Andy Wood  

Todd is joined by the great Andy Wood!

The After Show  

Todd was off with family this week but don't worry because we still have an after show from last week! 

Jay Larson  

Jay Larson joins Todd on today’s episode!

Go see Jay record his hour special November 29th at the El Rey Theater!

Tom Martin Returns!  

Tom Martin is back on the show!

Note: This episode may be difficult to listen to, it was recorded a few hours before the results of the election came in. It is an extremely hopeful episode. We still have hope. Take care of each other.

A Serious Show 2  

A serious show from a serious podcast with Todd and Eric!

It's A No Show Show!  

It's A No Show Show! Listen for details on the special he's taping!

James Adomian  

One of our all-time favorites is back, James Adomian! And maybe he brought a few friends...

Caleb Synan  

One of our favorites, Caleb Synan, is back on the show!

Blake Wexler!  

He's your favorite, he's our favorite. Its Blake Wexler back on the show!

ALMOST a show  

Maybe tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow.

Live from the LA Podcast Festival 2016  

Todd, Eric and Aristotle live at the LA Podcast Festival with a few special drop-ins!

The Liberal Redneck  

Todd is joined by a very special guest, the Liberal Redneck! We're also joined by some very familiar friends at the table!

An After Show!  

Its another Todd Glass after show with Eric Ohlsen and Nick Lepa!

Graham Elwood!  

Graham Elwood returns to tell us about this yera's LA Podcast Festival!

Use the offer code Todd to get $5 off you ticket for the LA Podcast Festival!

A No Show/Serious Show!  

Its a no-show and a serious show wrapped in one!

Andy Kindler  

The greatest comedian alive, Andly Kindler, returns to The Todd Glass Show 

Henry Phillips  

Henry Phillips is back on the show! Be sure to check out his new special (produced by Eric Ohlsen) on Vimeo!

A Serious Show  

Todd and Eric sit down for a serious show. Seriously!

Family Show Part 2  

Part 2 of our family show with Eric Olsen, Robbie Kirkhuff, Aaron Simon and Duncan Carey! 

Family Show Part 1  

Its a family show with Eric, Duncan, Aaron Simon and Robbie!

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