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Brandon Westgate 198  

In this episode i take a car ride with Brandon Westgate. ( I pick his brain all about him getting on and eventually leaving Emerica footwear his sponsor of 12 years to pursue a new opportunity with Boston based footwear brand New Balance. We also talk shit and crack jokes :)! Check out epic skateboard stuff!

The Shetler Show Live episode 197  

Support the show In this episode Anthony goes live on Youtube, Facebook and takes questions. He also discusses his up n coming events Central Mass Skate Festival and Lowcard Robstock Check out

All I Need Self Reflection Aug. 3 2017  

Check out our creations! All I Need Creation Story Central Mass skate Festival New England Am snowman bowl jam 2016

Mike Girard (Central Mass Skate Festival) ep. 195  

Mike Girard is the founder of Central Mass skate festival. Mike is getting ready for his 8th year throwing the event! We sit down to talk all about life on the road as a skateboard/snowboard sales rep and i check in to see how things are shaping up for this years Central Mass skate Festival. Central Mass Skate Festival Central Mass 8 FB Event: Check out ALL I NEED

Pat Smith episode 194  

Pat Smith is a professional skateboarder who fucking shreds. Pat made his name while riding for Fiveboro & Black Label. Nowadays Pat finds himself working a 9-5 to support and grow his own brand/skate community. Check out All I Need skateboard giveaway World Industries skateboard giveaway photo by skately

Deville Nunes Episode 193  

Please check out our awesome skateboarding creations

Stuntman, Skateboarding, Depression, HOPE  

Please check out our awesome skateboarding creations

Zach L. Henry and Fran Brewing Company Episode 191  

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Ramble On Episode 190  

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Updates and Current Events  

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Street Kingpins - Mark Hoyt and Brett Buescher  

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Davey Rogers  

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Questions and Answers episode 186

James Kelch Episode 185  

This was one of my favorite Episodes! Thank you James. check out

Brandon Westgate car podcast

The High Rise Co. with Erin Coffey and Derek Fukuhara

Kevin Klemme newest World Industries rider  

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Conrad Ferla (Surfer / Sales rep)  

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Cody Davis

Brian Sumner - Skateboarder / Pastor Brian Sumner is a City Pastor at Branches Church in Huntington Beach, California. Born in Liverpool England, but transplanted to America at age 15 to become a Professional Skateboarder where he traveled the world riding for Tony Hawks Birdhouse, along with Adio, Volcom, Analog, Independent and the likes. All I Need skateboards, apparel, vlogs, podcast and more... Subscribe to

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