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Skepticrat 038 - Gently Used Firearm Edition  

On episode 38: People who get punched in the head for a living turn out NOT to be on top of social progress ... Tom Cotton grows a beard so that they’ll stop carding him on the way into R-rated movies ... And Tom Cotton still gets carded at R-rated movies.


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Skepticrat 037 - Taco Bellionaire Edition  

On episode 37: We tell the GOP that, while we appreciate the effort, we were perfectly willing to make fun of a sane candidate if they had one ... You'll hear Eli Bosnick do a brief rendition of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" ... And Tennessee moves to protect its valuable mental illness export business.

Skepticrat 036 - All About the Tubmans Edition  

On episode 36: Utah will finally tackle foreign dependence on hand-lotion ... Black people finally call it even after getting slightly included in the new currency ... We’ll talk about what’s penetrating Gwyneth Paltrow these days ... And we'll learn how flying penis robots could affect your morning commute.

Skepticrat 035 - Panama's Labyrinth Edition  

On episode 35: The Panama papers make doing a political comedy show unnecessarily complicated and researchy ... Indiana women seeking an abortion will have to answer these questions three ... Numerous forest critters will throw their official endorsements behind Bernie Sanders ... And a poor naming choice by George Mason University comes back to bite them in the Antonin Scalia School.

Skepticrat 034 - Illuminati Helpline Edition  

On episode 34: GOP lawmakers in North Carolina remind us that they’re obsessed with the genitals of school children ... The KKK is totally on board with making America great again ... The National Enquirer alleges that Ted Cruz has been fucking women in non-metaphorical ways, too ... And a New York doctor learns the difference between manual labor and a hand job the hard way.

Skepticrat 033 - Billion Dollar Baby Edition  

On episode 33 ... The 2016 presidential election will ramp up its efforts to ensure that no matter what happens in 2020, it’s gonna bore the shit out of us; It's been 4 days since the GOP debate started, and Ben Carson still hasn't been allowed to speak yet; Abortion doctors consider putting googly eyes on all their instruments, just so that doomed little zygote thinks it made a friend; And Christian God gets beat up by a lion.

Skepticrat 032 - GOP Debate #10 Special Edition  

On this week's episode: Eli Bosnick will be here to help us wish it was harder to make fun of these debates, the GOP starts to realize they got made into season 15 of Celebrity Apprentice, we'll get most of the way through a debate before anyone realizes that Jeb isn't there anymore, and the candidates weigh the pros and cons of people dying on the sidewalk.

Skepticrat 031 - Scalia Later Edition  


On this week's episode, Antonin Scalia puts the “bitch” back in obituary, we learn that New Hampshire wants a presidential candidate who possesses the virtue of unelectability, LIGO discovers gravity waves emanating from deep space, and Australian immigration officials immediately draft legislation to turn them back, and the Ted Cruz campaign decides to stop hiring people using a casting couch.

Skepticrat 030 - Throbbing Caucus Edition  

On this week's episode, the presidential election you can't believe isn't over yet gets started, Donald Trump is scared of a girl, the feds divert some of those Jade Helm troops to Oregon for a bit, and Mat Staver warns that something called "Jizya" is behind the widening homosexual tax gap.


Our theme music is written and performed by Ryan Slotnick of Evil Giraffes on Mars.  If you'd like to hear more, check out their Facebook page.

Skepticrat 029 GOP Debate Special Number Six  

This week, Eli Bosnick joins us to break down the latest GOP primary debate, where we learn that the circus might be losing the elephants, but the elephants certainly aren't losing the circus.

Skepticrat 000 - Why There's No Episode  

Because of an unexpected illness in the family, Heath has had to return to New York on short notice.  Until his family issues are resolved, we'll be putting the Skepticrat on temporary hiatus.  Please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook if you'd like to keep abreast of the situation.

Thanks for understanding.

Skepticrat 028 - Democratic Primary Debate Special Edition  

In this hour long special, Eli Bosnick joins us to prove that we can make inappropriate jokes in a bipartisan manner, Bernie Sanders delivers some words of wisdom from his founding father, Lincoln Chafee makes it through the entire debate without gobbling, and Hillary Clinton whips it out.

Skepticrat 027: Losing My Boehner Edition  

In this week's episode, Mormon god hits the snooze button on the apocalypse one more time; the average skin color in GOP leadership gets eight shades less orange; we'll learn that the Pope did meet with Kim Davis, but he didn't like her, so he didn't inhale; and thanks to Heath's repeated threats of self immolation, McDonalds starts serving breakfast all day.

Skepticrat 026 - GOP Primary Debate Special Part Two  

In this week's hour long special edition, Eli Bosnick joins us to break down the second of what they're swearing are the GOP Primary debates.  Listen in as CNN realizes they should have gone with Vince McMahon instead of Jake Tapper.  Find out if Scott Walker was able to defeat Nitro in Breakthrough and Conquer.  And trust us that we don't find drug addiction fatalaties funny.

Skepticrat 025 - Eli 4 Prez Edition  

In this week's episode; we'll learn that either five randomly plotted points in a plane can form an irregular pentagon, or Christianity is true; New Jersey dabbles in baby fighting; we'll make jokes that you'll feel guilty for laughing at; and Eli Bosnick will be here to kiss some hands and shake some babies.

Skepticrat 024: Extramarital Edition  

In this week's episode; we'll urge people to let the Ashley Madison story die out before they reach the Ls; New York City lawmakers deliberate over the optimal level of nipplage in Time Square; Rick Wiles and Jim Bakker will join together to form a giant, homophobic robot; and a high-ranking Hamas general almost gets nudged to death by a Jewish dolphin.

Skepticrat 23 - Primary Debate Kickoff Special Edition  

In this fortnight's episode, Eli Bosnick joins us for a special one hour kickoff to the primary debate season.

Skepticrat 022: Pluther Edition  

In this week's episode, we'll get a biology lesson from a guy who thinks demons live in your man-batter, "Pluthers" warn that so-called images of Pluto may contain mind-controlling levels of fluoride, we'll bring you the least erotic story to ever involve a parade of salad tossing men dressed as Spartans, and Donald Trump hopes to be successful like Ross Perot one day.

Skepticrat 021: Trump Up The Volume Edition  

In this week's episode, God will forget to destroy America over legalized same sex marriage for another week; Jade Helm 15 operatives won't herd citizens into prison camps right away, as a decoy; rapper 50 Cent admits that his stage name grossly exaggerates his net worth; and we learn that where Jared Fogle might be going, he's gonna need all that experience swallowing footlongs.

Skepticrat 020 - Immoral Kombat Edition  

In this week's episode; Iowa will surprise the world by finding a way to become even less relevant; computer security experts confirm that the jews also control the digital media, Franklin Graham fails to realize that getting f*cked in the *ss by your bank is a figure of speech, and a Texas man tries to prevent the next Million Man March by crowdsourcing each black guy a dollar at a time to stay home.

And, in way of apology for abandoning you for the next four Skepticratless weeks, we give you ten bonus minutes.

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