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The Tottenham Way Podcast, brought to you by Dan Kilpatrick and Tom Hayward. Each week they review the weekend's game in as much detail as their biased eyes will allow, plus preview the upcoming League or Cup game and answer listener questions.


S2 E38 - #ThePodTheFinale  

It's the last episode of the season, and Tom and Dan are joined by old friends of the podcast Jim and Oly to talk about a ridiculous week where this beautiful team spanked 13 goals past actual Premier League teams. Does how we ended the season put to bed the criticism of Poch? Seven of those thirteen goals came from Harry Kane, helping him win the Golden Boot for a second season in a row - who can we put him up alongside in world football? How lucky are we to have him, and perhaps how unlucky were we to lose him to injury this season? We move on to a full season review, assessing how we feel we did in the league and cups. Why did we challenge for, but not win, the Premier League for a second season, and what do we need to do to take that final step? We also pick our favourite goals, games and moments from a memorable campaign. Dan brings a 'quiz' along for some end of season fun, but overall, we just got a bit drunk in a boiling hot recording studio and acted like it was the last day of school before summer holidays. It's been great, and thank you for joining us. See you next season. COYS.

S2 E37 - Farewell The Lane  

This week, Tom and Dan are joined by Ben Schiffer, 21 years a season ticket holder and ready to join us in mourning at the loss of our great old beautiful ground, White Hart Lane. We get straight down to business, the glorious scenes from before, during and after the game, with legends and fans taking to the pitch in a show of pure emotion. There doesn't feel like anything more to say, so have a listen to us reminisce over our favourite goals, players and moments from over the years. If you ever set foot inside that stadium as a Spurs fan, you'd understand. We are Tottenham, super Tottenham, we are Tottenham, from the Lane. And we always will be. COYS.

S2 E36 - Bags Packed  

This week, a very weary Tom is joined in his flat by Dan to discuss the disappointing loss to a horribly gleeful West Ham, and why we cannot afford another disastrous run to end our season this time around. Are the players 'on the beach' having confirmed our top 4 place, and did they ever really believe they would catch Chelsea? And what do we think of the 'bottlers' tag that Spurs have been assigned? Of course, the big talking point this week is the how the end is in sight for White Hart Lane. How are we feeling about it, and what do we expect from a Mourinho team who would love to spoil the party? What do we need to do to ensure our season at Wembley stands a chance of holding a candle to this campaign? And who would we put in the stocks to have rotten food thrown at them for the parade after the final whistle? Lots more including Walker, Lloris, Dier and Levy, and a bit of Belgian chocolate. Time to say goodbye. COYS.

S2 E35 - Mind The Gap  

This week, this glorious glorious week, Dan and Tom are joined by old podcast favourite Harry Sherlock to discuss Spurs finally - FINALLY - lifting the curse of St Totteringham's Day. How did we feel watching us demolish a sorry excuse of an Arsenal side in the last North London Derby at our old ground? We ask where the game itself was won and lost, including the imposing performance of Victor Wanyama and the increasing influence of Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli. Sadly, we have to address the issue of Kyle Walker, who has for some reason decided to jump ship from the Tottenham project. What drives a decision like that, and where could he get it any better than he has now? We preview West Ham and our 4th London derby in a row, with a listing Hammers side in terrible form. This plus some listener questions. Don't let anyone tell you not to enjoy this feeling. Finally. Glory. COYS.

S2 E34 - The Brick Wall  

A bumper episode this week, as Dan and Tom are joined by Liam Twomey, as usual after we face Chelsea, and it's a pod debut for Crystal Palace fan and journalist Greg Lea, here to preview a big week ahead for Spurs. We begin with the sad news of Ugo Ehiogu passing away, and how big a hole he leaves at the club, before moving onto Wembley. Where did we go wrong? Did Pochettino experiment and did it completely backfire? And how ridiculous was the difference between the two benches on the day? Thoughts turn to Palace and a chance to bounce back quickly, and Greg gives us the lowdown on their brilliant recent form. Can we get back in the saddle ahead of the North London Derby this weekend? Speaking of which, oh my good god it's the North London Derby this weekend and we have a chat about that too. All this plus some listener questions, and an incredible revelation from Liam involving a Premier League mascot and one of the biggest selling bands in the world today. It blew our minds. Don't panic. COYS.

