The SmithSquad Podcast

The SmithSquad Podcast

United States

Gaming Podcast hosted by the YouTuber TheSmithPlays. Guests include other popular YouTubers, and mostly gamers involved in Call of Duty and zombies.


SmithSquad Podcast #119 w/ Kevin Sherwood (Zombies Songs Writer)  

Kevin Sherwood is a sound designer and composer for Treyarch, he is most recognized for writing and composing the musical easter egg songs for the Zombies game mode.

SmithSquad Podcast #118 w/ LonelyMailbox (Jack from Z House)  

Jack joins the show today to talk about the z house, tv shows and youtube!

SmithSquad Podcast #117 w/ YouTuber Matt Shea  

Matt Shea is a Gaming YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers from the East Coast of Canada. This was our first time ever chatting, but it was a super cool conversation

SmithSquad Podcast #116 - Some Real Talk.  

Today we talk about New Years resolutions, setting your goals, and some deep philosophical talks about life. This was another really good one

SmithSquad Podcast #115 w/ MrRoflWaffles  

Today I sit down with Milo to talk about zombies. Unresolved questions, the future of zombies and a lot more. Buckle up, this is a good one.

SmithSuqad Podcast #114 w/ mcsportzhawk - Z House Stories  

Today we look back on the z house as well as looking towards the future of the house

SmithSquad Podcast #113 w/ TheSmithPlays  

Pat goes solo today, talking about his motivations for youtube, drugs, religion and a lot of other stuff. Also ProGamerJay was in the livestream chat which made things a little more interesting.

SmithSquad Podcast #112 w/ ToProForUGames  

Today Adam joins the podcast for some more nostalgic zombies talk, along with going to school and university!

SmithSquad Podcast #111 w/ JCBackFire  

Lot’s of Zombies Talk!

SmithSquad Podcast #110 - Impseronating Accents w/ Dave  

Dave returns with some concussion talk and impersonating accents!

SmithSquad Podcast #109 w/ CodeNamePizza  

This is a really good episode with a lot of zombies talk

SmithSquad Podcast #108 w/ Azura  

Today we talk with Azura on the Zombies ending, being a youtuber, and the state of the zombies community on YouTube.

SmithSquad Podcast #107 - Advice For Becoming A YouTuber  

In this episode we talk aboot how I predicted Revelations, how to become a youtuber, and advice for highschool!

SmithSquad Podcast #106 - The Last YouTube Podcast!  

We back, today we talk about life, positivity and dropping out of university!

SmithSquad Podcast #102 w/ NoahJ456  

In this episode, Noah J comes on to talk about the future of zombies,YouTube and Jason Blundell’s memey face.

SmithSquad Podcast #100 - The Realest of Real Talk  

For episode 100, we go back to the roots of the solo cast. Today I talk about youtube, life, motivation, drugs, habits, consciousness and philosophy. This is a really deep episode, and I hope you can take something away from it! Keep in mind I’m still only 20 years old, and therefore probably don’t know anything about anything Enjoy regardless!

SmithSquad Podcast #99 w/ MrRoflWaffles  

MrRoflWaffles joins today to talk zombies, motivation, and life. Another great episode here!

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