The Serial Killer Podcast

The Serial Killer Podcast


The podcast dedicated to serial killers: who they were, what they did and how.


John Wayne Gacy  

In tonight's episode we back in the United States of America. We travel inland to Chicago to take a closer look at one of the serial killer superstars.



Anatoly Onoprienko  

In tonight's episode we fast forward to more modern times, but we leave the United States of America. Tonight, we are visiting your humble host's native continent of Europe and take a closer look at the Beast of Ukraine. 

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Atlanta Ripper  

In this episode we stick to serial killers in America from the Belle Epoque, this time in Atlanta, Georgia. A favourite topic of mine is unsolved cases and the Atlanta Ripper case is worth exploring.

Albert Fish  

Episode three of the serial killer podcast travels back in time to take a closer look at the Gray Man, Albert Fish.


Bind, Torture, Kill - the story of BTK

Jeffrey Dahmer  

Welcome to the Serial Killer Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to serial killers. This is the show's very first episode. Enjoy.

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