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The Space Show focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce, space tourism,space exploration and space development. The Space Show is committed to facilitating our becoming a space-faring nation and society with a growing and self-sustaining space-faring economy. The Space Show also focuses on other related subjects of interest to us all.


Barry Levin, Sunday, 12-4-16  

We welcomed back Barry Levin for the second part of his series on the 4th Industrial Revolution and advanced manufacturing for the space industry and even broader society oriented benefits. During our two hour three minute discussion, Barry summarized his first program and then started talking about 3D printing. You will note he prepared several documents and two videos which hs posted on Dropbox. You can find this information in the comments section of this archived show. Barry also talked about using desktop and individual like 3D pinters and learning these systems to deal with the displaced employment by labor saving methods related to the 4th Industrial Revolution. This was an major theme that was discussed through both segments of our program. Barry believed that by doing eduction differently, eventually the problem of lost jobs and displaced labor will be resolved. Listen for his ideas on education and let us know what you think since they revolve around 3D printing but much more. We also talked about advanced manufacturing in the aerospace industry, Apollo legacy issues and much more. Listeners called and send Barry emails with their questions and concerns regarding what he was talking about. Please read the full summary of this program at for this program on this date, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016.

Susanne Peters, Friday, 12-2-16  

We welcomed Ms. Susanne Peters to the show from German. During our 1 hour53 minute program, our guest talked about space debris problems in LEO and other orbits. We talked about policy, debris mitigation ideas and why nothing gets tested or put in place. We also looked at the cost benefit analysis of doing something and discussed the fact that there was little incentive to spend money to mitigate against this risk at this time. Listen to the discussion to understand why. In the second segment, Ms. Peters talked about the German astronaut contest to have a woman astronaut. She explained the contest, told us she was entered and she was still in the running but the competition was closing in on the final rounds. She explained why Germany wanted to have a woman astronaut, why she wanted to go to space and then said she would fly on any vehicle, government or commercial. Real the full summary of this program on our website at for this date, Friday, Dec. 2, 2016

Mark Whittington, Tuesday, 11-29-16  

We welcomed back Mark Whittington to our 1 hour 40 minute discussion on what the Trump presidency may mean for US space policy and programs. Mark was very bullish that "we will get space back on the right road." We talked about policy, key players, potential NASA administrator choices, ORion, SLS, returning to the Moon, ARM, Mars missions, public private partnerships and cooperation with other national space agencies. Read the full summary of this program at for this date, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016

Lt. Col. Pete Garretson, Sunday, 11-27-16  

We welcomed Lt. Col. Pete Garretson back to the program to discuss the national space policy for the future and the Global Trends document which in his opinion should have a focus on commercial space development and much more. During our 1 hour 40 minute program, Pete spelled out the details behind his ideas and talked about the need for having a very big vision. He then focused on space solar power, explaining why this is something we should pursue. We also talked about both the Chinese and the Japanese pursuing development of funded SSP programs. We talked about the need for US leadership and rules plus the most likely economic growth from pursuing commercial space big vision projects including SSP and space resource mining and development. Read the full summary of this program at for this program on this date, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday,  11-23-16  

John Batchelor and I welcomed back Anatoly Zak ( to update us on the possible partnership with Boeing and Roscosmos to build two orbiting lunar space stations when the ISS is shut down. There is also talk of expanding the partnership to all the ISS members. Anatoly said there would not be additional costs, it would likely just continue the same is if the ISS were still functioning. We also talked about the purposes of these two lunar space stations and the hard choices that Russia may have to make due to their own budget concerns regarding having their own LEO space station once the ISS is shut down or this international partnership for the lunar orbiting space stations. Read the full summary at for this program on this date, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016.

Dr. Gil Levin, Tuesday, 11-22-16  

We welcomed back Dr. Gil Levin for this 90 minute discussion about finding molecular type life on Mars. We talked extensively about Gil's well known Viking lander Labeled Release experiments and the findings from both the Viking 1 and Viking 2 missions. Dr. Levin asserts that signs of molecular life were found but in the 40 years since Viking, no confirming experiments have been done or planned by NASA. We talked about the absence of life detection experiments on the Mars rovers, findings in similar rocks and locations in Earth that suggest life was detected on Mars, plus toward the end of the program, Gil explained exactly what the labeled release experiment was and we found out it was and still is the test used to develop microbes in water. You definitely want to hear Gil's explanation of this toward the end of our discussion. Another topic focused on the speculation as to why NASA and others might not want to confirm life on Mars. Listen and tell us what you think by posting on our blog. Another important topic discussed was the potential for a Mars Sample Return Mission. Gil was strongly opposed to bringing a Mars sample back to Earth. Listen to both his reasons for his oppositions and his suggestions for dealing with a Mars sample. Read the full summary of this program at for this date, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016.

