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Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods for your daily serving of liberty education! Guests include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more, with topics like war, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, the FDA, Austrian economics, and many other subjects of interest to libertarians. Join us!


Ep. 763 The Final Rockwell-Woods Debate Analysis Episode of 2016  

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the last presidential debate of this election season, and Lew Rockwell and Tom are here with the most sought-after analysis in the libertarian world!

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Ep. 762 Don't Believe the Propaganda About Central Banks, and Much More Advice from Tom  

Here's an interview I did on the Kennedy Financial podcast, covering all kinds of topics: 19th-century bank panics, what kind of gold and silver coins you should have, how to work online without a boss, and much more.

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Ep. 761 The Real Reason Libertarians Don't Matter in Politics?  

Some say libertarian views aren't heard in politics because libertarians don't vote, so there's no point in courting them. The real reason tells us much more about politics, voting, and the state.

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BONUS Ep. 760 Mastering Email: The Quickest Way to Get an Advantage Over Your Competitors  

Capitalism is all about buying and selling, and if you want to sell online, you have to know how to use email the right way. If you master email marketing, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competitors – most of whom, frankly, will be doing it all wrong. In this episode, Daniel Levis joins me to explain the right – and wrong – way to prosper through email.

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Ep. 759 The Paleos: When Rothbard Rejoined the Right in the 1990s  

In the 1990s, Murray Rothbard thought an opportune moment had arisen to reach out again to the American right wing. With the Cold War over, a number of interesting and impressive conservative thinkers were concluding that it was time to stop the global interventionism and return to being a normal country again. This meeting of the minds, between paleoconservatives (so named to distinguish themselves from neoconservatives) and paleolibertarians bore considerable fruit. Jason Jewell walks through this important history.

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Ep. 758 Where Bernie Went Wrong  

Senator Bernie Sanders attracted plenty of attention this election cycle, but while his complaints weren’t always without merit, his proposed solutions would only have added fuel to the fire. Hunter Lewis, author of the new book Where Bernie Went Wrong, joins me to take a closer look at Bernie and his ideas.

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Ep. 757 DEBATE: Is Fractional Reserve Banking Economically Benign?  

When I recently (episode 745) spoke to Professor Jeffrey Herbener about the economic effects of fractional-reserve banking, I recalled that John Tamny and I had had a disagreement on the subject. So for this episode I’ve invited both of these gentlemen for a formal debate on the subject. I think you’ll find the result enlightening.

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Ep. 756 Was Margaret Thatcher a Libertarian Hero?  

Conservatives and many libertarians look back fondly on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom they remember for taking on trade unions and the left, and advocating free-market economic policy. Is this an accurate picture of the former British leader? Sean Gabb joins me for an unconditional look at Margaret Thatcher.

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Ep. 755 Is Singapore a Good Destination for Libertarians?  

I get asked a lot about places where libertarians might move were things to go really sour in the United States. I myself plan to stick it out come what may, but it’s a good question all the same. One place sometimes cited in this respect is Singapore. Ivo Zlamal, a Supporting Listener of the show who has lived in Singapore for four and a half years, shares his impressions of that small country.

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Ep. 754 How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything  

Rosa Brooks, an expert on international law and national security law, discusses how the War on Terror has confused and conflated war and peace, thereby blurring legal principles and categories developed over the course of Western civilization.

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Ep. 753 The Bad News They Leave Out, and the Good News They Leave Out  

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton can or will explain precisely what the Fed has done to the economy since the turn of the century, but it's crucial that we understand it. Meanwhile, although we hear nothing but warnings and gloom about employment in the age of automation, the true picture turns out to be much brighter. This are my remarks at the Mises Institute's event at Harvard on October 1, 2016.

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Ep. 752 Lew Rockwell and Tom Take Apart the Vice Presidential Debate  

Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence squared off in the only vice presidential debate of this campaign season last night, and Lew and I evaluate the wreckage.

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Ep. 751 Help People Around the World by Going Over the Heads of Governments and Aid Groups  

Gret Glyer, a graduate of Grove City College who lives in Malawi, just launched an app that will knock your socks off: help fund worthy projects of all sizes all over the world, and get receive immediate notification and visual evidence of your impact when the project is complete.

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Ep. 750 What I Told a Room Full of Sheriffs  

Here's what I told over 100 sheriffs about state nullification, the states' right to refuse to allow the enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws.

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Ep. 749 Education Without the State  

A short episode today, touching on some of the arguments libertarians have to face when it comes to education, plus two random thoughts on my mind.

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Ep. 748 From the Military to Entrepreneurship: How a Listener Changed His Life  

James Newcomb, another conscientious objector I've gotten to know in the private Facebook group for the show's Supporting Listeners, discusses his post-military entrepreneurial vision, and how to embark on a new life.

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Ep. 747 Media and Public Confused: Who Creates Jobs, Consumers or Entrepreneurs?  

Here's a common refrain: the rich are parasites who in fact don't create jobs at all. Plenty of them just shelter their income somewhere. The real job creators are the working classes, who go out and spend their money. This is what stimulates economic activity. What is the correct response to this line of argument?

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Ep. 746 Trump's Missed Opportunities: Lew Rockwell and Tom Discuss the First Presidential Debate  

Did Trump land a knockout blow in last night's debate? For those of us wanting to see Clinton smashed on live TV, the answer -- according to Lew Rockwell and me -- is unfortunately not. Here's our analysis, punchy as always, of what went down.

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Ep. 745 The Economics of Fractional-Reserve Banking  

Fractional-reserve banking, in which only a fraction of demand deposits are available on demand (the rest being lent out), has been a source of controversy even among self-identified Austrian economists. Jeff Herbener joins us to discuss the purely economic effects of fractional-reserve banking.

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Ep. 744 A Marxist Reckons with Libertarian Ideas  

Today we look at the thought of G.A. Cohen, a Marxist who actually tried to deal with libertarian ideas without caricaturing them. His ideas can help us sharpen our arguments, and can show us where egalitarianism leads. The bulk of this episode is drawn from my 90-lesson government course I created for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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