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The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.


200: ‘Episode CC’, With Special Guest Craig Federighi  

Very special guest Craig Federighi returns to the show to talk about Face ID, the perils of live demos, Apple’s approach to designing the iPhone X, privacy, security, and more.

199: ‘Under Rumored’, With Special Guest Jim Dalrymple  

Jim Dalrymple returns to the show for a preview of next week's Apple event. We speculate (wrongly, it seems to have turned out) on the naming of the new iPhones, facial recognition in lieu of Touch ID, third-generation Apple Watches, Apple TV, HomePod, and more.

198: ‘Prison Oreos’, With Special Guest Jason Snell  

Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics include Daring Fireball's 15th anniversary, fruit fly infestations, clicky keyboards, sandwich cookies, the birth of Markdown, iOS 11's new "cop mode", favicons in Safari, Apple's Project Titan, last week's total solar eclipse, and Jerry Lewis.

197: ‘Nancy Reagan Was Right’, With Special Guest Glenn Fleishman  

Special guest Glenn Fleishman returns to the show. Topics include China forcing Apple to remove VPN apps from the Chinese App Store, Wi-Fi vs. LTE networking, the open workspaces in Apple Park, Glenn's new letterpress project, the HomePod OS leak and iPhone D22, and more.

196: ‘Actually, You Can Buy a Better Coke’, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie  

Rene Ritchie returns to the show to talk about the rumors and speculation regarding this year’s upcoming new iPhones.

195: ‘I Do Like Throwing a Baby’, With Special Guest John Moltz  

Special guest John Moltz returns to the show. Topics include more follow-up from WWDC 2017, the iPad Pro models and ProMotion, Scott Forstall's interview with John Markoff regarding the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone, the ongoing shitshow at Uber, quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, and more. Also: guess which John enjoys throwing babies into the air.

194: ‘Egg Freckles’, With Special Guest Serenity Caldwell  

Serenity Caldwell returns to the show to talk about WWDC 2017 -- iOS 11, the new iPad Pro models, MacOS 10.13 "High Sierra", updated Mac hardware and a tease at the upcoming iMac Pro, where Apple might go with VR and AR, San Jose as the venue for the event itself, and more.

193: ‘Crack Marketing Team’ — Live From WWDC 2017 With Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi  

Recorded in front of a live audience at The California Theatre in San Jose, John Gruber is joined by Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi to discuss the news from WWDC: new Mac hardware, the new iPad Pro, Mac OS 10.13 “High Sierra”, iOS 11, the upcoming HomePod, and more.

192: ‘The Original Sin Is XML’, With Special Guests Manton Reece and Brent Simmons  

Manton Reece and whisky-soaked baritone Brent Simmons join the show to talk about JSON Feed, the new spec they co-authored for syndicating things like blog posts and podcasts. We talk about their longstanding mutual interest in [Userland Frontier][f] -- Dave Winer’s groundbreaking scripting environment from the early ’90s -- and how that background and their mutual love for publishing on the open web and the democratization of technology ultimately led to the creation of JSON Feed, as well as their other new projects: Manton’s [][m] publishing platform, and Brent’s new open source Mac app, announced for the first time right here on the show. And of course a brief look ahead to next week’s WWDC 2017.

191: ‘He Ends Up Fighting Hervé Villechaize’, With Special Guest Jim Dalrymple  

Special guest Jim Dalrymple returns to the show to speculate about what Apple might announce at the upcoming WWDC 2017: Apple Watch, iPad, iOS, updated MacBooks, Apple TV, and more. Also: a celebration of the great Roger Moore.

190: ‘Anything Luxury’, With Special Guest Ben Thompson  

Ben Thompson returns to the show. Topics include Microsoft's announcements from Build 2017, search engines, Amazon's new (confusingly-named) Look and Show devices, the need for HAL 9000, Apple's WeChat problem in China, and more.

189: ‘Long Press on the French Fries’, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie  

Rene Ritchie returns to the show. Topics include Apple’s Q2 2017 financial results, the iPhone’s decline in China over the past two years, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick getting called to Tim Cook’s office regarding Uber’s surreptitious “fingerprinting” of iPhones, judging Apple Watch’s success, Hulu’s entry into the cord-cutting “live TV” subscription market (and Apple’s conspicuous absence from that same market), and more.

188: ‘Apple VP Lisa Jackson’  

Special guest Lisa Jackson — Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives — joins the show for an Earth Day discussion of the state of Apple’s environmental efforts: climate change, renewable energy, responsible packaging, and Apple’s new goal to create a “closed-loop supply chain”, wherein the company’s products would be manufactured entirely from recycled materials.

187: ‘Forget About Frodo and Sam’, With Special Guest MG Siegler  

MG Siegler returns to the show. Topics includes Virgin America's sad fate as a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros, "doing work" on an iPad Pro, Walt Mossberg, the absurd bloat of iOS apps, Clips, Netflix and Amazon's spending on video, and more.

186: ‘Good News, My House Burned Down’, With Special Guest Matthew Panzarino  

Matthew Panzarino returns to the show for an in-depth discussion of last week's "future of the Mac Pro" round table discussion between a handful of Apple executives and journalists who cover the company. We talk about what went wrong with the 2013 Mac Pro design, speculate on the timeline of when Apple made this decision, why touchscreen Macs are almost certainly a bad idea even though a lot of people think they want one, and more.

185: ‘Warmest Regards’, With Special Guest Dan Frommer  

Special guest Dan Frommer returns to the show. Topics include the end of The Deck ad network, my weird story about getting kicked out of Amazon’s affiliate program, Apple’s new products announced last week (Red iPhone 7 models, larger-capacity iPhone SEs, the new 9.7-inch just-plain iPad, and Apple’s excellent new Clips app), Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, Twitter’s new reply system, CarPlay getting its ass kicked in a head-to-head comparison with Android Auto, ISPs and Privacy, and more.

184: ‘Hubbo Is in Decline’, With Special Guest Merlin Mann  

The one and only Merlin Mann returns to the show. Topics include modern plumbing technology and product marketing, the intricate ordeal of switching from iCloud’s old two-step authentication to the modern two-factor authentication, and the future of voice-driven UI/AI. Also, a wee bit of follow-up on our post-election November 9 Holiday Party.

183: ‘A Very Masculine Bark’, With Special Guest Serenity Caldwell  

Serenity Caldwell returns to the show. Topics include the Best Picture fiasco at last week’s Academy Awards, Tim Cook speaking vaguely of “the pro area” at Apple’s shareholders meeting, the conflict between Apple’s culture of secrecy and the glaring embarrassment that is the 1,100-day-old Mac Pro lineup, new iPad Pro rumors and our ruminations on tablet vs. notebook hardware form factors, The Wall Street Journal’s seemingly goofy report on new iPhones replacing Lightning with USB-C ports, and the garbage fire that is Uber’s corporate culture.

182: ‘AAA Podcast’, With Special Guest Marco Arment  

Special guest Marco Arment returns to the show. Topics include WWDC moving back to San Jose, the latest rumors about this year’s new iPads and iPhones, and the thinking behind the design changes in the just-released Overcast 3.0.

181: ‘Corporate Stiffy’, With Special Guest John Moltz  

John Moltz returns to the show. Topics include:

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