The Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Copa America, Euro 2

The Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Copa America, Euro 2

United States

American soccer podcast—publishes Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Man City v Chelsea review — Conte finds holes in Guardiola's plan  

Looking for our Clasico review? Go back one episode.

On this show, we take a good long look at Chelsea's 3-1 win away to Man City, featuring a great first half from Man City, three increasingly rapid counterattacks from Chelsea, and a big old fight at the end. We examine all those elements in this review.

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Clasico review: Barcelona v Real Madrid  

We review the 1-1 La Liga draw between Barcelona and Real Madrid, breaking down the approach of each team, explaining why Luis Suarez and Sergio Ramos are so great on set pieces, and wagging the finger of shame at Arda Turan and Sergi Roberto.

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Toronto v Montreal and El Clasico Preview  

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

0:00 - Gareth Southgate is the new (official/non-interim) England manager

7:55 - Toronto v Montreal played an insane MLS playoff match

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40:04 - El Clasico Preview. TL:DL - Real Madrid is good. Barcelona is also very good.

60:18 - Updating the TSS Scouting Network

Chapecoense disaster brings soccer community together, Bruce Arena answers USMNT questions, Ben Woodburn scores for Liverpool  

We open the show with a quick look at Man Utd's win over West Ham in the EFL Cup quarterfinal.

1:30 — How the soccer community has responded positively to the Chapecoense air disaster.

8:40 — We try to predict what a Bruce Arena national team might look like, based on the answers he gave at hist first media roundtable as USMNT head coach. Well, first one this time around.

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30:10 — We catch up with the outrageous talents doing big things in the TSS Scouting Network, including a breakdown of Ben Woodburn's first goal for Liverpool, Germany's next big thing, and George Weah's son making the US U17 team.

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No more New York Cosmos? w/ Dave Martinez, plus: Is the end of the NASL good or bad for American soccer?  

Taylor interviews Dave Martinez (of Empire of Soccer) about the questionable future of the New York Cosmos. Dave is the man that broke the story and so we ask him for all the details.

Daryl and Taylor then give their reaction, speculating on what an NASL-less American soccer pyramid would look like.

We also offer up some incredible scouting reports, including young Americans abroad, backheels, own goals, the U20 World Cup(s), diving headers from the son of Diego, and more.

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Bob Bradley Gets A Win, Jordan Morris Gets A Goal, and Darlington Nagbe Gets A Transfer?  

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

0:00 - We discuss Swansea City's topsy-turvy 5-4 win over Crystal Palace, and try to figure out if Bob Bradley deserves credit or criticism.

13:55 - Analyzing Seattle's 1-0 win (3-1 on aggregate) over Colorado in the MLS Western Conference Finals, and discussing Jordan Morris Right-Sided Proclivities.

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26:04 - Is Darlington Nagbe leaving Portland, and will he look good in Celtic Hoops? 

31:43 - More USMNT news, featuring Jermaine Jones questionable free agency and Timmy Chandler's positive performances.

34:56 - Updating the TSS Scouting Network.

The case for Bruce Arena, plus: MLS Conference Finals review  

We've put a lot of thought into this, and we're confident that Bruce Arena is the right choice to replace Jurgen Klinsmann as the US Men's National Team coach. And so the first 38 minutes of this show are dedicated to examining the appointment from every angle. Disagree with US Soccer's decision? Listen in and see if we can change your mind.

At 38:51 we explain why we both spent Tuesday morning playing FUTCHI soccer while dressed as Santa.

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At 43:09 we analyze Montreal Impact's 3-2 win over Toronto on the first leg of the MLS Eastern Conference Final, with a close look at Michael Bradley's defensive work.

At 55:45 we look at the Seattle Sounder's 2-1 over Colorado Rapids, with an exciting Jermain Jones passing innovation and a great reaction goal from Jordan Morris.

At 1:06:15 (yep, this was a long show) we catch up with some promising young players in the TSS Scouting Network, including three players from Borussia Dortmund's 8-4 win (!!!) over Legia Warsaw, an Alex Iwobi Arsenal update, and a check-in with Erdal Rakip at Malmo FF.

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Klinsmann Out, Arena In, and MLS Playoffs with Matt Doyle and Will Parchman  

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

On today's show, Taylor calls up MLS Soccer's Matt Doyle and Top Drawer Soccer's Will Parchman to get their respective thoughts about the Klinsmann firing, the Arena replacement, and the MLS Conference Finals. It's a packed show!

