The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 10-26-16  

Welcome to this double segment Hotel Mars program covering the topic of Hot Jupiter exoplanets and the upcoming NASA exoplanet program, TESS. Don't miss what our JPL guest of honor had to say about these topics, Dr. Tiffany Kataria. Please read the full summary of the program at www.thespaceshow.com for this date, Oct. 26, 2016

Barry Levin, Tuesday, 10-25-16  

Welcome to our instructional Back of the Envelope Space Show program featuring Barry Levin as our guest. During our 88 minute one segment discussion, Barry explained the concept behind the Back of the Envelope Space Show segment, he took us through an example using launch costs from documents he has posted in the comments section of our blog, plus we took listener emails during the program. We focused the Fourth Industrial Revolution underway, Mars, the Moon, lowering space costs and much more. Read the full summary at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016.

Vera Muyani & Madhu Thagavelu, Sunday, 10-23-16  

We welcomed both Vera Mulyani and Prof. Madhu Thangavelu to this 88 minute discussion regarding the Mars City Design Competition and later, Madhu's latest Studio Design Class at USC. This semester's class focused on simulation and analogs. That said, most of our discussion was about the Mars City Design Competition which Vera started. During this program, you will learn why she started it, what it is, the details about it and how to participate. Please note that during the second segment we had serious audio problems with Vera's audio. We apologize for this problem which was related to her cell phone. Please read the full summary at www.thespaceshow.com for this program for this date, Sunday, 10-23-16.

Johhanes Torpe, Friday, 10-21-16  

Welcome to our 1 hour 44 minute discuss with Johannes Torpe of Johannes Torpe Studios in Denmark to discuss how best to attract new people to the space industry and advocacy and keep them interested in the community. Johannes explained his interest space from the time he was a child with an interest in space and the Space Shuttle. He then told us how he met Dr. Pat Hynes who puts together the annual Personal Spaceflight Symposium in Las Cruces, New Mexico and how this lead to his being a speaker on this topic and the ISPCS (International Symposium For Personal and Commercial Spaceflight). During our discussion, our guest talked about expanding the interest in space within the general population by communicating to them in ways that they can understand, making space personal, by telling a good story, and making it relevant to the individual. He called this domesticating space. He also talked about avoiding the perception that space was owned or controlled by any one private sector company, wealthy individual or even NASA. He said space was for everyone, a type of global commons. He suggested not always talking "geek talk, " or how risky space is or can be but instead talk about the benefits and the dreams and why of being in space and the role space can play for humanity. Our guest was asked about the Mars colonization plan put for by Elon Musk and SpaceX. Here, he talked about being inclusive for the future. Making sure the vision was broad based. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this show on this date, Friday, Oct. 21, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars,  Wednesday, 10-19-16  

Welcome to this double segment of Hotel Mars featuring Anatoly Zak discussing the Russian-ESA EXOMARS mission. We discussed the probable lander failure , Schiaparelli plus the Trace Gas Orbiter (TG) that has successfully entered Martian orbit. The TGO is to look for signs of life by detecting methane and more. We also talked about the return to flight of the Soyuz carrying a new crew to the ISS. Please read the full review statement at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.

Dr. Moriba J. Jah, Tuesday, 10-18-16  

We welcomed Dr. Moriba Jah to the program for a 62 minute discussion on the new field of Space Object Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Jah began by telling us space object behavior was all about. As you will hear, this field of study focuses on the movement of both natural and manmade objects in space, how they move, how they deteriorate, and how our culture influences these characteristics, specifically the manmade objects. As an example, he cited that US space objects typically are not designed to have their orbits or communications changed or to have maneuvers on a Friday, the weekend, holidays, and most Mondays. Space hardware from other nations does not typically follow this pattern. Our guest also talked about how space objects behave when their mission has been completed as compared to how they behaved during their mission. This study also includes unintended or unknown space object behavior. Our discussion was very interesting, it was new to me and I am sure it will be new to many of you. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016.

