The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll Show) w/ B

The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll Show) w/ B

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The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll) is a one hour weekly podcast featuring comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio host Ralph Sutton. Each week they interview Porn Stars, Rock Stars, and more. Big Jay Oakerson has been on the stand up circuit for over a decade. Has had his own comedy special on comedy central, was the opening act for Korn on the Rockstar Energy Tour as well as many various TV shows and comedy tours. Ralph Sutton has been the host of a nationally syndicated rock radio show for over a decade, has been a VJ on VH1-Classic as well as the host on various tv shows as well as of Shiprocked, M3 Rock Festival, and the Sturgis Motorcycle rally.


Jason Itzler (Former Pimp) - Toes In Your Asshole  

This week, former pimp & ex-con, Jason Itzler joins the show, as well as a very lovely houseguest of Ralph, who is out sick. Luis J. Gomez joins Jay, as Ralph's fill-in, and the boys have a very interesting conversation about the pimp game & life in prison.

Black Pussy (Band)-Grab Em By The Pussy  

This week the guys from Black Pussy come in to talk about the controversy behind their name, the crew's love for the 70's, replacement singers.  Google "Black Pussy Band" and enjoy the social justice warrior nonsense.

Kendra Sunderland - BLACKED pornstar and the internet "library girl" phenomenon Kendra Sunderland joins the show this week and talks about getting BLACKED and shows her not so hairy butthole. The guys play Cash or Cans and try to guess whether people on the street would choose $5 or the chance to grab porn star Natalia Starr's breasts!

Rob Mallioux & Mike Vecchione (Comedians) - Fuck Your Dreams  

This week we have two comedians, Mike Vecchione and Rob Mailloux as guests on the show to shoot the shit with the guys. Big Jay and Mike reminisce about their gigs at the Insane Clown Posse festivals and catch up on what to expect at this years Ship Rocked Cruise.

Lainie Speiser (Adult Entertainment Publicist) - Pornapalooza  

This week Lainie Speiser joins the show and fills the guys in on some details about her Bachelorette Party, the Pornapalooza! It's going to be an over the top, fully nude event that is sure to be one for the books. Ralph and Big Jay discuss their thoughts on the smoke and mirrors behind shooting eggs out of a vagina, and why golf balls might be more realistic. Check it out!

The Best Of  

For Labor Day we're setting it off with a "Best Of" compilation of the druggiest, the sexiest, and the most Rock 'N' Roll segments of The SDR Show! Stick it through 'til the end, it only gets better.

Annie Lederman, Zoe Hansen, Lydia Lunch - Pedestrian Bitches  

This week three women tag team Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton on topics such as prostitution, drug abuse, and "being more than your cunt." This week get's a little crazy. Lydia Lunch gets rowdy and pushes the guys patience to the limit. It's a must watch.

Loretta Vendetta (Burlesque Performer) - Anal Awareness  

This week Loretta Vendetta joins the SDR Show to spread some anal awareness with the guys. Ralph whips out the deformed dildo mold of his penis then Big Jay and Loretta use it to get things a little hot and steamy. An SDR Classic. Thanks to Loretta Vendetta @QueenofAsses and @DallasNovelty for providing the Clone-A-Willy's!

Angela Yee & Kaytlin Bailey (Radio Host & Comedian) - Thanks For The Anal Wipes  

Angela Yee (from The Breakfast Club & her podcast Lip Service) & Comedian Kaytlin Bailey come in to discuss various topics - including Poop on Penises, Anal Wipes, helping Big Jay Oakerson make fun on Ralph's appearance on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and much more.  

Chaunce Hayden (Journalist) - Broke & A Winner  

Chaunce Hayden - famous for not only pissing off Howard Stern, but also involved with a 10 million dollar law suit with Opie of the Opie & Anthony show, comes in to discuss whats' going on with him nowadays.   Plus Big Jay Oakerson finally tells the Sofia story, and Ralph catchs us up with his Dick Tales.  