S2 E33 - Double Dreaming  

A giddy Dan and Tom are joined by the excellent Tom Allnut to smash straight into the title talk. There's no escaping it; we;re in it, but can we win it? We talk Chelsea nerves, important games and psychological edges. We discuss Bournemouth and the return to the score sheet for Mousa Dembele, as well as the statistical miracle of Harry Kane, who's hit 20 for the third straight season. Also Janssen's first goal, and Wilshere's injury. Was it all a bit much, or completely in keeping with the rivalry? Thoughts turn to the Cup semi-final, and ramifications of the result on the title run-in. We also work out what to do with Son, who is on fire but is the obvious one to lift out to match Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation. Could you tell his little sad face that he wasn't playing? Could you?? Also Tom asks if Vorm have a big fake injury... It's going to be a long month. Enjoy it. Drink it in. COYS.

S2 E32 - Marching On  

An El Classico (again) this week, and Dan and Tom are left to relive the amazing scenes at Swansea and what that fightback symbolises about this Tottenham team, as well as the routine home win against Watford. With 3 wins in a week, we discuss the amazing contributions of Son, Eriksen and Alli in Kane's absence and how the supporting cast graduated to the lead role without incident. Alli, in particular, is turning into a superstar, so what's behind his success? And how long can we realistically keep him if he's doing this every week...? Thoughts turn to Bournemouth, who are next to face the animal of Spurs at White Hart Lane and the chance to reach twelve home wins in a row. Will Kane return and, if so, who do you drop for him? We finish with a discussion on Luke Shaw, prompting talk of Mourinho vs Pochettino and the polarity in their methods. Is the managerial torch being passed? Plus a question from an ACTUAL MAYOR OF A TOWN. Big time. COYS.

S2 E31 - The Chase Is On  

We're back! This week, Tom and Dan are joined by Greg Stobart, who begins the episode with some personal career news and why he's fallen out of love with football journalism. We talk about how a dream job becomes 'just another job', which is something for Dan to really look forward to. We move onto Burnley, and a win that sees the title race blown wide open (sort of). Can we do it? What will we have learned from last season's fruitless pursuit of Leicester? And should we continue to keep an eye on things below us, knowing how we imploded last May? We talk Dier, the unsung hero of the season and a victim of his own versatility. Can we afford to lose him to United? Plus Alli's continued dominance, Son being the league's best squad man, and Winks and Wanyama injury updates. We preview Swansea and Watford, with an eye on some old boys possibly coming back to haunt us, including Tommy Carroll who gets his weekly podcast mention. Two wins could see us go a point behind Chelsea by Saturday 3pm. Believe. COYS.

S2 E30 - Dele Steps Up  

Dan and Tom are joined by Adam Nathan, here to bring you his fresh controversial views (sort of). We start with a quick look at the FA Cup semi final draw which sees us play Chelsea, yet again, at Wembley. Can the rumours suggesting Vorm will play be true, and if so, how much does that harm our chances? We move on to Southampton, and a nervy but crucial victory, particularly without Kane. Did we see any promise that we will fair better this time around without our top scorer and talisman? And if we do, how much will we owe the increasingly influential Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen? We look at Alderweireld, Winks and Vertonghen too. It's international week, so we take a swipe at the schedule and wonder whether our form can survive a break. Burnley is previewed, with some not so fond memories included, and listener questions are answered including whether or not this is Vertonghen's best season to date. COYS.

S2 E29 - We Can't Have Nice Things  

Dan and Tom are not in the studio this week, so apologies for the scratchy sound, but the content is still *fire emoji* as ever. They discuss the weekend dismantling of Millwall, which despite the high scoring always contained a tinge of frustration with Harry Kane's early injury. We all know how bad this will be, but just what can we expect from the inevitable few weeks that our talisman is out? Will Son step up, or will Janssen's goal pave the way for a few starts for him? Or maybe Alli can provide all the goal-scoring that we need? We also discuss the FA Cup semi final draw, and who we want vs who will want us. We move onto Southampton, with the visitors having not much to play for apart from fancying a decent scalp. Can we survive without Kane and Rose? And, crucially, who would Tom take from the Southampton team, because we know you're all wondering? Finally, would you wear an Arsenal shirt for charity? COYS