Eric Berger, Monday, 10-17-16  

We welcomed back Eric Berger, senior space editor at Ars Technica. During our 108 minute discussion without a break, we discussed the elon Musk talk about his Mars plan given several weeks ago in Mexico. Our discussion was comprehensive with many listener emails and calls. Among the issues talked about were legal concerns stemming from provisions of the Outer Space Treaty, obtaining the needed launch licenses, potential NASA participation, funding, public-private partnership probabilities and much more. Other topics discussed included the possible space positions of our two main presidential candidates, the future for NASA JSC, congress and NASA politics regarding approving missions, SLS & Orion, commercial heavy lift rockets, the future of the ISS, the pending Trump visit to KSC, commercial crew, the water recovery planned for the Dragon, Blue Origin progress, and more. Read the full review of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016.

Dr. Doug Plata, Sunday, 10-16-16  

Welcome to this 2 hour 10 minute program featuring Dr. Doug Plata. For this program, Doug shared is experiences lobbying members of congress for his lunar cots and cislunar development ideas. Doug was in Washington, DC for the Mars Society Conference but took time off to meet with a few members of the House. He described his experience, the reception he got, the level of interest staffers expressed over his space development ideas and more. We particularly focused on his experience with the staffer on Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's office. This led to a lengthy discussion with listeners as well, on the program of record and how congress sees economic efficiency as compared to Doug and other space advocates. SLS was the subject of this discussion. Later in the program Doug talked about his talks and demonstration at both the Mars Society Conference and AIAA Space 2016. Other comments dealt with Musk and the Mars plans, the NASA Mars Plan which he said was the program of record and returning to the Moon. Read the full summary for this program on The Space Show website for this date, Oct. 16, 2016. www.thespaceshow.com.

Gary Hudson, Friday, 10-14-16  

We welcomed back Gary Hudson of The Space Studies Institute to discuss their exotic propulsion initiative and their recent exotic propulsion workshop. Gary discussed Dr. Woodward's Mach Thruster work, Eagleworks Lab and their work on EmDrive (limited discussion as information from this lab is boycotted until the paper is published in December 2016), plus other forms of propsulion. We also talked about space settlement and why the SSI supports O'Neil like orbiting colonies rather than a settlement on a planet with a gravity well. Gary provided us with his opinions on the Musk Mars plans and the giant rocket, the Interplanetary Transport System. He said the acoustic signature for such a large rocket would be extremely challenging to handle. Read the full review of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this date, Oct. 14, 2016.

Doug Messier, Monday, 10-10-16  

We welcomes Doug Messier of Parabolic Arc back to the show for a discussion of multiple space news stories. During our 1 hour 47 minute program, we focused on the Falcon 9 accident investigation, Elon Musk and his Mars plans, Additional toics included, the NASA Mars roadmap, developing cislunar space and the Moon, timelines, the UN buying rides on Dream Chaser, SpaceX Dragon, Sea Launch, Blue Origin update, Virgin Galactic updates, and the quality of the potential space tourism market. Doug talked about Stratolaunch, Masten Space Systems, plus he was asked for the biggest and most important stories of the year. Before the program ended, we talked about Swiss Space and Reaction Engines in the UK. Firefly problems were the last topic of the day.

Dr. John Hunter, Sunday, 10-9-16  

Welcome to this 109 minute discussion with returning guest Dr. John Hunter. We talked about John's new plan to launch fuel & cargo to LEO via a hydrogen launching gun. John described the technology, the types of cargo and fuel that his group can launch, the time iine, and the applicability of these launches to expanding space exploration and commercial development. Please read the entire show summary at www.thespaceshow.com for this program this date, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016.

Elliot Pulham, Friday, 10-7-16  

Welcome to our 85 minute discussion with Elliot Pulham, Executive Director of The Space Foundation. We discussed a variety of topics including the FAA approving of the Moon Express lunar license, Virgin Galactic flight testing, the Outer Space Treaty and related commercial space topics. In addition, since or guest had just returned from China, we discussed the Chinese space program. In the second half of the program, we discussed the Elon Musk Mars plans as our guest was in Mexico, heard the talk and shared his thoughts with us. For the rest of this summary, please read the full review at www.thespaceshow.com for this show this date, Friday, Oct. 7, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 10-5-16  

Welcome to Hotel Mars for a discussion with Dr. Ashwin Vasavada of JPL regarding updates with the Mars Curiosity rover. During this double segment Hotel Mars program, we talked about rover contamination and planetary protection issues, Martian geology and in some ways comparing it to Earth geology, water streaks on Mars and much more. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this show on this date, Oct. 5, 2016.

