Hilary and plenty more! 

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Gene Simmons (Musician) - Kiss-ino  

Lead singer of KISS and Rock God, Gene Simmons joins Ralph and Zac Amico (sitting in for Jay) in studio this week for an episode that is instantly a classic!  Ralph admits to an embarrassing story having to do with Gene, Gene and Zac have a Michael Jackson joke battle, everyone admits the longest they've ever gone without sex, and plenty more funny and shocking stories are shared.  The guys also get serious and discuss the current state and future of music, Gene's new resort and casino - Rock and Brews, the success of KISS, Gene's firsts and so much more!

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Michael Che (Comedian) - Not Into It  

Comedian Michael Che from SNL joins Big Jay and Ralph this week as they discuss some of the sexual hijinks that normally go on during the show (Michael feels gypped), how Michael comfortably goes by his last name which some celebrities aren't able to do, masturbating to porn vs. thoughts, some behind the scenes SNL stories, of course our guest's "firsts" and so much more!

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Dave Smith & Christine Evans (Comedian & Jay's Bitch) - Waterfalls  

Jay and Ralph meet for a slightly shorter episode this week as Ralph's voice recovers and are joined by Comedian Dave Smith and Jay's girlfriend, Christine Evans.  They discuss how old is too old to have a baby; play f**k, marry, kill, life in jail; are real boobs better than fake boobs; the firsts of the ladies of GaS Digital and so much more!

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Monroe Martin & Dave Smith (Comedians) - Black Guys Who Wear Sweaters  

Ralph is convalescing after throat surgery so the Legion Of Skanks storm the studio! Joining them is comedian, Monroe Martin. He tells us about growing up in the foster care system, the boys ask some ignorant questions about being black, they reminisce about Game Boys, do a spot on Pink Floyd cover, and more!

Stitched Up Heart (Band) - Violent Throat F@&k  

The band Stitched Up Heart sits in with Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton to discuss latest album "Never Alone", a recap of what happened behind the scenes after last week's show with Porn Star Portia Ravani, Big Jay's LOS birthday party and his surprise gift, along with the band's firsts and plenty more!

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Portia Ravani & Randi Newton (Porn Star & Observer Columnist) - Jungle Fever Poop Hands  

This week the guys welcome Porn Star Portia Ravani and Observer Columnist Randi Newton and talk about the GaS Digital Holiday Party, rough sex, safe words, the controversy surrounding Randi's career, fan suggestions and so much more!

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Ben Bailey (Comedian) - Merry Christmas John!  

This week comedian and the host of Ben Bailey joins us to share stories about what it's like to be a TV host, as well as the difficulties of fighting physical temptations with women on the road. You might have never seen Ben Bailey in this light before, check out this episode to see what he's like when he's NOT behind the wheel. We also say a farewell to our producer Aaron Zarabi as he goes off to Iceland! Follow him @aaronzarabi as well as @vapewild for some SDR exclusive discounts!


Sherrod Small & Natassia Dreams (Comedian & Trans Adult Model) - Grab, Let It Go, Slap  

This week the guys learn what it means to Grab, Let It Go, and Slap! Joined by comedian and host of Race Wars Sherrod Small and Trans Adult Model Natassia Dreams things get crazy real quick. There's not much to say other than this episode is big, black, uncensored, and uncut! Go to to watch the video, and get access to even more bonus footage.



Moe Johnson & Alana Luv (Pornstars) - Balls Deep  

This episode really puts the Sex is SDR, not only did we have AVN Nominee 2016 Hottest Milf Alana Luv but we also had Moe Johnson aka Moe The Monster. We talk, obviously, about big dick questions, but we also touch on the other sides of the life of a pornstar - like how Alana's butthole looks like after being with Moe. This episode gets deep, balls deep.

Big Jay & Ralph Catch Up (Just The Hosts) - Halloween Chatter  

Since the boys usually tape on Halloween - they decided to pre-tape this week - and give you an edited SDR just to deliver some fresh content... Smell that???  It's fresh content.

Bert Kreischer & Commonwealth (Comedian & Band) - She Climbed A Ladder To Suck A Dick  

Comedian Bert Kreischer and Metal Band Commonwealth join the show this week to talk stories about Gene Simmons, failed sexual experiences, and face numbing cocaine habits. There isn't a dull moment on this extended episode. 

Jason Itzler (Former Pimp) - Toes In Your Asshole  

This week, former pimp & ex-con, Jason Itzler joins the show, as well as a very lovely houseguest of Ralph, who is out sick. Luis J. Gomez joins Jay, as Ralph's fill-in, and the boys have a very interesting conversation about the pimp game & life in prison.

Black Pussy (Band)-Grab Em By The Pussy  

This week the guys from Black Pussy come in to talk about the controversy behind their name, the crew's love for the 70's, replacement singers.  Google "Black Pussy Band" and enjoy the social justice warrior nonsense.

Kendra Sunderland - BLACKED pornstar and the internet "library girl" phenomenon Kendra Sunderland joins the show this week and talks about getting BLACKED and shows her not so hairy butthole. The guys play Cash or Cans and try to guess whether people on the street would choose $5 or the chance to grab porn star Natalia Starr's breasts!

Rob Mallioux & Mike Vecchione (Comedians) - Fuck Your Dreams  

This week we have two comedians, Mike Vecchione and Rob Mailloux as guests on the show to shoot the shit with the guys. Big Jay and Mike reminisce about their gigs at the Insane Clown Posse festivals and catch up on what to expect at this years Ship Rocked Cruise.

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