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The Tell Show

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Through a mix of party games, interviews, and live performance-style storytelling, Summer, Isaac and their guests tell stories they haven't shared publicly before—and reveal things about themselves you’d normally never tell a stranger.


Ep. 09: Lamorne Morris - First Time  

New Girl actor Lamorne Morris shares a story about his first time and talks about auditioning for the role of Winston Bishop. He also plays a round of Never Have I Ever, and Summer and Isaac finally tell each other what's wrong with them.

Ep. 09: Melissa Broder - Romance  

Melissa Broder, the poet and essayist behind the @SoSadToday Twitter account, tells a story about actually trying to follow the rules from the book "The Rules (TM): Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right".

Ep. 08: Sherman Alexie - Food  

Poet, author and filmmaker Sherman Alexie is lactose intolerant. In this episode, he tells a story about racial identity, anthropology, and the incident that finally forced him to come to terms with his body's inability to digest dairy.

Ep. 07: Lorelei Lee - Bodies  

Lorelei Lee, an adult film performer, writer, director and activist tells a story about body modification and finding her sisterhood. She also plays Never Have I Ever with Summer and Isaac.

Ep. 06: Lena Waithe - Long Distance  

Lena Waithe—a writer, producer and actress who played Denise on the Netflix show "Master Of None"—tells a story about moving from Chicago to L.A., coming out to her friends and family, and her changing relationship with her mom.

Ep. 05: Saeed Jones - Letting Go  

Poet and BuzzFeed Editor Saeed Jones tells a story about learning to let go after his mother's death—and reclaiming his name, which means "happy" and "fortunate" in Arabic.

Ep. 04: Michael Ian Black - Home  

Comedian Michael Ian Black tells the story of buying and hating his first house. He also plays Never Have I Ever with Summer and Isaac and performs slam poetry for the very first time

Ep. 03: Edie Windsor & Roberta Kaplan - Coming Out  

Marriage equality trailblazers Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan were the plaintiff-attorney pair in the Supreme Court case that struck down the federal ban on same-sex couple's marriages. In this episode, they play Never Have I Ever with Summer and Isaac and tell the story of the first time their paths crossed, over 20 years before the United States v. Windsor ruling.

Ep. 02: W. Kamau Bell - Expectation Vs. Reality  

W. Kamau Bell joins Summer and Isaac to play Never Have I Ever; then Kamau tells stories about working at Michael Jordan's restaurant, a new-dad emergency, and the first case of reverse racism he's ever heard of.

Ep. 01: Cheryl Strayed - Stealing  

Summer and Isaac play "Never Have I Ever" with author Cheryl Strayed; then Cheryl tells a story about a horse, a cowboy, and a secret.

Never Have I Ever  

The Tell Show is a new podcast from BuzzFeed, hosted by Summer Anne Burton and Isaac Fitzgerald. Season 1 starts February 11th.

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