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The Traders' AFL Fantasy Podcast


Roy, Calvin and Warnie kick your week off with a look at the the NAB AFL Fantasy games on


On your bike - Episode 137  

The bye rounds are in the rear vision mirror, but the road ahead isn’t clear. The most traded in player last week will be the most traded out for round 14 as Geelong’s Scott Selwood’s hamstring injury sees him ruled out of Sunday’s game against Fremantle. Up until the third quarter last Thursday night, “Scooter” was putting his hand up as the best mid-season mid-priced pick up of the year. On Saturday night, Michael Barlow broke his left fibula and the subsequent surgery will mean he has played his last game of the year. The injured duo have been popular Fantasy selections in recent weeks and they headline the big issues on the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast with The Traders. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the best options to bring in for the run home. Also in this week’s podcast: - The highs and lows from round 13 - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - Bye round stocktake - Social media questions answered

Badbye - Episode 136  

The final siren of the Dees v Pies game has just blown and we're straight into the studio talking Fantasy. Round 12 wasn't too bad from a coaches perspective with some decent scores coming out of our best 18. But we come up to round 13 where plenty of our stars are missing. The highest averaging player in the competition, Tom Mitchell, is joined by Zach Merrett, Taylor Adams, Josh Kelly, Adam Treloar, Scott Pendlebury and Rory Sloane as guys going at over 110 per game while there are a few popular cows - like Hugh Greenwood - who have the week off making it tough to get an 18 this coming round. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the round that's gone and get you prepared for the last of the multi-bye rounds... the hardest of all! Goodbyes are hard, badbyes are harder!

Second wave of DPPs - Episode 135  

Every six rounds, the team at Champion Data run the numbers and award a group of players dual position status. They take into account where they line up on the ground, which parts of the ground they get their disposals and their role in the team. If this is significantly different to the single position they are already assigned, they add the new one and become DPPs (dual position players). Having DPPs in your squad allows extra flexibility in your line up and can help you out when trading. During the week, 20 new players added a position and quite a few have been welcomed in the middle of the multi-bye rounds. Basement priced first year players such as Sam Petrevski-Seton, Zac Fisher, Daniel Lloyd and Kurt Mutimer were previously only available as midfielders and with their new forward status, they can provide a handy bench link. Filling the hole left by Max Gawn and Jake Spencer, Cam Pedersen is now available as a RUC/FWD. The most interesting names for Fantasy coaches are usually those who add either FWD or DEF to their midfield status. At their best, Pearce Hanley, Sam Menegola and Travis Boak would be among the best in their new positions. Daniel Rich, Jack Newnes and Dom Sheed will certainly be worth looking at as free agents in your Draft leagues. Also in this week’s podcast: - How round 11 played out - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - Bye round trading - Your burning questions answered

Byemageddon - Episode 134  

They strike fear into Fantasy coaches across the land. The multi-bye rounds are here and they’re ready to wreak havoc on our teams. This weekend we experience the first of the multi-bye rounds. The MBRs – the shortened acronym means for more time to plan or panic – is the block of three rounds when up to six teams have a rest for a week. For most head-to-head leagues, like the players, you will get a rest as match ups are on hold and will resume in round 14. Coaches playing through these or aiming to rank highly overall, will need to do their best to maximise points over this challenging time. Rules change to help coaches deal with the group of players missing. Firstly, the best 18 scores within your on field 22 count towards your weekly total. Sub on the bench players and aim to have at least 18, if not more, playing in rounds 11-13. Secondly, as a new feature this season, coaches are given an extra trades to use in each of the next three weeks. Three trades per round for the MBRs will definitely help save a donut and get your squad in a position to be competitive. Roy, Calvin and Warnie are in different positions with their bye structure. They discuss how to manage this tough patch of the Fantasy season. Also in this week’s podcast: - The highs and lows from round ten - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - How to make the most of the loopholes over the next four weeks - Milking cash cows vs holding for bench cover - Your burning questions answered

