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The Sonic Show Podcast welcomes you to a world of Sonical discussion and stupidty. The perfect companion to our popular Youtube video show at


Opinion Zone 32: Sonic Interns and Stupid Drama  

Apparently someone who use to frequent a Sonic fan site, is now interning on their social media (or something) and this caused twitter to implode because the internet is dumb Also we have Canada VS America in a special Defeat Donnie featuring Tanner of The Sonic Show and Sonic Remix of SonicRadio. AND Fuad is put on the spot with his girlfriend during Ask Uncle Poxxy!

Opinion Zone 31: Gotta React™ Fast  

This first full episode of the new year kicks off with a large rant by Jay on last weeks fun with the Fine Bros, followed by the most funny Defeat Donnie and Uncle Poxxy to date... ever.

Opinion Zone 30: Weston Super Sonic Convention Review  

Guess what Jay took back from his recent visit to a fan convention... a cold! Thanks germs! In the super bumper episode we round up our thoughts of this years annual Weston Super Sonic convention. Detailing the events, our experiences and our emotions throughout the day! Not only that but we read your thoughts too when we call the Uncle Poxxy helpline!

Opinion Zone 28: Live Audience Weston Super Sonic Special!  

That's right guys, due to public demand by nobody, we took our podcast to the stage in front of an audience for a miniture version of the show! Enjoy some awesome Ask Uncle Poxxy and Defeat Donnie with lots of audience participation!

Opinion Zone Christmas Special: Christmas Craptacular 2 The Crappening  

Ho Ho Ho Hedgehogs! We wish you a happy holiday with this 2 hour Christmas blow out of a special. Aired LIVE on Radio Sega this weekend, join Jay, Fuad, Tom, Donnie and guest Tanner as we play Sonic tunes, have a Defeat Donnie XMAS special, talk about our worst Sonic gifts and read a very festive fan fic!

Sega Hard Girls After Show: Episode 2  

The crew discuss the second episode from the Seha Girls Anime.

Sega Hard Girls Commentaries 1: It'll Always Be 10 Years Too Early for You!  

The show where we discuss an episode of the popular SEGA themed anime! Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive get acquainted with each other, discussing what kind of guys Saturn might like. As the classes begins, their teacher, a cybernetic 8-bit bunny named Center, explains that in order to graduate from their academics, they must collect 100 medals. For their first lesson, Center sends the girls into the world of Virtua Fighter, where they are confronted by Akira Yuki. "Itsudatte Jū-nen Hayain da yo!" (いつだって10年早いんだよ!)

Opinion Zone 27: A Super Sonic Showdown  

In todays special episode, the staff form two teams to see who are the ultimate Sonic fans!

Opinion Zone 25: A Donnie VS A Johnny  

Join us for a special edition of DEFEAT DONNIE, the weekly podcast quiz! Check out SomeCallMeJohnny at

Opinion Zone 24: A Spooky Halloween Fan Fic Reading  

To celebrate halloween we have a special episode where we jump into Uncle Poxxy's helpline and read a very SPOOKY fan fiction together! Visit to vote if the fanfic should be podcast cannon!

Opinion Zone 23: Ken Penders, What Are You Doing?  

When not creating characters for another franchise then taking legal action to take them and cling on to them to death like a suffocated pet hamster, rather than move on and create something new, Mr Penders is making his new comic series, eventually. This whole topic is a mine field, so join us as we discuss this strange as hell history of the Lara-Su Chronicles. We are joined today by the fantastically entertaining David the Lurker from Sonic Retro who has a lot to say on Penders as well as dishing out advice on the Uncle Poxxy helpline.

Opinion Zone 22: The Episode When Tom Was In Charge  

Jay decided after the last episode that he was fed up of people thinking it was easy to host the show. So he let Tom run this episode on his own. With no Poxxy or Fuad either, Tom really has to step it up. Does he? (no it's a trainwreck)

Opinion Zone 21: Who is the Worst (And best) Sonic Character?  

It's an important question, well it isn't but still, a good old fashioned debate is always fun!

Opinion Zone 20: Has There Ever Been A Good Fan Film?  

Sorry for the absence recently guys! We have been on vacation! Until we return to normal routines next week, we thought it was a perfect chance to catch up with the talented Jim Sass. Jim founded Sasso Studios (currently uploading videogame fun on youtube) and made the hugely popular Return To Little Planet short film. He joins us to discuss the world of Sonic fan films. Will there every be a good one, or has there already been one?! Check Jim out at

Opinion Zone 19: Frick, it's the SammyClassicSonicFan Interview  

Well, we never thought this would happen. We indeed have the meme that took over the Sonic world in 2013 on the show. And I must say, he was a delight to talk to!

Opinion Zone 18: What Is The Point Of Sonic Conventions?  

Featuring SPECIAL GUESTS: Kevin and Cat from Last Minute Continue, and JonoD co organiser of Weston Super Sonic. On today's podcast we look at why people love Sonic conventions, and having all worked on them discuss our most memorable stories. Also we have a very.... strange Defeat Donnie.

Sonic Boom Commentaries 41: Bro-Down Showdown  

After destroying Amy's couch, Sonic and Knuckles enter a "best friend" game show in order to win her a new one. Unfortunately, the show pairs Sonic up with Eggman, and Eggman has a few evil tricks up his sleeve.

Opinion Zone 17: Your First EVER Sonic game  

Every Sonic fan has this one moment in their life. The first Sonic game they ever played. The Opinion crew all discuss their "first time" showing how much older some are in the group. We also have a SONIC MISADVENTURES themed Defeat Donnie. How well does Donnie and our guest know their fan animations?!

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