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The Tottenham Way Podcast, brought to you by Dan Kilpatrick and Tom Hayward. Each week they review the weekend's game in as much detail as their biased eyes will allow, plus preview the upcoming League or Cup game and answer listener questions.


S2, E11 - Post Truth World  

This week, Dan returns to Tom's side and they welcome back Cath and Rosa to discuss two 0-0 draws in a week. We discuss Sissoko's ban, the lack of Kane on the Ballon d'Or shortlist, and Dan talks about his questionable bar choices in Leverkusen before going on the game itself. Were we fortunate to get a point, or should we have demanded more? Of course, Lloris' save is high on the bill as well. We move onto Bournemouth and a frustrating afternoon which saw us struggle to create chances and wonder whether Poch got his subs wrong. We preview the EFL Cup tie at Liverpool with a little pop quiz, and let all our hate for Leicester flow for the first time since they chanced their way to a title last season. It's fair to say Cath and Rosa have very little time for the 'fairy tale'. And, to be fair, so do we. COYS.

S2, E10 - Party Pooper Pulis  

This week, Dan is away in Germany so Tom sails the ship alone again, welcoming back pod regulars Oly and Jim to discuss the weekend draw with West Bromwich Albion. Is our poor record against them becoming a bit of a hoodoo? We discuss the slightly sub-par performances of Lamela and Sissoko, the not-yet-worrying form of Vincent Janssen in front of goal, and the impact of Alderweireld's injury. Dan gives us a very brief update from Germany where he is covering the game for ESPN, and the guys back in England discuss our chances out there. Will we see Son return? Who comes in at centre back to partner Jan? All this plus a preview of the trip to Bournemouth early on Saturday, and the usual nonsense that listener questions brings. COYS.

S2, E9 - Pep Talk  

It's an El Classico this week, with Dan returning from Russia to join Tom and discuss his event-free trip to watch the win against CSKA. How impressive a win was it in their brand new stadium, considering so many of our first team were out injured? All of this, of course, is just putting off what we really want to talk about: the absolute rinsing of Man City on Sunday. Three wins in a row against the Champions elect, how seriously can we start taking our title aspirations? Son proves his worth against the best in the league, our defence is unpenetrable and we've got a manager who can out-Pep Pep. It's all looking up. All this plus what we'd do without Spurs, and Dan becomes Frank Underwood. COYS.

S2 E8 - From Russia With Love  

This week, Tom is left alone while Dan gallivants off to Russia to cover the game against CSKA, but luckily he has two podcast giants to keep him company. Harry Sherlock returns for his first pod of the season, and Jack Hussey joins from the Rule the Roost Podcast to talk all things Tottenham. The weekend win at Boro is analysed, including the continuing form of Son, the heart attack of a last half hour, and the unjust criticism of Vincent Janssen. Halfway through we get a direct line with Dan Kilpatrick from Moscow, who gives us the run down on the mood in Russia ahead of the game, and who we expect to see. The game itself is previewed by the guys back in London, and wonder if Poch has put all his eggs in a Man City shaped basket. The City game is excitedly previewed, and we talk about the not so tragic comedy happening over at West Ham, with our own new stadium drawing ever nearer. COYS.

S2 E7 - Mous Let Loose  

This week, Dan and Tom are joined by pod debutant Jack Chatterton and returning pod veteran Rich Arrowsmith to discuss the midweek loss to Monaco in the Champions League and the return to White Hart Lane bringing victory over Sunderland. The return of Mousa Dembele is discussed; should he have started against Monaco, and how did Dan survive a Poch grilling for asking that question of our manager? We talk the whole Wembley experience, including the journey home, and what effect it may have had on the players. Sunderland is picked over, including the excellent Son, Walker and Alderweireld, as well as the nasty looking injury to Harry Kane. How badly affected will be without him? Gillingham is previewed as badly as expected, and Middlesbrough doesn't get much better. We finish by discussing which player you reckon you could take a punch from. Hint: none of them. COYS.

S2, E6 - Sonny Afternoon  

Tom and Dan welcome back Jim and Oly to discuss the smashing of Stoke, Monaco in the Champions League and Sunderland this weekend. It's a bumper pod, so expect strong opinions on who should play behind Kane, is Wimmer actually any good, and will Wembley be everything we hope it to be?We mull over where Son fits into the team, and Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Lamela, Alli, Eriksen, Kane, Walker are all covered too. It's a big one. COYS.