Titch the Official Pig - Episode 133  

It's an honour that has only been bestowed upon two before him. Being crowned a “Pig” is not at all derogatory, it is a term of endearment from Fantasy coaches for players who go above and beyond. Those who greedily feast to bring their owners huge scores. Hawthorn’s Tom Mitchell joins Dane Swan and Tom Rockliff in the Sty, a section of the hall-of-fame that houses those who produce incredible Fantasy feats. The two current Pigs, Swan and Rockliff, have been household names in the community and coaches have been rewarded with monstrous scores whenever they have played. Swan has legend status as a pig. His 2012 season where he averaged 133.5, backing up from 120.9 the previous year was phenomenal. Rockliff is the king pig. He holds the record for the highest season average of 134.7 posted back in 2014. This year, he was going at 129.2 before dislocating his shoulder. Coming off his 50 disposal and 177 Fantasy point game, it was time to crown Mitchell as an official pig. We have been tracking his progress, even before being drafted, as he has all of the traits to be one of the best ball-winners we’ve seen. On debut, Mitchell donned the substitute vest. When he got the chance to get into the game in the second quarter, he went on to score 98 points. The following week, free from that green clothing, he played a full game collecting 31 disposals and 10 tackles for 144 points. It was the start of something special. Although there were some ups and downs due to stints in the NEAFL and some having to play some roles that weren’t conducive to big Fantasy scores, Mitchell has been the man we had hoped he would as a Hawk. In each of his nine games at his new club, Mitchell has scored 115 or more for an average of 131.7. This is the best start to a Fantasy season ever recorded as the midfielder’s 1185 points knocks off Brent Stanton’s record of 1164 scored in the opening nine rounds of 2012. The Traders chat to Tom on the week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast to induct him into the Sty. Also in this week’s podcast: - The highs and lows from round nine - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - What to do with the fattened cash cows - Which Gold Coast and Port Adelaide players are the best to pick up this week - Social media questions answered - Calvin’s captain form guide

Wounded Pig - Episode 132  

Watching the Fantasy Pig Tom Rockliff go about his business at University of Tasmania Stadium on Saturday afternoon pleased The Traders. That was until the last three minutes of the game. ‘Rocky’ dislocated his shoulder after racking up an impressive 130 Fantasy points. While the results of his scans are yet to be known, it would be safe to assume he will miss this week and not out of the question that he misses the following week before the Lions’ bye. Sadly it looks like he needs to be traded. The positive is that the most expensive and highest averaging player in the competition has an understudy or two. Tom Mitchell scored 132 in Launceston to take his average to 126 as his pig-like tendencies have increased since joining the Hawks. Later that evening at the MCG, Zach Merrett gathered 33 disposals and 12 tackles for 150 points. One of the ‘piglets’ is the best option to trade the King Pig to, but if you already have the duo, there are plenty of suitable player to bring in to help improve your side as the bye rounds approach. Roy, Warnie and Calvin discuss trade possibilities and more on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast. Also in this week’s podcast: - The highs and lows from round eight - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - Playing the breakevens - Gold Coast and Port Adelaide byes - Social media questions answered - Calvin’s captain form guide

Who's Flying? - Episode 131  

We are around a third of the way through the season and things start to get challenging. Yes, they may have already have been challenging so far this season with injuries, suspensions and players being managed, but there is more to come. Gold Coast and Port Adelaide face off in China as they play for premiership points for the first time outside of Australia and New Zealand. What scores can we expect from our Fantasy players in Shanghai? Will the long flight hinder the numbers of our stars? The Traders discuss the big matches in the upcoming round and delve into the numbers that each ground has dished up over the last three years. Also in this week’s podcast: - Roy, Calvin and Warnie’s great start to the season - The highs and lows from round seven - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more - Which cash cows to milk - What to expect from the China game and trading strategy - Social media questions answered

