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Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods for your daily serving of liberty education! Guests include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more, with topics like war, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, the FDA, Austrian economics, and many other subjects of interest to libertarians. Join us!


Ep. 960 Just Try to Stump Us -- Tough Questions for Tom & Bob  

Today I'm sharing what's normally a members-only Q&A I did with Bob Murphy at It's a smorgasbord of Austrian economics, economic theory, and history -- with all the fun and banter you've come to love with Bob and me. Enjoy! Show notes for Ep. 960

Ep. 959 What I Learned from Murray Rothbard (opening lecture at Mises U 2017)  

One of my most significant intellectual influences was the extraordinarily productive polymath Murray N. Rothbard. In this kickoff talk at Mises University 2017, I discuss what he taught me, what it was like to meet and interact with him, why he's worthy of study, admiration, and respect, and why it's impossible in the world of ideas not to have enemies. Show notes for Ep. 959

BONUS Ep. 958 The Show That Never Ends: The Rise and Fall of Progressive Rock  

David Weigel, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, released a book this year on the history of progressive rock -- which is a glorious and wonderful excuse for a podcast-length discussion of the subject. What's great about this kind of music, what happened to it, the best places to start, and a lot more. Show notes for Ep. 958

Ep. 957 The Frederic Bastiat You Never Knew: The Incredible Life and Extraordinary Work of a Great Classical Liberal  

A great many libertarians have read at least some of Frederic Bastiat's work, but it's usually one or two of the same writings. Bastiat's output was vastly greater than what most of us are familiar with, and his life was extraordinarily eventful and exciting. David Hart, an expert on Bastiat, joins us for another look at a most underrated thinker and man. Show notes for Ep. 957

Ep. 956 Books Libertarians Should Read  

I asked David Gordon, possibly the most well-read person I've ever met, what books he thought libertarians should read. The result was this engaging discussion! Show notes for Ep. 956

Ep. 955 Genoa: A Forgotten History of Liberty, Growth, and Entrepreneurship  

Today's episode reaches back into history to the overlooked example of Genoa, where we discover the late medieval origins of entrepreneurial skills and institutions that formed the springboard for early modern economic development. The forgotten republican tradition of Genoa, moreover, poses an interesting alternative to the militarist and statist views of Machiavelli. Show notes for Ep. 955

Ep. 954 Tom DiLorenzo Smashes Nancy MacLean's Book on the "Radical Right" -- a Term That Includes You and Me  

Nancy MacLean generated much discussion and controversy when she released her book Democracy in Chains, which purports to explain how the "radical Right" -- in which she includes the most implausible figures -- conspired to take over America.   The book is the standard leftist hysteria about outcomes that will obviously never come to pass, plus a healthy serving of innuendo and downright manufactured claims. Tom DiLorenzo and I have fun with it.   Show notes for Ep. 954

Ep. 953 Sole 'No' Vote in Legislature Makes GOP Enemies, Racks Up Victories  

West Virginia state legislator Pat McGeehan, who comes endorsed by Ron Paul, has been the sole "No" vote in the legislature for years, but has also scored numerous legislative victories -- so he was thrown out of the Republican Caucus. He shared his insights about success and holding fast to principle that apply to people in all walks of life. Show notes for Ep. 953

Ep. 952 Pope Francis: The Political Pope  

Pope Francis is one of the most controversial popes in Church history, and has left a great many churchmen and faithful bewildered. His sympathy for leftist political causes, and his systematic removal of people unsympathetic to his progressive program, are clear enough. We get into some of the details in this episode. Show notes for Ep. 952

Ep. 951 Is Amazon Evil?  

Although most people seemed pleased on so-called Prime Day, Amazon has its critics, too. Do the criticisms hold water? Show notes for Ep. 951

Ep. 950 Case Study: How the Market Better Provides a State Service  

Justin Nguyen is prepared to move beyond theory and into practice with his innovative approach to the environment and waste management. The market, he says, can do a better and more efficient job, and more creatively to boot, than the state. Show notes for Ep. 950

Ep. 949 After Trump, What?  

Robert W. Merry, editor of The American Conservative, paints a grim picture of the position the left would be in should Trump fail or be forced out. Show notes for Ep. 949

Ep. 948 Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Improve the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians  

Maybe the time has come to try something radically different, instead of doubling down on the same old strategies. That's the view of Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute, who discusses the potential for humanity in, yes, floating nations. Show notes for Ep. 948

Ep. 947 Divided Republicans, Unified Democrats, and Our Future  

I realize the Democrats and Republicans both annoy us, but we do live under their rule, so we do need to know about them. And when Republicans say the Democrats are divided or in trouble, I think they're engaged in wishful thinking. Show notes for Ep. 947

Ep. 946 Lew Rockwell on CNN, Trump, Rothbard, and More  

Lew Rockwell joins me to discuss the CNN flap, Trump, foreign policy, and Murray Rothbard. Show notes for Ep. 946

Ep. 945 Don't Complain, Create: The Rise of Startup Societies  

Co-founder and CEO of the Startup Societies Foundation, Joe McKinney, joins me to discuss new approaches to challenging (and escaping from) centralized authority. Show notes for Ep. 945

Ep. 944 Another Way Government Makes Housing Expensive  

You may be familiar with the problems with Dodd-Frank, but here's one almost nobody knows about: it all but shuts off a significant source of financing for lower-priced and starter homes. Hard to believe, I know: a government regulation harming ordinary people.... Show notes for Ep. 944

Ep. 943 Cuba Persecutes Libertarians; Here's What's Going on  

Early this year (2017), stories began to multiply of members of the Libertarian Party in Cuba running afoul of the authorities for no good reason. Today we discuss what's happening, and how we can help. Show notes for Ep. 943

Ep. 942 Alexander Hamilton, Worse Than You Thought: Hidden History with Brion McClanahan  

Brion discusses his forthcoming book How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America. Lots of great and unknown history in this one. Show notes for Ep. 942

Ep. 941 Current Events: North Korea Update with Michael Malice  

An American held in captivity in North Korea recently died; on top of that, plans for a military option in North Korea are being discussed in Washington. Michael Malice joins us for an update. Show notes for Ep. 941

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