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Join the team from the award-winning Leeds United fanzine The Square Ball for a fortnightly look at what's been going on with the club and what to look forward to in the mag.


#99: Engineering & Transmissions  

We're on a winning run and the gears are all turning smoothly, but will the Telegraph sting on Massimo throw a spanner in the works? Meanwhile, Pontus Jansson is rapidly turning himself into a both a hero and a vital cog in the machine. Ahead of the international break, only the Barnsley Luddites threaten to derail our charge towards promotion and there's news of a technical revolution with the all new official site. Meanwhile, someone has been sent to Coventry.

#98: Free Tickets To Nothing  

Two victories in a week! We comprehensively smash Blackburn and GFH are finally shown the door. The lads wonder if the tide could be turning at Elland Road? According to fans favourite Bellusci, though, LUFC isn't a place for foreigners. What will the pod make of this claim and how will Marco's social media nightmare fare? There's also a preview for the Blackburn game. And the Blackburn game. And the game against Blackburn. Plus the Blackburn fixture.

#97 (Part 2): Judge Judy  

Part 2 of this mammoth 97th podcast sees the boys tackle the summer's outgoings and dissect the reaction to Charlie Taylor's impending departure. There's an update on David Haigh's fundraising efforts as he seeks to do... something. Of course, there's a return of the KBVOTF award and an unlikely big name winner, and next up is a visit from the league leaders and from Huddersfield.

#97 (Part 1): Tell It To My Heart  

We're sorry. We're ever so sorry. We just lost track of time. The boys sheepishly return after quite a long break from podcasting. Thankfully, all is well with the good ship Leeds United. Garry Monk is here and we have a new hero in Pablo Hernandez, but lord only knows what those eyes have seen. The season's underway and we have lots of new players to get excited about. What could possibly go wrong?

#96: Barmy Steve's Sarnie Army  

Last time out the pod was full of confident talk of a future under Rosler and Pearson. Naturally, they're gone, replaced by Steve Evans and, er, nobody. Meanwhile, Massimo's in hot water again and is ready to flounce off into the sunset, but who - and what - comes next? At least the team is back to winning ways as they prepare to face two Leeds United ex-Neils in the shape of Redfearn and Warnock.

The Long Ball #1: Leeds Fans Utd  

In the first episode of our new long form spinoff podcast, The Long Ball, we talk to Dylan Thwaites and Sharon Reid from Leeds Fans Utd about the club, their dealings with Massimo Cellino and fan ownership.

#95: Very Naughty Boy  

The pod speaks to Adam Pope of BBC Radio Leeds to get his thoughts on his favourite things of the season so far, plus what it's like to work with Noel Whelan. Moscow ventures in the betting market, there's the case for selling Sam Byram and talk of Paul Green's dancing. The lads examine Ken's thoughts on the "immigration crisis", David Haigh's incarceration and how best to use Oldham's landfill sites.

#94: Two Ton Tessie  

The season is underway so the pod runs the rule over the new boys in the squad and comes up with an interesting theory about Sam Byram's form. Moscow's happiness plays yin to the yang of Jimmy Hasselbaink's fury while the deconstruction of Cuddly Ken's latest nonsense - endured by the pod so you don't have to - is a must-listen... for cows and dairy farmers alike, but perhaps not "the Arabs". Plus there's something resembling a preview of the games against Bristol City, Sheffield Wednesday and Derby County.

#93: Wispy Wingers  

The pod makes a triumphant return for the new season but rest assured that the same old nonsense is rife throughout. There's a reflection on preseason (the good bits, anyway) and a healthy dose of positivity about the new signings. The lads make their preseason predictions - with one outlandish forecast in particular - and there's a look ahead to the opening games of the season. Finally, there's a peek through the curtains to try and establish just who's in Eleonora's bed.

#92: Cellino of the Year  

The podcast returns to wrap up all the nonsense from last season. It thanks the scorned Redders and welcomes Uwe Rosler as the next watermelon, but will he last longer now Adam Pearson is in place and a sensible air has descended at Elland Road. For now. Moscowhite contemplates a new future supporting Club Atlético Belgrano next season, and the pod gets down to brass tacks and finds out who you named your Cellino of the Year.

