The Stuniverse Podcast

The Stuniverse Podcast

United States

Astrophysicist, journalist and broadcaster Dr Stuart Clark has a fortnightly chat about all things Universe-related with comedian Mark O'Sullivan.


The Stuniverse Podcast - Episode 4 - Tim Peake, Gravitational Waves, Meteors and Space Nappies  

In Episode 4, Dr Stu tells Mark about Tim Peake's space walk, rumours of gravitational waves, civilisation-threatening meteors and NASA'S obscene pictures!

The Stuniverse Podcast - Episode 3 - Aliens, Northern Lights, Planetary Rings and Uninsured Astronauts  

In episode 3, Dr Stu tells Mark about Alien Megastructures, the likelihood of Alien life, the moving Northern (and Southern) Lights and we play round 3 of the Big Fat Galactic Liar Quiz. Additional music in this episode by Jon Shearer.

Stuniverse Extra! Star Wars: The Force Awakens review  

In this extra episode, Dr Stu reviews the latest Star Wars Blockbuster with Mark's 7 year old son, Oscar. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

The Stuniverse Podcast - Episode 2 - Tim Peake, Star Wars, Gravity, Missing Trousers  

In the first of their new regular fortnightly episodes, Dr Stu and Mark talk about Tim Peake, Star Wars and the Death Star, the far side of the moon, and Stu's missing trousers. You can tweet your questions and comments to @immarkosullivan or @DrStuClark

The Stuniverse Podcast - Trailer  

A little introduction by Mark & Dr Stu.

The Stuniverse Podcast - Episode 1 - Einstein, Star Wars, Space Planes, Orbital Litter  

In the first of a new regular podcast, comedian Mark O'Sullivan chats with Dr Stuart Clark, Astrophysicist, Journalist, Novelist and Broadcaster. In this episode... Einstein, Space Planes, Orbital Litter, Star Wars, Dr Stu's Big Fat Galactic Liar Quiz and a try-it-at-home Space Mystery! Tweet your questions to @DrStuClark or @immarkosullivan

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