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The Sportive is a comedy podcast devoted to Minnesota sports and other wastes of time. Join us weekly as we drink the pain away. Weaknesses: audio quality and preparation. Strengths: creative swears and inspired rants. Winner of the 2014 City Pages “Best Sports Podcast” award.


#182: The Panic Becomes a Dull Ache  

(0:45) How to jersey-troll (7:50) Vikings/Eagles preview (20:45) Jon's Tracy Claeys non-apology (30:52) MLB playoffs rooting order (including a sweet Oregon Trail analogy) (39:00) Introducing a new segment: dramatic readings of sports rants. This week: Lee Elia (43:52) Wild thoughts + a Phil Kessel and Auston Matthews explainer (57:10) Dad chat

#181: A Slate Article That Came to Life  

0:34 | Why/how are the Vikings so good? Are we ready to apologize for hating the Sam trade? Plus B offers a medium-hot take about Norv. 42:48 | How long is Tracy Claeys' leash? 57:45 | MLB playoffs, Wild opener, Stu explains "mowmen"

#180: The Marthaler Cup  

1:15 - We are still complaining about the Vikings 35:15 - MLB playoffs backup teams 44:05 - Half-assed Wild preview 54:10 - Lucia extension, Wolves, the invention of the Marthaler Cup, dad chat

#179: We Got Pratt Attached  

All four hosts are dialed in to discuss: -We find a way to complain about the Vikes -Dossier on presumed new Twins head honcho Dick Fosbury -Gophers, Lynx, Wolves, Wild -Dad chat!

#178: Gram That Hole  

One of our best despite the absence of our heart & soul Stu. Discussed: 3:35 - Kalil, AP, Bradford's peak, Blair Walsh forgiveness status 39:25 - Twins GM updates + early MLB draft outlook (warning: absolutely filthy language as per standard Clarence/B conversation) 47:30 - Vegas' bullish Wolves wins prediction and Clarence's trolling plan once it all falls apart 57:40 - Clarence's recent potato/pizza conundrum

#177: No One Wants to Eat Ed Asner  

- Vikings: Titans wrap-up/Packers preview - WE HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT BLAIR WALSH - Gopher football: are they good? - Some healthy ranting about why no one wants the Twins job - Nashville review

#176. Depths of an Ether Binge: Vikings 2016 Season Preview  

Stu and Brandon (plus Clarence for a few angry minutes!) gripe for pert near an hour about the sad state of the Vikings. Bradford. Bros & Turds. Wins predictions. Grumbling. More grumbling. This is your Vikings season preview.

#175: It Will Make Death Easier  

(1:35) TED :( (28:45) Gopher football preview: new coach, offense/defense, strength of schedule, wins predictions and more

#174: That Prosthetic Leg Moonshine  

The Best Friends Talking show (that's just Jon and Stu this week) had the following topics to cover: 3:00 - #Bridgewatergate 27:30 - Jon Ruins a Twins Pop Quiz 36:25 - MLS Talk 55:30 - There are no heroes left (Sam Jacobson Update)

#173: The Soft Bigotry of Bro Expectations  

Teddy B review | our famous Shittin on the Packers segment | Vikes friendly preview | trade DJ Dozier? | Premiership preview | How to not break news (Apologies for the white noise issue in the background, we are looking into it. JK, no we are not.)

#172: The Highest Level of Tickling  

Good group sesh this week. Listen in as B, Jon and Stu discuss: 2:30 | US Bank stadium review + Barnwell's Teddy B breakdown 37:50 | we miss our #Buxchub + defending Sano 1:02:10 | Olympics breakdown 1:10:00 | NDSU is just as dumb as us!

#171: Don't Short-Change the Beav  

- Honest-to-god breakdown of Twins trades - (36:00) Vikings training camp early chatter - (46:15) Dragging Chris Sale - (54:15) Chelsea FC preview + Sportive Recommends grab-bag

#170: Explosive in the Haunches  

Single-topic shortive (featuring our famous audio issues): Stu, Jon and B gripe about the bizarre press conference following the Terry Ryan firing. We agree this will probably cheer you up somewhere between 2 and 10%. It's the best we could do.

#169: Michael Rand is Number One  

0:00 | Hey, the Twins are kinda fun again 19:00 | Extremely inappropriate tangent about former hopeful Vikings owners 26:30 | We yell at our friend Rand for his Teddy B ranking 36:00 | Olympic preview including our gymnastics picks to click 56:00 | We learned the hard way: don't karaoke "Steal My Sunshine"

#168: Harold Stassen's America  

Official podcast brother Dave Marthaler joined us this week, as we talk about the following: --Is Kevin Durant worse than LeBron? --Is Sam Hinkie the world's biggest doofus? (Reprise) --Dave's Hateful Twins Stats (Twins midseason review) --Mitch Leidner: Has everyone gone crazy? --Ask Sportive: The best foods off the grill

#167: Going To The Fun Zone  

Stu, Brandon, and Jon met up in the western suburbs to record a podcast and get stared at by softball teams who were drinking hard on a Tuesday. Topics: * Kris Dunn, and whether Brandon's going to burn the city to the ground * The Twins: trade everyone or fire everyone? * The Great Baseball Road Trip: Kearney and other points of interest * Speeding up the game of baseball * CURLING UPDATE * The Lynx lost twice in a row

#166: Be the Jurgy You Want to See in the World  

0:00 | Cavs recap 29:20 | Copa: US-Arg preview, Jurgy status and more 41:18 | Fair-weather Wolves fan draft preview 52:00 | Chuck Klosterman midpoint book review

#165: Nothing But Gord  

Brandon abandoned us, as did Clarence, and Jon showed up late after a soccer game. It was, in a word, a two-man show. Discussed: - The NBA Finals - The NHL in Las Vegas - Whether we should be talking about the Minnesota Lynx (NOTE: lots of guilt in this segment) - The Sportive Recommends Albums To Buy - The biggest whiner at the U.S. Open this week

#164: Getting Pre-Furious  

It's an epside of The Straight Men (just Jon & B with no comic relief) as the two discuss: 0:00 | We play a round of "Will It Happen?" with Twins projections 37:35 | Brandon is the #1 Ricky Rubio defender 58:00 | NBA finals check-n 1:10:00 | Stanley Cup check-in 1:15:00 | What's next for USMNT?

#163: Your Divorced Dad's Adult Roommate  

1:00 | Why do Jon and B hate the Warriors? Bonus: B goes full Bayless and doubles down on his Klay hatred 18:00 | Who we should cheer for in the NHL playoffs? Plus a new feature where Clarence tells us a story of one of the many times he told someone to GFY 39:30 | Soccer CONCACAF tourney preview, aka the segment which inspires Jon to quit 60:00 | AskSportive segment: Gopher scandal predictions, best arcade games and more. Thanks to all for the questions.

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