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Starting out as an indie writer? Or a seasoned pro with a string of bestsellers behind you? The Self Publishing Podcast is here to give you insights into what’s working and what isn’t in the fast changing indie world. Mark Dawson has generated a million dollars of gross revenue with his books in the past five years. James Blatch is getting his first novel written and ready for market. Together Mark and James talk to some of the biggest names in the industry bringing you actionable tips and ideas from across the spectrum.


SPF-057: Spiderman: Exploring Amazon with Data Guy  

If you're looking to make sense of all the stats and figures out there relating to the world of digital book publishing, who you gonna call? Thankfully, the pseudonymous Data Guy has got it covered.

SPF-056: Masterclass: Amazon Ads  

In this week's podcast episode Mark Dawson hosts a masterclass on Amazon Ads, explaining how indie authors can use them to sell books and boost their visibility and platform.

SPF-055: Thirteen Million Reasons why Self Publishing Rocks – with author HM Ward  

This week’s interview is with romance author HM Ward, one of the great success stories of self publishing. Tune in to hear her story and how it could, with the right approach, be emulated by other indie authors.

SPF-054 Inside Amazon – with Darren Hardy, Amazon KDP  

Notes for this episode: Darren’s beginnings with Amazon and his move into KDP. How Amazon has changed since Darren joined the team. How Amazon keeps its culture of innovation going. On whether Amazon’s customer is the reader or the writer. Recent innovations include Kindle Direct Publishing for paperback. On whether the perception about self-publishing has […]

SPF-053 The Book Launch Process – with Mark Dawson  

Getting ready to launch a self-published book? You’ll definitely want to listen to this Book Launch edition of the podcast. Last week saw Mark release John Milton’s latest adventure, ‘Blackout’. It turned out to be his most successful book launch ever. Find out how Mark fine-tuned his book launch process and secured 10,000 sales for […]

SPF-052: When Hollywood Comes Calling –  with Cal Moriarty, Screenwriter and Novelist  

Let’s dream a little: a Hollywood producer has called and wants to turn your book into a blockbuster. What exactly do you do next? In today’s episode, ex-private eye, crime novelist and screenwriter, Cal Moriarty, explains how to prepare for such an eventuality and how to navigate the challenges that follow. From Private Eye to […]

SPF-051: The Value of a Reader Survey – An SPF Master Class with Mark Dawson  

A reader survey is a significant tool in helping you make educated decisions about what to write, where to publish, and how to market your book. In this immensely practical episode, Mark provides details about the key information his completed 12-question 2017 Reader Survey provides and how he intends to use it (the full results […]

SPF-050 How to Land a Publishing Deal – with Alex Clarke, Headline Publishing  

What makes a book sell? Alex Clarke is a traditional publisher who understands the independent market as well. In this episode, he talks about writing and pitching your book in a way that will get it noticed by both publishers and consumers. You’ll want to hear every tip in this episode if you want a […]

SPF-049: Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors – with Ian Sutherland  

Having tens of thousands of Twitter followers to engage with – especially when you have a book launch coming up – is something that most indie authors only get to dream about. But this week’s guest, Ian Sutherland, a crime fiction author with a background in technology, has learned how to do exactly that. In […]

SPF-048: Get Subscribers For Your Mailing List Using InstaFreebie – with Ashley Durrer  

How can you get subscribers for your list? That’s what we’ve been talking about on the last few episodes of The Self Publishing Formula and this episode features a new promotional platform – InstaFreebie – as well as Mark’s ideas about how to use it in partnerships with other authors to build your list and […]

SPF-047: List Building for Authors Using Paid Advertising  

List building is one of the most strategic and powerful activities you can engage in as an indie author. That’s because it’s the one way that you’re able to build a list of people who have willingly expressed an interest in the type of books that you write. And it’s YOUR list. One that you […]

SPF-046: What IS a Mailing List and Why Should You Have One?  

At Self Publishing Formula, we often bang on about the importance of building an email list. It’s the most important piece of digital property you’re ever likely to own as an author – perhaps even more than your books. That’s because your email list is the jump start to every book launch. Up to now […]

SPF-045: From US Marine to Self Publishing Success – with thriller writer Wayne Stinnett  

In the final SPF podcast of 2016, James briefly looks back at a year that held much promise for indie authors trying to advance their careers. It was also the year that the long-awaited Self Publishing 101 Course was launched with over 1000 students taking a step closer to becoming full-time, successful writers. Talking of […]

SPF-044: Make Money Teaching Through Self Published Books – with Million Dollar Author, Joseph Alexander  

The million dollar guitar tutor. It’s still quite rare to hear of an author earning $1 million in book sales. But it’s extraordinary to hear of an author earning that amount from sales of his instructional books on guitar techniques. James chats with guitar tutor and author Joseph Alexander this week to unpack the way […]

SPF-043: Legal Hazards for Authors and How to Avoid Them – with Attorney David Burgess  

Defamation of character is not something an author wants – or expects – to be sued for. But as you’ll hear from this week’s guest, attorney David Burgess – a specialist in publishing law – it’s more common than you might think. Most self-published authors write without thinking about the possible legal implications of their […]

SPF-042: Self Publishing 101 is HERE! The Complete Lowdown on the Course that’s Rocking the Indie Author World  

It’s been on the slate ever since The Self Publishing Formula came to be: to create an easy to access course that indie authors could use to have the myriad of options and processes involved in launching or sustaining a successful author careers explained to them in plain English and easy-to-follow tutorials by someone who’s […]

SPF-041: How Do You Define Success As An Author? – with Author and Self Publishing Coach Elizabeth Lyons  

  How do you define success? Is it in the number of books you sell? Is it in the money you make or the raving feedback you receive from fans of your books? Or is it simply that you got your book written? As you can tell there are a number of ways different people […]

SPF-040: Personal Branding For Authors – with Branding Expert Chris Ducker  

Personal branding. If you spend any time with online entrepreneurs (and you should if you’re an author) you hear that phrase all the time. But what EXACTLY does it mean, and how can it increase book sales and advance your career as an author? There’s nobody better to explain it than our guest today, Chris […]

SPF-039: The One Stop Shop for Formatting and Distributing Books – with Draft2Digital’s Kevin Tumlinson  

The SPF team has been very impressed with the platform and service of the team at Draft2Digital. Their service has a two-pronged approach to help self-published authors with some of the most important aspects of self-publishing – and the service ensures that no financial investment is required until a book actually sells. On this episode, […]

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