Dr. Alice Gorman, Tuesday, 10-4-16  

We welcomed back Dr. Alice Gorman to update us on space archaeology issues and the field. Our guest talked about the archaeology of space debris (junk), the possibility of solar system digs and excavations, archaeological mission planning team members, designing archaeological rovers, Mars, the Moon, Venus and more. We also talked about Native American rock drawings and solar system cave drawings. Make sure you read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this date, Oct. 4, 2016.

Dr. Jeff Bell, Monday, 10-3-16  

Welcome to hour 2 hour 3 minute program without a break with Dr. Jeff Bell. Jeff was very critical of Elon Musk and his plans to go to Mars. The entire program was about why Jeff was not supportive of the plan. Jeff talked about the Soviet N! rocket efforts, the Saturn 5, the overall Musk Mars vision, humans to Mars in general, economics, faults with the reasons given for going to Mars and much more. Listeners asked him many questions and a few were extremely critical of what he was saying. One in particular ended calling him names and attacking him through emails. Jeff also talked about human factors and life support issues, including problems related to gravity. When asked if he at least thought the Mars vision and plans were inspiring, he went after that notion as well. Read the full summary of this program at 222.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Monday, Oct. 3, 2016.

Open Lines, Sunday, 12-2-16  

Welcome to our two hour 19 minute Open Lines program. We started out talking about the Elon Musk Mars talk in Mexico. Our first caller was present at the speech and he shared his first hand experiences and thoughts with us. Mr. Musk has certainly inspired him to work in the aerospace industry even in his home country of Bulgaria. Many others called to talk about the Musk Mars talk. Doug brought up the retirement market again and that was the subject of much of the show and humor. Other topics includes a discussion of the Washington Post article about possible sabotage regarding the recent Falcon 9 explosion. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this program this date, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016.

Casey Dreier, Friday,l 9-30-16  

We welcomed Casey Dreier to the program to discuss the latest news about water plumes on Europa and the upcoming Europa Clipper Mission. Casey talked about the significance of the water plumes, how it might facilitate the search for some sort of biological life on Europa and much more. We also talked about competing NASA missions with Europa and Mars. Our guest also described the upcoming Europa mission in some detail, including some of the history behind it. Politics played a big role and still does in the Europa mission. Read the full summary at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Sept. 30, 2016.

The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Wednesday, 9-28-16  

John Batchelor and I welcomed Casey Dreier of The Planetary Society for a double segment to discuss the NASA Europa announcement about water plumes on Europa. We also discussed the upcoming Europa Clipper Mission. Please read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Tuesday, 9-27-16  

We welcomed back Bob Zimmerman for this 118 minute show. During the first segment, we mostly talked about the Elon Musk Mars talk which he gave earlier today from Mexico. Bob offered his detailed comments and perspetives regarding the Musk plan for going to Mars. Listeners called to talk to Bob about contents of the talk and to share their own take with it. During the second part of the program we talked about Sea Launch possibly being sold to a Russian aviation magnate, Rocket Lab in New Zealand with their Electron rocket, Blue Origin, planetary missions and the Europa announcement by NASA. Bob also talked about the investigation underway regarding the SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion from a few weeks ago. Read the full summary of this program at www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016.

Michael Listner, Monday, 9-26-16  

We welcomed back Michael Listner to update us on space law and policy issues. Some of the topics discussed included the presidential campaigns and space policy, space settlement, the Law of the Sea Treaty and Moon Treaty in the context of China and their behavior in the South China Sea. We also talked about new space policies in the UAE, New Zealand, Denmark, plus spaceport activity in Georgia and Alabama. Michael talked about Virgin Galactic and their new license. Near the end of the program, we got an update on the RD 180 engine issue. Read the full summary on www.thespaceshow.com for this program on this date, Monday, Sept. 26,2016.

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