Dean Delray (comedian) - 3rd Time's The Charm  

Dean Delary - a rock n roll comedian from the west coast - came in to discuss the state of rock, as well as what it's like to start a comedy career at 44.   Plus we recap what happened to Ralph last week, and why he has a young Russian girl locked in his bedroom.   Follow Dean on twitter @deandelray

Mia Vallis (Porn Star) - Ralph Strokes Out  

This is a crazy one, a real humdinger – you kinda have to see it – but audio is a star.   A weird episode indeed.  Adult film actor, Mia Vallis, was in studio today. She got kinda naked and demonstrated a selfie stick vibrator and a bendy straw vibrator. Plus Jay has gout and Ralph was the highest he's ever been. For real, you have to see it to believe it… Thank you to Mia Vallis, Thanks to Dave Smith for steppin up after Ralph had zoned out.   This is a strange one for sure!

Manny Cabo (NBC's The Voice) - Here I Go Again  

Manny Cabo, The Voice (season 9), was our guest today. He did an outstanding performance with his guitarist, Michael Frio. Plus, we told some great stories about Marilyn Manson, competing on The Voice, old days in radio; and we had a singing contest!

Jackie Martling Kelly Provocature (Comic & Nude Model) - How Was It?  

What a fantastic show - true radio legend Jackie The Jokeman Martling came by to swap stories with us - and to spice it up - because this is The SDR Show we added Kelli Provacoture - a nude fitness model.  Both Big Jay & Ralph grew up listening to Howard Stern so this was a real treat for the two of them.   

July 4th BBQ w Dave Attell & More  

This is a short episode, but hey - it was July 4th - and we were drinking at a BBQ with a bunch of people - and still found time to get a new show out!  Basically we set up shop at the middle of the BBQ and just grabbed who was around us to chat for a few minutes.  First we had Aaron Berg, Tim Dillon, Luis J Gomez, and then Dave Attell joins us for about 20 minutes.  A fun quick episode.  Hope you enjoy it!

This was also the first ever 360Show!  A term we are coining.   We did the research, and we believe we are the first podcast to do this.  Every week going forward you can feel like you are sitting in the room with us, and you can find the video on our youtube channel

Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll Jeopardy with Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy  

It's time for everybody's favorite game show!  Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll Jeopardy with consequences.   Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy returns - and we did it live at Skankfest 2016.   We had to switch rooms to a smaller room last minute due to a technical glitch so the place was idiotically crowded and hot as balls!  But the show must go on!  Skankfest was a huge success, and we were thrilled to be part of it.  Dave Smith comes back as Alex Trebec, and we picked someone out of the crowd to be the 3rd contestant.  This was A LOT of fun, and hopefully we will do it again soon (as soon as I can sit back down, as Lydia spanked my ass pretty good!).

Jim Norton & Jaemy Paris (Comedian & Trans Performer) - The BBC  

Comedian Jim Norton and Trans Stripper Jaemy Paris join The SDR Show. In this weeks episode we talk about Jim's love for trans women and Jaemy's experience as a trans stripper in NYC.

Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) -- I Wanna Golf  

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister comes into The SDR Show for a slightly shorter episode, but tells some amazing stories, and is just a great dude.   We really had fun with him.   We get to hear what's going on with Strangeland 2, Twisted farewell shows, and Big Jay Oakerson has a great shit story!    All this and more this week on The SDR Show - and don't forget to follow Dee on twitter @deesnider

Corey Glover & Mistress Betty (Living Colour & Dominatrix) - Hand Poopin'  

On this episode - it got a bit crazy.  Corey Glover came in to even up the guest appearances from Sal Vulcano.  But we had Dominatrix Betty Pickle and things got out of hand.  This is a fun listen, as we were also taping for a reality show as well.   Don't forget to go to to subscribe to watch live, chat, see bonus footage and more!  

Sal Vulcano (Impractical Jokers) - Gettin' Paid  

Sal Vulcano comes in for his 6th or 7th appearance on the show - he is just one awesome dude.  The boys sing some 90s rock Karaoke, they talk about why Ralph is underpaid, and discuss how Impractical Jokers got started.   You can follow Sal on twitter @salvulcano  

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