#91: Evil Men Have Beards  

It's been another fortnight of unbridled chaos at Leeds United, and the pod does its best to make sense of the madness. It's not easy though, as Moscowhite has to come to terms with a Steve Morison goal. It looks like Massimo will be back driving the bus - probably straight through Andrew Umbers' Q&A with Phil Hay. And after complaints that the pod doesn't talk enough about football, the lads joyfully explore five defeats on the bounce in among chatter about facial hair.

#90: Drone Strike (9th Apr 2015)  

It was all going so well. Too well. Of course, it was never going to last. How dare Steve Thompson swear/insult a man bag/underperform/kick a child a child in the face? The other Steve continues his years-long goal drought and the pod contemplates desperate measures. Meanwhile, Andrew Umbers' presence continues to baffle and amuse. Baldy Michael has some hard-hitting hair tips for the chairman as the countdown to the end of the season thankfully continues.

#89: Bring Back The Cat (17th Mar 2015)  

It's been a while, but the pod in new surroundings. Lots has happened since the last one, including the blistering run of form that has seen United move clear of the relegation zone and Redders promoted to the status of Sacred Cow. Of course there are rumours of another takeover - after all it's been at least six months since the last one. But what's next? Is it crouching tiger, hidden dragon or cartoon snow leopard? The important issues are all under review - including United's entry for Tree of the Year.

#88: Unbreakable (12th Dec 2014)  

We did it! No, we're not referring to those three magnificent points against Derby, we're talking about the FSF awards. Did we mention...? Oh we did... Such is the life of the Leeds fan that, on the day we collected the FSF Fanzine of the Year award, we found out Massimo was barred from owning the club. With that in mind, the pod realises it's becoming harder to explain to people just what's going on at Leeds United. Luckily, Ken is on hand to inject some sanity into proceedings.

#87: Break A Leg, Darling (28th Nov 2014)  

After Luke Varney's incredible piece of acting on Saturday, the pod reconvenes to celebrate everything theatrical. There's David Haigh's tearful performance on Twitter, Ken's invitation to watch the drama of the Monaco GP, and on the phone is Ad Hughes. Ad has penned a play about the Leeds hooligan scene in the 84-85 season and he's bringing it to Leeds. He'd like you to see it for free, too! Plus there's all the usual showing off, and has there even been a sighting of Oddy?

#86: Great Bunch Of Lads (7th Nov 2014)  

The podcast reconvenes - still minus Oddy - to celebrate Redders' turn in the Elland Road dugout. Again. Or is it really Carlo Mazzone? Meanwhile, Red Bull are hovering in the wings, or is it all a load of bull? It's November too, which means we shoudl be buying back Elland Road. Except we're not. And Massimo lays the blame squarely at the feet of GFH. And finally, it's vote begging time as TSB has been nominated for fanzine of the year for the fourth year running. Vote now:

#85: Mystic Moscow (24th Oct 2014)  

Recorded ahead of the Wolves game, Moscowhite is freakishly accurate about Darko Milanic's future prospects at Leeds United, as he predicts that the Slovenian would be given the boot straight after the game against the visitors from Molineux. Meanwhile, there's still no sign of Oddy, so the pod unveils a special tribute to its missing friend. On top of all that, there's plenty of chat about old friends, as Ken Bates, Shaun Harvey and Neil Warnock all make an appearance.

#84: David Batty's Steam Train (9th Oct 2014)  

Huddersfield are having dog trouble but there's no such issue for Massimo at Brentford, as his arrives safely in a bread bun. The pod tackles the burning questions of the day: does Antenucci understand the offside rule? Is Cellino behind the midfield rhombus? Is Darko Milanic a bare faced liar? Just who is Mr Tubby of Rotherham? Does David Batty own a mobile phone? Could David Haigh borrow it? And just where is Oddy?

#83: Top Hat & Tails (19th Sep 2014)  

There's still no head coach, but it appears we're better without one as Redders' troops start to gather some momentum on their march with a hard fought win at Bournemouth. Doukara still doesn't look like scoring, but John Belushi certainly does as his cumworthy thunderbastard floats into the Cherries net. Meanwhile, there's still a stench emanating from the Monaco mausoleum as Ben's pens cause a stir.

#82 (Part 2 of 2): Village Aunties (6th Sep 2014)  

The podcast has a chat with Phil Hay of the YEP and gets his verdict on the short-lived Hockaday era. Phil also runs through his likely successor in the Whites hot seat and reflects on a busy transfer window at Elland Road. Then it's back to the usual puerile fluff, with a look at the coming matches. Finally, there's a controversial KBVOTF award to cap off podcast 82.

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