Leonard David, Monday, 11-21-16  

We welcomed Leonard David back to the program for this 1 hour 52 minute program. During the first part of the program, we focused on Leonard's new book, "Mars: Our Future On The Red Planet." This book is also a companion book to the National Geographic TV mini-series, "Mars." Leonard talked about the book and his project with the National Geographic Mars project, plus we talked about a future human Mars mission. Leonard talked about the challenges, planetary protection and ethics came up, he described the Mars TV series, the possible use of public private partnerships for the upcoming humans to Mars mission and more. Leonard also talked about the Martian rovers plus he was asked about other destinations for humans in the solar system. In the second segment, we talked about possibly reconvening the National Space Council. Leonard told us abut his book tour with Buzz regarding his previous book and he told us a terrific story when Buzz and Leonard got a question at an Arkansas presentation asking about Buzz punching out the guy who called him a liar about going to the Moon. Leonard talked about SpaceX and the Musk plans for Mars, our becoming a multi-planet species, and his book tour for the Mars book and TV show. Near the end of our discussion, Leonard talked about the book being a metaphor so don't miss what he said. He also mentioned The Overview Effect for Mars. We took a call near the end of the discussion asking about nuclear and other advanced propulsion. Be sure to read the fully summary of this program at for this date, Monday, 11-21-16.

Jay Wittner, Steven Jorgenson, Sunday, 11-20-16  

We welcomed back Jay Wittner and for the first time, Steven Jorgenson to the show to discuss both the Space Finance Group (SFG) and to update us with the Integrated Space Plan. During our nearly two hour discussion, we firsts spoke about the SFG, helping to finance apace start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses through crowd funding support. For those of you considering a crowd funding project, this is a must listen to show. During the second segment, we focused on updates to the Integrated Space Plan. During both segments, we took several email questions as well as some suggestions for the Integrated Space Plan updates. Before the show ended, Jay addressed an important change in crowd funding, the new equity crowd funding possibilities since this was legally approved with some SEC guidelines. In addition, throughout our discussion, we leaned on Steven for his financial and investment insights in terms space given the new incoming administration, plus we sought other investing and financial insights from him. Please read the full summary of this program at for this program this date, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.

Dr. Bruce Cordell, Friday, 11-18-16  

Welcome to our 1 hour 53 minute program with Dr. Bruce Cordell as we take a look at the possibility of a big, monumental Apollo-like space project happening in the new Trump administration. Dr. Cordell spots trends and talks about Maslow Windows of opportunity which summarized for us in this program. He then pointed out the trends in play as a result of the Trump win and things happening in the country and possibly with the economy. We also talked about the possibility that another country could be the lead on a big, monumental space program as it does not always have to be the US though the U.S. is usually the one that does lead and do the project. We also talked about a private effort spurring the project, SpaceX for example going to Mars. Of course the chances for such a project to come about include some sort of government participation so Bruce talked extensively about Public Private Partnerships. Listeners questioned him about such a project being related to space. Why not in medicine or some other field? Bruce explained that for space, people would need to be involved, hence human spaceflight. Another important contributing factor to such a project happening was based on the mood of the country. He thought the trend with the change to a Trump administration signaled the coming of an ebullient society, moving fast and strong toward ebullience. Don't miss all of what he said about the likelihood of a big Apollo style human spaceflight project happening again. Read the full summary of this program at for this program on this date, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 11-16-16  

We welcomed Michael Listner, space attorney to our 20 minute Hotel Mars segment to discuss probable Trump space policy. We covered NASA and administrator options, civil space, commercial space, Orion & SLS, planetary missions, China, Russia, ESA, Japan and much more. Don't miss this double segment Hotel Mars program. Read the full summary of the program at for this program on this date, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016.

Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Tuesday, 11-15-16  

Welcome to our two hour program with Bob Zimmerman. During the first segment, Bob talked about the potential space policy and industry changes that may come about due to the election of Trump for president. Bob talked about commercial space, the Earth science segment of NASA, planetary science, Orion and SLS, and the NASA Administrator as well as possible budget cuts and streamlining that may go on. Bob mentioned public-private partnerships, the Outer Space Treaty, and international space cooperation. In the second segment, Bob addressed the question asked earlier by Dr. Doug regarding the speech by Congressman Bridenstine regarding returning to the Moon. Another listener commented on the National Geographic Mars mini-series TV program now underway, plus more on Elon Musk and SpaceX, technology, and he got a question about his climate change comments back from the first segment. As the program was ending, he provided a short rover summary plus a concise report on major country space agencies and programs. Read the full summary at for this show on this date, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016.