S2, E5 - White Hart Lane Special  

This week, for the international break, Dan and Tom are joined by the co-authors of The People's History of Tottenham Hotspur, Martin Cloake and Alan Fisher. What starts as a general chat about the book develops into a fascinating and poignant look through the history of the club, from the early days of attracting thousands to a game on the marshes through the years of developing White Hart Lane to the stadium we know - or knew - today. We speak about our favourite memories of our beautiful old stadium that will never be the same again. We also briefly touch on the transfer window and the upcoming Stoke game. This isn't one to be missed. COYS.

S2, E4 - Everything Must Go  

This week, Tom must steer the Tottenham Way ship alone, with Dan going on a jolly for the second time in as many months. In Dan's absence, Sean Walsh and Phil (@singlemaltsuds) return for their first appearances of the season to first discuss the frustrating but ultimately fortunate draw with Liverpool. Again, we must talk about Eriksen, but Kane, Alli and the increasingly obvious absence of Dembele are discussed. With the international break coming up, this week is also all about the transfer window, and with so many players seemingly leaving - including Nacer Chadli, whose impact is analysed - why aren't we seeing any replacements and who should they be? With this in mind, listener questions are answered including what impact Paul Mitchell's resignation has had and our favourite protracted transfer sagas. There are a *lot* to choose from. COYS.

S2, E3 - Eriksen in the Dock  

This week, Dan and Tom are joined by the returning Alex Brown, and the jury's out on our midfield dynamite. What is up with Christian Eriksen, or is there nothing to worry about? The Palace result is analysed, as well as the contributions of the ever improving Kyle Walker, plus Vorm, Wanyama, Lamela and Janssen. The Champions League draw is previewed, as well as the travelling circus that is Klopp's Liverpool. Can we regain the fear factor? All this plus listener questions, where Tom sings the Ginola song. COYS.

S2, E2 - Lamela Rinsed  

Dan and Tom are joined by Adam Nathan, returning for the first time this season to review the Premier League opening game against Everton and tell us why he's wiping the slate almost clean for Erik Lamela. The same can't be said for Vorm, however, who doesn't escape Adam's ire. Also, the debutants Wanyama and Janssen are discussed, as well as the rusty looking Kane and Alli. We preview Palace this weekend, and with Andros Townsend returning, just how many balls will we lose through the giant gap in White Hart Lane? All this plus listener questions, including what we would do if we were in charge of the wage structure at Spurs. So, the usual. COYS.

S2, E1 - Dan Down Under  

Season 2 of The Tottenham Way Podcast starts in exactly the same way Season 1 ended, with Oly Lister and Jim (@stylishriot) joining Dan and Tom to discuss all the events of a typically busy Spurs summer. We pick over the news of Paul Mitchell's apparent departure, before a very tired and very ill Dan tells us tales of his excursions to Australia to report on the pre-season tour, including sitting down with Poch and talking to the Aussie fans who turned out in their thousands. We discuss Everton this weekend, Wanyama, Janssen, Lamela, the Champions League at Wembley, the effect last season might have on the players, who we expect to shine and who we fear might struggle. Feels good to be back. COYS.

S01, E43 - Finale  

And so here we are, and it wasn't supposed to be this way. Tom and Dan are joined by regulars Jim (@stylishriot) and Oly Lister to firstly pick over just what the hell happened on Sunday against Newcastle and how on earth we finished 3rd, then discuss the season as a whole, which unsurprisingly lifts the mood on the whole. Does Poch need to learn some lessons? What was the moment of the season? What was the turning point? What was the goal of the season? So much to discuss, so little time, so much beer. Thank you all so much for listening this season. COYS.

S01, E42 - Get It Done  

An 'El Classico' podcast for the penultimate episode of the season, with just Tom and Dan left to chew over the disappointing loss to Southampton at the weekend. Instead of a proper review, we talk about everything from the captaincy of Hugo Lloris to whether we'd sign Shane Long (yes, that Shane Long). We talk about Daniel Levy's end of season statement, playing Champions League games at Wembley and saying goodbye to White Hart Lane. Newcastle is previewed, but the real matter at hand is getting a result - ANY result - to ensure the season doesn't end disastrously by seeing us finish below the scum again. Surely we have to do it.....right? COYS

S01, E41 - The Fat Lady Sings  

Dan and Tom host a battered and broken podcast this week, with the returning Rich Arrowsmith and ESPN's Chelsea correspondent Liam Twomey left to pick up the pieces and discuss the final nail in the title coffin that was the draw at Stamford Bridge. We discuss dropping points from winning positions for the 8th time this season, Eric Dier earning about 19 yellow cards and not getting sent off, Dembele poking Costa in the eye and why it meant so much to Chelsea to stop us. Is this the start of a new, intense rivalry where both teams are fighting for the same goals? What can Spurs learn from games like that? How much can Tom grind his teeth when congratulating Leicester on winning the title? All this plus a Southampton preview and very skimmed over listener questions, mainly because many of them directed at Liam were not fit for public consumption. Stay strong. COYS.

