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The Sleeping At Last Podcast

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Welcome to The Sleeping At Last Podcast! My name's Ryan O'Neal and I make music under the name "Sleeping At Last." Nice to meet you! This podcast is an evolution of my ongoing series of "How It Was Made" blog posts, in which I dissect and explain how my songs take shape, one song at a time. In this podcast, I'll be talking about my creative process, the intention and thought behind my songs - what they mean to me and why I did what I did. I'll also debut some new songs on here! That's the plan, but I'm brand new to this whole Podcast planet, so who knows! In any case, if you're curious about how my music gets made, I'd be so honored for you to take a listen. Love, Ryan


Episode 3 - "September 15, 2017: Cassini - The Grand Finale"  

New song debut: "September 15, 2017: Cassini - The Grand Finale" - hear how this brand-new piece of music from my new "Astronomy" series came to be inspired by NASA/JPL, and how it honors the upcoming Cassini farewell! Show Notes: Get the song: Please watch this incredible 3-part Music Video for my Cassini song, as well as the beautiful compositions by Joe Trapanese and Sarah Schachner! Watch here: Chris Heuertz' Enneagram Book: "The Sacred Enneagram" -

Episode 2 - "North"  

This episode is all about how the song "North" took shape. Listen to "North" as part of the "Atlas: Year One" song series by Sleeping At Last, everywhere music is!

Episode 1 - "August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse"  

Welcome to the Sleeping At Last Podcast! This debut episode is all about the making of the Sleeping At Last song, "August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse" - the first track in a new series of songs inspired by astronomical events called, "Astronomy." I pull apart elements of the song to show you what/why/how these sounds and ideas became a song. Thanks for listening! Love, Ryan

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