Marianne Dyson, Monday, 11-14-16  

We welcomed author Marianne Dyson back to the show for this 1 hour 50 minute discussion about her new book, "A Passion For Space: Adventures of a Pioneering Female NASA Flight Controller." Not only did Ms. dyson tell us great stories and share terrific experiences with us regarding her work at NASA with Space Shuttle, we talked about the shuttle in general, going to the Moon, space settlement, Mars trips, human spaceflight, and much more. Read the full summary of this program at for this program on this date, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016.

Rand Simberg, Sunday, 11-13-16  

We welcomed back Rand Simberg for this 1 hour 45 minute discussion about the possibilities for President Elect Trump and space policy. Also discussed were possible NASA Administrator choices plus a view of the Administrator's job that was not so glamorous. Orion was mentioned as a possible cancellation project, more so than SLS although Rand also talked about a future SLS cancelation since we were seeing other big rockets emerge from the private sector. Near the end of the program, Rand said he was looking into doing an Enceladus mission with a group of people but this was just a thought at this time. He started getting lots of listener questions when he mentioned. that. Read the full summary of this show at for this show, this date, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016.

Bob King, Friday, 11-11-16  

Welcomes to this program featuring author Bob King who has written an excellent boo, 'Night Sky With The Naked Eye." We discussed viewing the night sky, the constellations, apps that we can use, celestial navigation, the Moon, Mars, orbits and much more. The book has great color photos in it and guides to how best to view the night sky. Read the full review at for this date, Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, day, 11-09-16-16  

We welcomed Dr. Jeff Foust back to Hotel Mars to discuss the latest news with SpaceX, the Falcon 9 investigation, their return to flight plans, Red Dragon, and the delays in the Falcon Heavy program. Read the full summary of this program at for this date, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016.

Steve Wolfe, James Causey, Monday, 11-7-16  

Welcome to our 84 minute program focusing on the SpaceCom event in Houston, Texas Nov. 15-17, 2016. Our special guests were Steven Wolfe and James Causey. SpaceCom is a special business to business type of space conference. Five industries are selected, then terrestrial businesses within those five targeted industrial segments are invited to SpaceCom to learn about space applications particular to their business that can and already are being used within the industry. You can get moee information by visiting the SpaceCom website, We not only discussed the targeted industries, but the keynote speakers, the business exhibits on the floor and other programs that make this a unique and very special event. This is the second SpaceCom event and The Space Show has been there for each event and will be there for future events. Please read the full summary of this program at for this date, Monday, Nov. 7, 2016.

Dr. John Jurist, Sunday, 11-6-16  

We welcomed Dr. John Jurist back to the show to discuss radiation issues and the acoustic signature of large rockets. During our one hour 45 minute discussion, most of the first segment was on radiation while rockets and acoustic signature issues were the primary topic of the second segment. Note that listeners were asking radiation related questions during both segments of our program. Please read the full review of this program at for this date, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars,Wednesday,   11-02-16  

We welcomed Dr. Andrew Siemion of SETI Berkeley to the program to discuss Tabby's Star. This start, initially discovered by the KST, has unusual properties including a dip in brightness by about 22%. We discussed the many theories being proposed to explain this large drop in brightness plus the observing efforts going on using several ground based observatories including the new giant FAST Dish in China. Read the full show description and summary at for this program, this date, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016.

Jim Armor, Monday, 10-31-16  

We welcomed Jim Armor of Orbital ATK back to the program for an 89 minute discussion covering space industry government relations, the small satellite and cubesat industry, plus satellite servicing. Solid rocket boosters were also discussed as were the LEO constellation satellites, space insurance, space project financing, closing business cases for space projects, and 4th industrial manifesting with 3D printing and more. Please read the full summary for this program on for this program on this date, Oct. 31, 2016.

Open Lines, Sunday, 10-30-16  

Welcome to our Open Lines 1 hour 41 minute discussion. During the first segment, callers talked about our recent Back of the Envelope program and the 4th industrial revolution with our guest, Barry Levin, discussed during the recent Back of the Envelope show. Barry himself called during the first segment. 3D printing was a big part of our discussion. In the second segment, Helen wanted to comment on the space policy per Space News for the two presidential candidates. Michael Listner called in to comment on the Space News candidate space policy article plus he talked about the upcoming visit to Florida for a space meeting by Republican VP candidate, Mike Pence. He also mentioned the upcoming EU space strategy policy which he will be discussing in detail in an upcoming Space Show program. I brought up a recent article I saw on disposing dead bodies in space and the possibility of seeding new life on another delestial body. Michael commented on that article per planetary protection. John from Ft. Worth called regarding the Zubrin critique of the Musk Mars plan. I will put the Reddit URL in the full written summary of this program. Doug was our last caller to comment on what John was saying regarding the differences with exploration, development, and settlement. Read the full summary of this program at for this program this date, Oct. 30, 2016.

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