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Klinsmann fired as USMNT head coach!  

We were in studio when we heard that Jurgen Klinsmann had been fired as head coach of the US Men's National Team, so we sat down and analyzed the how and why and also tried to put Klinsmann's reign in a bit of context. That's the first 40 minutes of our show.

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41:15 — We also discuss Man Utd's 1-1 draw with Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund's 1-0 win over Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid's 3-0 win over Atletico, courtesy of a Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick.

56:25 — We close with reports from the TSS Scouting Network, including a young man in Italy who may be the next Christian Pulisic ...

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Merits of Michael Bradley, Did USA Throw the Costa Rica Game, and Why Don't Coaches Listen to Podcasts?  

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show...

0:00 - We answer some listener questions

30:30 - What would Jurgen Klinsmann's "Come to Jesus" moment look like?

37:05 - What to watch this weekend

44:52 - Updating the TSS Scouting Network

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Catching up on the EPL while we wait for US Soccer's Klinsmann decision  

We spend the first 20 minutes catching up on the Jurgen Klinsmann situation, and responding to the emails we've received from listeners about the current state of the USMNT.

At 23:30, we imagine Mack Weldon as the next USMNT coach. Get 20% off any Mack Weldon item of clothing by using coupon code "TSS" at

At 26:30 we get caught up with the 2016-17 Premier League, which is now 11 games old. As Taylor says, "you know by November." So what do we know about Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd, Everton et al?

At 51:45 we have six reports on phenoms from the US, Trinidad, Brazil, England, Germany and Italy.

USMNT v Costa Rica Review: Why Klinsmann Must Go  

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show, we break down the USA's 4-0 humiliation in Costa Rica. What was John Brooks doing? Why aren't tactical adjustments considered important? Why do people hate Timmy Chandler? And, most importantly, why Jurgen Klinsmann and US Soccer need to part ways. We promise, it's a less depressing episode than you might expect given the team's current standings in World Cup Qualifying. 

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USMNT v Costa Rica World Cup qualifying preview — our other biggest rival  

We preview Tuesday's big Costa Rica vs USA World Cup qualifier. Listen to find out what to expect from Los Ticos and what the US can do to succeed.

Also, see Daryl and Taylor in action playing ROUND FUTCHI backyard soccer here:

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USMNT v Mexico review — why the 3-5-2 failed  

We review the US's 2-1 defeat to Mexico, detailing why that first 25 minutes were so bad, how two US players conspired to fix it, but how the team lost at home to Mexico anyway.

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USA v Mexico: Instant Take  

Our immediate reaction to the USA's 2-1 loss to Mexico, with criticism for Klinsmann's tactical approach (or lack thereof). Longer review out later tonight/early tomorrow.

England v Scotland and Brazil v Argentina Reviews  

On the first of today's 3 shows, Daryl and Taylor react to England's 3-0 win over Scotland, reference Demolition Man way too much, and sing Brazil's praises.

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USMNT v Mexico tactical preview  

Daryl and Taylor with an in-depth preview of Friday's big USA v Mexico World Cup qualifier.

Discussing the Mexico National Team with ESPN FC's Tom Marshall  

On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show, Taylor called up ESPN's Tom Marshall to get his thoughts on the current Mexico roster (hint: it's very good), Juan Carlos Osorio's coaching philosophy, and the role Dos-A-Cero plays in El Tri's preparations. Oh, and there's a comparison between Rafa Marquez and Keith Richards. What more could you want?

USMNT roster for Mexico, MLS playoffs  

We take a good long look at the US roster for the upcoming World Cup qualifier versus Mexico.

Starting at 17:30, we break down the MLS Conference Semi-finals, with a focus on Shkelzen Gashi's long-range strike vs. the LA Galaxy.

At 36:11 we offer updates on promising young players, including an American scoring an Olimpico in Italy.

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Ideal Youth Soccer Formations and NASL vs USL: A Battle for the Ages  

On today's episode of The Total Soccer Show...

0:00 - Bobby Wood's 3-game suspension

3:00 - Gareth Bale is making a lot of money

4:52 - Ideal formations for 7v7 and 9v9

22:52 - Doing our best to figure out what exactly is happening with NASL, USL, and the future of second division soccer in the United States. 

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