The Spirit of Things - Program podcast

The Spirit of Things - Program podcast


The Spirit of Things is an adventure into religion and spirituality. It explores contemporary values and beliefs as expressed through ritual, art, music, and sacred texts.


On Being Krista Tippett  

Krista Tippett created a hugely popular radio program and podcast called On Being which explores the mysteries of living a meaningful and good life, which is something she's been on a journey to personally discover, embody and celebrate.

Christian Minority Communities  

Christians from China, Pakistan, Malaysia and Israel, share their experiences living as minority communities with unique challenges that call upon their faith, courage and hope for a better future.

Judaism welcomes LGBTI Jews  

Two rabbis from the opposite sides of Judaism, Orthodox and Progressive, say Jews are no less loved in the eyes of God.

20/20 Series Part 1 -  Heading to the Millennium  

Celebrating 20 years on the religious front line with a new monthly series called 20/20. We begin with the search for an authentic Australian spirituality, and the years heading into 2000 when people were running for cover, predicting the Apocalypse.

Fiona Horne Flying High  

Def FX rock star, witch, author and TV personality, Fiona Horne promoted paganism as the vehicle of self empowerment, but it wasn't until she gave up alcohol and became a pilot that her life and her spirituality significantly improved.

Priest, Detective, Lover  

Canon Sidney Chambers is a young, committed priest, who is also a detective. But his love life is in turmoil. James Runcie's Grantchester Mysteries, now a popular TV series, addresses moral and social issues for a post-church society.

Tom E Lewis: Bridging the Divide  

Born to a Welsh father and Aboriginal mother, Tom E Lewis builds bridges between cultures and peoples through theatre and music. He's on a quest for understanding and unity, which he believes are deeper than the things that divide us.

Greg Sheridan's Australia  

Greg Sheridan, AO, has some advice for Christians -- still the majority faith in Australia -- start thinking and acting like a minority and you'll get a better hearing in the public square. The Australian journalist reflects on how much Australia has changed since his youth growing up Catholic, and how his own life and views have changed along with it.

What's Behind the Buddha's Smile?  

The Buddha's Smile exhibition at the NGV of artworks from all over Asia points to the central beliefs of Buddhism, including No Self. Curator Wayne Crothers and Philosopher Monima Chadha take a journey into Buddhist belief, and suggest why Vincent Van Gogh loved Japanese woodblock prints.

Who Cares for Sex Offenders?  

Peter Powell, a Uniting Church minister and psychologist, has worked with sex offenders for more than 20 years. He's seen sex offenders change, and even be reconciled with their victims, but few psychologists are willing to work with them.

Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route  

Descendants of the Chinese who came to Australia in the 1850s, retrace their route from Robe, SA to the Victorian gold fields, and tell stories of hardship, survival and generosity.

The Shared Table Project  

Newly arrived Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq make friends with Jewish women over plates of food they've prepared together.

Ginn Fourie's Forgiveness  

Ginn Fourie's daughter was killed by the Azanian People's Liberation Army, under the command of Letlapa Mphahlele. She decided to forgive the killers and Letlapa, with whom she founded the Lyndi Fourie Foundation which promotes conciliation in South Africa and abroad.

In sickness and in death...  

How do people care for the aged, the sick and the dying? What makes them do it? A personal and professional exploration of medical, spiritual and practical carers displays a profound personal investment in the relationships between carer and cared for.

In Sickness and in Death...  

How do people care for the aged, the sick and the dying? What makes them do it? A personal and professional exploration of medical, spiritual and practical carers displays a profound personal investment in the relationships between carer and cared for.

Fighting sexism in Islam  

Fighting sexism is not new in Islam, but today the Muslim women who are at the forefront of change are determined to have a lasting impact, including Susan Carland with her new book Fighting Hislam.

Dances of Universal Peace  

The Dances of Universal Peace is a worldwide movement under the spiritual direction of Shabda Kahn, where people from all traditions come together to chant and dance in a circle, opening their hearts to the Divine and to each other in friendship.

Gay Christians  

Gay Christians speak about their faith, their relationships and their hopes for the future as Tasmania's Upper House debates the churches' exemption form anti-discrimination legislation.

Jewish Anzacs  

Mark Dapin's Jewish Anzacs shows that, contrary to popular perception, Jews served in the Australian military far out of proportion to their numbers, earning VCs and dying for their country, and Felix Sher talks about the unexpected death of his son Pte Greg Sher.

Reinventing Church in Tasmania  

When economic decline threatened to close the doors of Tasmania's churches including its oldest church, a bold new experiment to 'call out' people from the community into leadership proved successful.

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