S2 E28 - The Intangible  

Tom welcomes Dan back from his holiday in Thailand to discuss a record breaking ninth-straight home win for our impressive Spurs. The 3-4-3 has made a comeback recently despite the absence of Danny Rose, and with results like this, was Pochettino perhaps a bit too hasty in binning it off when the injuries piled up? We move onto Kane, the statistical miracle. The numbers don't lie, but we discuss how much more he us, the intangible qualities he brings to us every single game. Will he break records for us? And just how much longer will he not be rated by all corners? We then talk about our remaining fixtures, stopping short of full-blown predictions, but point towards the key periods in our bid to finish as strongly as possible. The home records is also discussed, with Dan considering it now a point of honour and pride for Poch to end the last season at White Hart Lane unbeaten. We also pick over Millwall a bit, and do some listener questions to finish. Who, right now, out of Arsenal and Spurs is the more attractive club for an incoming manager? Spoiler: it's us. COYS.

S2 E27 - Kane Reigns  

There's no Dan this week, but we have two podcast stalwarts in his place in Jack 'TehTrunk' Hussey from Rule the Roost and Oly Lister from behind the bike sheds. We start with the disappointing exit from Europe and the role Dele Alli's read card played in our downfall. How do we feel about that 'edge' to Alli's game? Was that the only reason for our European failure? And what do we do about our issues at Wembley? We move onto Stoke, and the glorious dismantlement of Mark Hughes' jobbers. We discuss the formation without Rose, but really the big talk is about Kane once again. He's the best, and we love him, and we hope this comes across. We close with some reasons to be cheerful. COYS.

S2 E26 - Home From Home  

Just Dan and Tom again this week in an El Classico podcast. We get stuck into Gent and the (lack of) reaction to losing at Anfield, and why a sluggish Tottenham need to snap out of their European slumber. A strong team suggests Poch might start taking the competition seriously, but what went wrong in Belgium? What would be do in the second leg, with a return to Wembley proving another hurdle for a stuttering team. Speaking of which, the FA Cup win over Fulham moves us closer to a potential Wembley semi final, with Millwall standing in the way. Did the line up and performance give us hope that we could go all the way? What now for the fringe players who didn't get a look in against lesser opposition? Do these favourable home draws pave the way to glory, and where does the rapidly improving Harry Winks fit into all this? All this ,plus: could you handle a possible FA Cup final against Arsenal, in what could possibly be Arsene Wenger's last ever game as boss of the scum? Time to make Wembley home. COYS.

S2 E25 - A Mane Mauling  

The studio is out of action this week so the podcast retreats to Dan's new bedroom for a sobering discussion post-Liverpool. The guys are joined by Alex Brown, who first gives us an idea of what a Talksport show looks like between the hours of 1am and 6am. Is Alex the Alan Partridge of football radio? We move on to Anfield, and a disastrous first half from which we never recovered, with Ben Davies in particular getting a torrid time. Our record is terrible away against the top 6, so we look at why this is and what we can do to arrest the record. Is it purely back luck with injuries this season? Where does responsibility lie within the club? We also ask if the title is truly done, and whether this might feed into the way we approach an important week in the cups. With three games over two competitions coming up, what sort of teams can we expect? Will Poch see these competitions as an opportunity to end a slightly stuttering season with glory? We preview Gent and Fulham with this in mind, and also raise some listener questions about Lloris. Time to dig in. COYS.

S2 E24 - Anfield Awaits  

It's an El Classico pod this week, with Dan and Tom sailing alone. We start with a chat about Kane, whom Dan met for an ESPN interview, on his growing maturity and status as a Spurs spokesperson. We move on to Boro, who provided stern but meek opposition at the weekend. How did we cope without Rose? Is White Hart Lane a more patient crowd now? Does a win prove any title credentials? We then look ahead to Liverpool at Anfield in the evening kick off on Saturday, and wonder if their terrible form in 2017 can be a springboard for us to achieve our first win away from home against the top 6 this season. What should we expect from Klopp's team? Is this a good time to be playing them? We then do some listener questions, including a classic Dan KillyP story that makes Tom cry. Enjoy. COYS.