S01, E40 - Face of Defiance  

Dan and Tom welcome back Alex Brown as we convene to lick our wounds and eat some biscuits. We talk about whether the dream is over (for this year, at least) and why we can still be positive in the face of adversity. We discuss the learning curve this beautiful team has experienced, and what the reaction to West Brom tells us about where Poch has taken us. What can we do differently next season? Why are people insisting on calling us bottlers? Has Hugo under-performed this season? Why do Chelsea even exist? Will we finish the entire plate of biscuits in an hour? Answers within. COYS.

S01 E39 - Stoke the Fires  

A very giddy Tom and Dan are joined by Jim (@stylishriot) and Rich Arrowsmith to discuss the absolute dismantling of Stoke City in front of their own very angry supporters, who as it turns out actually think we're pretty good too. Without the aid of a running order (and yes, you can tell) we try and put into words just how good this team is. Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Danny Rose all get fawned over. Could we win the league having not led it any stage during the season? Has all but assuring our Champions League qualification for next season flown too far under the radar? Who would you watch a Spurs game with over a glass of wine? Is Gary Lineker's arse falling out? What was the moment this season turned from a good season into an amazing one? Why is Dan matching with 22 year-olds on Tinder? All will be revealed. COYS.

S01, E38 - You Shape It...  

Just Dan and Tom this week, casting adoring glances at the weekend victory over Manchester United in which Lamela, Walker and Eriksen shone brightly and made us believe again (sort of). We discuss what has made Eriksen such a dynamic player, why Lamela misses from 3 yards but scores a beauty from 15, how great Dembele is, and all the other aspects of a glorious afternoon at White Hart Lane. Stoke is previewed as poorly as can be expected, despite the best efforts of Tom and his stats, and we dive into some listener questions. Would we be happy retrospectively winning the league? Is this the starting XI we'd want to see on the first game of next season? Who is our Player of the Year? Plus, some references to The Office. Everybody wins. COYS.

S01, E37 - Tranquilo  

Dan and Tom return after two weeks off and welcome Sean Walsh and Dan Rattigan on to discuss the weekend draw with Liverpool, following on from the International break where Spurs players featured so heavily. Did the break ruin our momentum, or did it just give our stars a different focus? We talk about our record-breaking Kane and how there are no longer any correct words to describe him. Lamela is missed. Rose is loved. Hugo is fawned over. Lallana is hated. United are previewed - would signing Martial have won us the title? Sean asks a horrible question, we name the stands of the new White Hart Lane and Dan calms Tom down with one word: Tranquilo. COYS.

S01, E36 - Kane, Again  

This week, Tom and Dan are invited into the home of pod regular Adam Nathan, along with Ben Lewis who also makes his return. From the sofa, they discuss the already perhaps disappointingly long-forgotten Dortmund tie and what it told us about the squad, most notably the ongoing Bentaleb saga, and the weekend mauling of Bournemouth. Toby and Kane are gushed over, and we discuss how it would feel coming second to Leicester (spoiler: Adam gets VERY angry), plus the international break and Liverpool away. And in light of it's 10th anniversary, we discuss our favourite ever Spurs Twitter moments. COYS.

S01, E35 - Trust The Trust  

This week, Dan and Tom are joined by Katrina Law and Martin Cloake, co-chairs of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust. They discuss the incidents outside the stadium in Dortmund which saw many fans crushed and pepper sprayed, and what the Trust are doing to make sure those responsible are held accountable. Aston Villa is covered, including where Kane ranks among the best strikers we've ever had (hint: it's very high), how bleak it must be to be a Villa fan right now, surfing flags, Lescott's new car and Dele Alli being excellent. We also talk about the announcement of the Premier League away ticket £30 price cap, the resistance to this from Spurs at Board level and the process of fan movement against rising costs of following your team. COYS.

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