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The Sportive is a comedy podcast devoted to Minnesota sports and other wastes of time. Join us weekly as we drink the pain away. Weaknesses: audio quality and preparation. Strengths: creative swears and inspired rants. Winner of the 2014 City Pages “Best Sports Podcast” award.


#187: Rehab That Cornea  

Discussed: 0:00 | Things that suck: the Vikings, eye surgeries, Bill Beavers, Kevin Lynch, US Bank cronies, everything involved with or related to the Wolves, (Slight detour to give advice to Wolves fans on how to survive the season), haters hatin' on Hinkie, Leidner, Tracy Claeys and the Minnesota Wild 56:00 | Things that don't suck: our promised deep-dive on the new Gilmore Girls

#186: You Have to do the Butt Shakers  

​ 3:20 | Fired Jurgy 17:20 | Castro signing (a rare Sportive Consensus was reached) 23:00 | Vikings: Purmur, Patterson and predictions 37:30 | Wolves PANIC 50:15 | B argues Gopher hoops are fun 59:30 | B's harrowing jazzercize class

#185: Hatred, Fear, and the Vikings Offensive Line  

Brandon and Jon gathered at Legends to go through Brandon's ten questions of doom. Four of them were about the Vikings, at least one was about the Twins. Aspersions, related to Norv Turner and Ricky Rubio, were cast. Plus: How much would you have to be paid to watch Gopher hoops?

#184: Election Special  

Fair warning: We talk politics. We don't stick to sports. If you don't wish to hear that, go ahead and delete this. David Brauer joins Brandon, Jon, and Stu, and special guests Zach Floyd and Joey White appear.

#183: The Self-Aware Red Ass  

​Seven questions asked and answered this episode: - What's up with this stuffed animals massacre situaish? - Do we care that the NFL ratings have gone in the toilet? - Vikings v Bears predictions? - Are we OK with the impending Thad Levine hire? - Why would anyone (Clarence) root against the Cubs? - Wolves season wins prediction? - Are we ready to get excited about the Wild yet? Apologies for some intermittent audio issues, we are committing for the 183rd time to improve on them very soon.

#182: The Panic Becomes a Dull Ache  

(0:45) How to jersey-troll (7:50) Vikings/Eagles preview (20:45) Jon's Tracy Claeys non-apology (30:52) MLB playoffs rooting order (including a sweet Oregon Trail analogy) (39:00) Introducing a new segment: dramatic readings of sports rants. This week: Lee Elia (43:52) Wild thoughts + a Phil Kessel and Auston Matthews explainer (57:10) Dad chat

#181: A Slate Article That Came to Life  

0:34 | Why/how are the Vikings so good? Are we ready to apologize for hating the Sam trade? Plus B offers a medium-hot take about Norv. 42:48 | How long is Tracy Claeys' leash? 57:45 | MLB playoffs, Wild opener, Stu explains "mowmen"

#180: The Marthaler Cup  

1:15 - We are still complaining about the Vikings 35:15 - MLB playoffs backup teams 44:05 - Half-assed Wild preview 54:10 - Lucia extension, Wolves, the invention of the Marthaler Cup, dad chat

#179: We Got Pratt Attached  

All four hosts are dialed in to discuss: -We find a way to complain about the Vikes -Dossier on presumed new Twins head honcho Dick Fosbury -Gophers, Lynx, Wolves, Wild -Dad chat!

#178: Gram That Hole  

One of our best despite the absence of our heart & soul Stu. Discussed: 3:35 - Kalil, AP, Bradford's peak, Blair Walsh forgiveness status 39:25 - Twins GM updates + early MLB draft outlook (warning: absolutely filthy language as per standard Clarence/B conversation) 47:30 - Vegas' bullish Wolves wins prediction and Clarence's trolling plan once it all falls apart 57:40 - Clarence's recent potato/pizza conundrum

#177: No One Wants to Eat Ed Asner  

- Vikings: Titans wrap-up/Packers preview - WE HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT BLAIR WALSH - Gopher football: are they good? - Some healthy ranting about why no one wants the Twins job - Nashville review

#176. Depths of an Ether Binge: Vikings 2016 Season Preview  

Stu and Brandon (plus Clarence for a few angry minutes!) gripe for pert near an hour about the sad state of the Vikings. Bradford. Bros & Turds. Wins predictions. Grumbling. More grumbling. This is your Vikings season preview.

#175: It Will Make Death Easier  

(1:35) TED :( (28:45) Gopher football preview: new coach, offense/defense, strength of schedule, wins predictions and more

#174: That Prosthetic Leg Moonshine  

The Best Friends Talking show (that's just Jon and Stu this week) had the following topics to cover: 3:00 - #Bridgewatergate 27:30 - Jon Ruins a Twins Pop Quiz 36:25 - MLS Talk 55:30 - There are no heroes left (Sam Jacobson Update)

#173: The Soft Bigotry of Bro Expectations  

Teddy B review | our famous Shittin on the Packers segment | Vikes friendly preview | trade DJ Dozier? | Premiership preview | How to not break news (Apologies for the white noise issue in the background, we are looking into it. JK, no we are not.)

#172: The Highest Level of Tickling  

Good group sesh this week. Listen in as B, Jon and Stu discuss: 2:30 | US Bank stadium review + Barnwell's Teddy B breakdown 37:50 | we miss our #Buxchub + defending Sano 1:02:10 | Olympics breakdown 1:10:00 | NDSU is just as dumb as us!

#171: Don't Short-Change the Beav  

- Honest-to-god breakdown of Twins trades - (36:00) Vikings training camp early chatter - (46:15) Dragging Chris Sale - (54:15) Chelsea FC preview + Sportive Recommends grab-bag

#170: Explosive in the Haunches  

Single-topic shortive (featuring our famous audio issues): Stu, Jon and B gripe about the bizarre press conference following the Terry Ryan firing. We agree this will probably cheer you up somewhere between 2 and 10%. It's the best we could do.

#169: Michael Rand is Number One  

0:00 | Hey, the Twins are kinda fun again 19:00 | Extremely inappropriate tangent about former hopeful Vikings owners 26:30 | We yell at our friend Rand for his Teddy B ranking 36:00 | Olympic preview including our gymnastics picks to click 56:00 | We learned the hard way: don't karaoke "Steal My Sunshine"

#168: Harold Stassen's America  

Official podcast brother Dave Marthaler joined us this week, as we talk about the following: --Is Kevin Durant worse than LeBron? --Is Sam Hinkie the world's biggest doofus? (Reprise) --Dave's Hateful Twins Stats (Twins midseason review) --Mitch Leidner: Has everyone gone crazy? --Ask Sportive: The best foods off the grill

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