The Secret Room

The Secret Room

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There's a new place to share secrets. Join Dahlia Beta and Ben Hamm as they explore the stories no one ever tells. Welcome to The Secret Room.


33. A Haunting Revelation  

A seance gone wrong leaves a woman with a secret she can never reveal.  It all went down in an old mansion’s chauffeur quarters above the garage.

32. Tattoo Secret  

Mark’s tattoo reveals a secret that if exposed, would completely change his world. 

And it’s our first anniversary so of course Dahlia Beta and Breakmaster Cylinder stop by!  Do not miss this epi!  

Haaapppyyy biiiirrtthhddaayyy dear Seeecret Roooom!

31. Trump 2: EPA and State Department Officials  

Career staff from the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department on the tone and tenor inside their respective agencies during the first few weeks of the Trump administration.

30. My Klepto Ex-Husband  

Today a story of former loves. One woman dreams of the man she left; the other drives her ex’s getaway car. (Trump 2 next time.)

29. Trump 1: "The Secret I Didn't Know I Had"  

People from different walks of life on the Trump administration.  Palpable fear for some, and hope for others.

Guests Marci J. and Adri host the Let's Toast podcast.

28. Season 3 Trailer (Testimony)  

You are not alone.  Secrets make the world go 'round. 

27. Bristol / Dahlia's Big Reveal  

A man must invent a second girlfriend; and Dahlia reveals our biggest secret to date! 

26. Sarah Says "Bye"  

Sarah reveals how she said bye to her dad before he died.  Only her fiancee knows.  Also: Your holiday secrets!  Ho ho ho. 

25. Caleb's Caper  

In their teens Caleb and his Appalachian posse pulled off the scam of their lives, and no one ever snitched. Not even Crackhead Johnny.

24. Bad Brother  

One woman sees her brother on a police wanted poster and another escapes from a Russian prison.

23. The Hairapist  

What do roast beef, a speeding ticket and a hair dryer have in common? Our hairapist tells you today. And Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz reads a secret.

22. Nindaddy's Secret  

A woman unravels a secret about her father that her family kept quiet for decades. By contributor Tree Mabry.

21. Ben's Challenge  

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution we offer this encore story about a brave man and a phone ringing in the dead of night.

20. Adoption Prank  

A man steals a year of his brother's life and Dahlia checks in from Italy. 

19. The Lunch Lady  

Ivan discusses how he used to take food from the cafeteria, how the lunch lady turned a blind eye, and how he paid her back.

18. Arson: A Love Story  

"Not many people knew he was a drugging, drinking, book-making impregnator."  It's the Season 2 premier of The Secret Room.  Pod on!

17. Season 2 Trailer (In a World...)  

In a world teetering on the brink of collapse, two friends must learn a secret.  A secret that stands between order and chaos.  Ben Hamm and Dahlia Beta save the world, in Season 2 of The Secret Room.

16. Proof of Life  

Proof of life.  Secret whispers.  Keeping the feed alive.

15. Season 1 Finale: Speeding Ticket  

A speeding ticket, a brother in prison, and Ben and Dahlia go on and on. 

14. Sober  

A woman shares why she can't tell her family she's sober.  Also, your guilty TV pleasures!

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