S2 E23 - Sloppy Spurs  

This week, Dan and Tom are joined by pod regular Oly Lister to discuss a weird week at Spurs. We start with the Cup win against Wycombe, a game that made Dan think a few at Spurs are on borrowed time. Where does that performance, coupled with our progress in the cups, leave some of the fringe squad? We discuss the future of Nkoudou, Vorm, Trippier, Davies, Janssen, Son and Wimmer, but most notably young Josh Onomah. We move on to Sunderland and an insipid and stunted performance. What could we have done differently, and was it just one of those games? Is the biggest problem not the first team, but our inability to change things from the bench? What the hell are we going to do without Danny Rose? We move onto the transfer windows past and present and take a trip down memory lane with Alli, van der Vaart and Crouchie. Be warned, we got a bit drunk and sloppy, perhaps in honour of our last two performances. Enjoy the meandering. COYS.

S2 E22 - Getting Away With It  

This week, Dan and Tom are joined by Ben Pearce, Sports editor and Spurs reporter for the Ham & High newspaper and at the heart of all things Spurs for the best part of a decade. He tells us about early days of Mason, Kane and other youngsters, and his years covering the club under various managers, from Ramos to Pochettino. The guys pick over the weekend half-smash & half-grab at Man City, where we were dominated but defiant. How on earth did we dig ourselves out of that hole, and what does it say about us as title contenders? We look at the issue in defence where Vertonghen was badly missed, and the incredible contribution of Victor Wanyama. We look at the performances of Harry Kane in the 'big' games, and why criticism is unfair, as well as the virtues of having a player like Son on the bench. We then look forward to Wycombe in the FA Cup and ask what Pochettino could have done for a player like Huddlestone. This episode goes out to Ryan Mason, an ex-Spur who was badly injured at the weekend playing for Hull. One of our own. COYS.

S2 E21 - Poch Preps for Pep  

Dan is ever so ill this week, so Tom is joined by pod regular and journalist Harry Sherlock and debutant Alex (@biscuitbeck) to discuss the weekend dismantling of West Brom. But first, we pick apart another hilarious week at West Ham. Do we underestimate Levy as a chairman, considering how things could be with absolute imbeciles in charge? We discuss the glory to be found in breaking the West Brom hoodoo, including the roles of Kane, Alli, Eriksen and our brilliant defence. Is creating this system for our players the best thing to happen to Spurs in years? Would we continue using it even without Vertonghen, especially with City on the horizon? Where does this leave the likes of Lamela, Sissoko and Son? All of this plus an optimistic Man City preview, including the rivalry since 2009 and how our record stands up against them and the other title challengers. Listener questions to finish as usual, including who we couldn't exist without, whether Pochettino can match the Bill Nick dynasty, and why we love Tottenham. COYS.

S2 E20 - Poch vs The Cups  

Dan and Tom are joined by Jim (@stylishriot) for a chat about the FA Cup win against Aston Villa which sees us face Wycombe in the next round. Are easy home draws the only way Poch will take it seriously, and when does he have to accept that we have a chance of winning it and start playing the first team? We talk youngsters, with Winks and Carter-Vickers putting in promising performances, but there are serious concerns about Vincent Janssen. What does he need to do to turn this round? We move on to West Brom, with Tony Pulis rolling back into town with a view to spoiling another party. Will the Baggies hold us again, or are we hitting form just at the right time? Do we stick with 3-4-3? All this plus chats about cups, transfers, Jermaine Jenas and United's derisory £50m interest in Danny Rose and Kyle Walker. Double it and you're still nowhere near, Jose. COYS.

S2 E19 - Dele at the Double  

Happy New Year to you, and what a way to start 2017, smashing Chelsea all over the shop at White Hart Lane under the lights. As is tradition, Tom and Dan are joined by Chelsea's ESPN correspondent Liam Twomey who finally comes on the podcast on the losing side. The guys pick over the tight and at times tetchy London derby, including a fascinating battle in midfield and between the full backs, but of course Dele Alli's third brace in as many games is most prominent. The kid is on fire - will he carry this on and become a Premier League great, like so many others he is currently emulating at his age? WHat is behind his rapid surge in form? Other points of note: the back 3, Wanyama blossoming, and Eriksen the magician. We move on to preview Aston Villa and discuss how we feel about the competition now we've put ourselves into some sort of contention for the league. Will we make the same decision - and perhaps mistakes - as last season? All this plus listener questions, including transfer window talk. 2017: the year of Spurs. COYS.

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