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The Speaker's Burden - 3.24  

Sean sits down with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, arguably the most qualified person in the world, to share his unique perspective on the challenges Paul Ryan faced today as he struggled to push through the American Healthcare Act.  How did Speaker Ryan perform?  Listen to the breakdown from the man who shares some of the same scars.


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Morning Minute: Just Another Day - 3.24  

Just a day after a crazed attacker terrorized the City of London, the news media is largely silent.  There are those who say that terrorist attacks are the new norm but this is not the way it has to be!  

Islamization of America - 3.23  

Sean warned the audience today that we really need to work hard to prevent the Islamization of America.  There are those who think the terrorist attacks that happened in London are the new norm but Sean doesn't think it has to be that way.  "Vetting refugees is a minor defense against inviting those with radical extremist views into the country," cautioned Hannity, "We might want to remind the 9th circuit that being in this country is a privilege, not a right!"  

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Morning Minute - Clinton and Russians - 3.23  

There's a lot of focus on President Trump's alleged ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin but not a lot of attention has been focused on Hillary Clinton's ties...

Tragedy in London - 3.22  

Sean is joined by Philip Haney, author of the book, "See Something, Say Nothing," Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam, and Brexit leader and Independence Party Parliament member Nigel Farage.  The group breaks down the latest terrorist attack that struck London earlier today.  Is the world prepared to respond?

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Morning Minute: Cyber Security Matters - 3.22  

For all of the Alt-Left's effort to discredit President Donald Trump, the real story that remains largely untold is just how much our government needs to focus on cyber security. 

The Real Healthcare Plan - 3.21  

Professor Christy Ford Chapin and Dr. Josh Umbehr join Sean to discuss the real plan that will solve the American health care challenge. Is it possible to bring free market philosophies to the market?  Dr. Umbehr and Professor Chapin sure think so.  Hear their plan on this show...

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Morning Minute: Breathe - 3.21  

Liberal activists were gathering on a phone call to plan out their protests of the Trump administration.  Before that could be done, however, they had to be led through a series of breathing exercises designed to calm the protestors.  These snowflakes are unbelievable...

Are Conservatives Are Winning? - 3.20  

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Congressman Dave Brat of Virginia join Sean to talk about the future of the American Healthcare Act.  Senator Paul is not sold on the latest version of the AHA.  There are small changes that Congressman Brat have seen that are positive, but both Liberals and Conservatives agree that the heart of ObamaCare stays intact with the AHA.  Are Conservatives winning the ObamaCare repeal battle?

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St. Patrick's Celebration - 3.17  

Sean O'Hannity takes over the show on St. Patrick's Day.  Joining O'Hannity on the show is Omarosa Manigault, former Apprentice Star and Assistant to the President/ Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, to discuss the constant media attacks on President Trump.  Plus, President Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Sean has the latest on their meeting.

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Morning Minute: Trump Taxes - 3.17  

The liberal media had a field day this week with the unauthorized release of President Trump's taxes.  With all the commotion, it's hard to see the truth... namely, he paid over $38 million in taxes, a higher rate than NBC!  If this is the reaction the media will have over a payment that high, it's not a surprise why the President is holding on to his returns.  

Playing with America's Safety - 3.16  

The liberal left went judge shopping again and found another 9th circuit judge to block his executive order.  Judge Derrick Watson ordered a freeze on President Trump's new executive order to bar the issuance of new visas to six Middle Eastern and African countries.  The order from Judge Watson was issued because he thought there was a "high likelihood that the order would be considered unconstitutional."  It's a shame that America's safety is in jeopardy and our courts are intervening in such unprecedented ways.  

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Morning Minute: Failure is Not An Option - 3.16  

Sean is increasingly frustrated with the GOP.  After eight years of ObamaCare, there is clearly no plan to repeal it.  It's time to lock the leaders in a room and figure out what the future of the American Healthcare Act looks like.  Remember, failure is not an option here...

Innovative Solutions Are Here - 3.15  

Sean is joined by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to discuss the American Healthcare Act.  Governor Bryant is one of the few people to take the initiative and call Dr. Josh Umbehr to discuss his innovative approach to medicine with a cooperative that gives real healthcare solutions.  Sean continues to highlight this important innovative solution but it all starts with the repeal of ObamaCare.

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Morning Minute: Transparent Obama - 3.15  

A new report shows that President Obama's administration spent over $36 million defending the government against requests made under the Freedom of Information Law.  Could you imagine the liberal media outrage if Donald Trump decided to fight so many FOIL requests?!

The Battle Continues - 3.14  

Sean has been talking to many members of Congress to understand better just how close they are to repealing ObamaCare.  Sean sits down with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to discuss the plans for passing the GOP plan.  Will we see legislation pass soon?  It's hard to say for sure...

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Morning Minute: Scary Hollywood Situation - 3.14  

Actress Ashley Judd was scared at a recent event by an elderly Trump supporter who mentioned, "We like Donald Trump."  Oh, how scary!  Perhaps someone can buy her aroma therapy?  

Repeal, Repair and Replace - 3.13  

Sean has been spending the last few weeks battling rhetoric in an effort to get to the bottom of ObamaCare's future.  A few weeks ago Speaker Ryan joined Sean to promise his bill will do whatever possible to fully repeal ObamaCare.  Sean is joined today by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady to understand the procedure behind the new healthcare legislation.  

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Intelligence Community Failures - 3.10  

There is an American crisis emerging that threatens to put our very security at risk.  Sean joins Bill Binney, Former Technical Director of the NSA World Geopolitical and Military Analysis and Reporting Group and Kirk Wiebe, Former Senior Analyst for the NSA, to explain how real the threat is of the intelligence community and their overreaching intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans.

The Sean Hannity Show is live Monday through Friday from 3 pm - 6 pm ET on iHeart Radio and

Morning Minute: Donald Trump Is More Like-able As A Woman - 3.10  

A headline to grab your attention this morning!  A recent experiment had the Presidential Debates re-enacted with gender roles reversed and Hillary Clinton was acted out by a man and Donald Trump was acted out by a woman.  Turns out that Donald Trump was even more popular as a woman!  Turns out this election wasn't about identity politics at all....

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