Sloanedog 0.72 Millionaire - Episode 130  

The Crows are flying, sitting at the top of the ladder at 6-0 and their skipper, Rory Sloane (MID, $720,000) is leading the way as the top scoring Fantasy player in the competition. A fracture of Sloane’s eye socket interrupted his pre-season limiting his ownership. Even some coaches who started with him when named in round one decided that 68 wasn’t good enough and traded him out. Since then, Sloane has scored 152, 139, 143, 132 and most recently, 155. The five round average of 144.2 is a true indication of his form and less than 15,000 coaches own the most expensive player in the competition. Is Sloane a must-have? If he continues this form, then yes. A breakeven of 89 means that he isn’t getting any cheaper. The Traders will discuss whether you should shell out the big bucks for Sloane or other premium players around that $700,000 mark or do you look for a fallen premium as cash is hard to come by this season. Also in this week’s podcast: • The highs and lows from round four (link to Roy’s Form Watch: • Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more • Cash cow culling • Bye structure • Social media questions answered • Calvin’s captain form guide

First wave of DPPs - Episode 129  

Every six rounds, the number crunchers at Champion Data work with the team at Fantasy HQ to adjust positions of players to reflect their roles in 2017. Where they line up, gather possessions and their heat maps all go into the mix to award players with dual position status ahead of round six, 12 and 18. In the first round of changes, 24 players have had a position added. Robbie Gray has regained the MID/FWD status that he has held across most of his years. Mitch Robinson and Michael Barlow are other midfielders to pick up dual positioning and could be among the best of the forwards available for the rest of the season. Popular cash cows Andy Otten and Dan Houston have added FWD and DEF status making the duo share the swingman link of DEF/FWD. This may prove to become very handy when trading around the bye rounds. Draft coaches who selected Brandon Ellis and Cameron Guthrie will have some consolation for this slow start to the year with the ability to throw them in defence. On this week’s podcast, Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss each DPP adjustment in detail, together with exclusive numbers from Champion Data.

Making his Marc - Episode 128  

It was a round where things started evening out. Some of the players that exceeded expectations early on gave their coaches a reality check. One man who is consistently getting the job done for his coaches is Marc Murphy. Carlton’s skipper started at $482,000 and after four rounds is now worth well over $600,000. Murphy is the highest averaging AFL Fantasy player following scores of 139, 125, 145 and 124. While there has been a fast start to the year from our premiums, Murphy is the only player to have scored more than 120 in each game. If you’re in the 73 per cent of coaches who don’t have him, is it too late to get him? The Traders discuss the big movers of the opening four rounds and how to get the most out of the cash cows in your team. Roy, Calvin and Warnie dissect the best trades and discuss the selection dilemmas facing Fantasy coaches ahead of round five. Also in this week’s podcast: • The highs and lows from round four (link to Roy’s Form Watch) • Chop’s chopping block • Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news” and more • The dual position player watch list • Social media questions answered • A look ahead to Anzac Day and your Match Day teams

Max, Gawn - Episode 127  

A long term injury isn’t something that any footy fan likes to see, especially Fantasy coaches. Max Gawn (RUC, $588,000) is set to spend the better part of the next three months on the sidelines following surgery on his injured hamstring. Melbourne’s ruckman went down in the second quarter on 32 Fantasy points, meaning the most expensive ruckman at the start of the season dropped $46,000 in value this week. The main talking point on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast with The Traders is what to do with the 208cm hole left in the ruck division. The 24 per cent of Fantasy Classic owners have a few choices. One is to find the cash and trade up to the in-form Brodie Grundy (RUC, $623,000), or basically straight swap him to Stefan Martin (RUC, $582,000) who is in the form that made him the top ruckman of 2015. These are simple moves, but could be get clever with the moves and make get more points out of our squad? Roy, Warnie and Calvin discuss the Max Gawn trade and help Fantasy Draft owners replace their first round pick with someone suitable. Also in this week’s podcast: - The best and worst from round three - Chop’s chopping block - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news”, breakevens and more - Which players we should stick with and who to move on - The players we missed with a look at Charles’ team who had the top scoring team of round three - Social media questions answered - Some stats to help you with your trade and captain dilemmas

Fix 'er up - Episode 126  

TWO ROUNDS in and AFL Fantasy coaches are starting to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not. Cash cows are the backbone of your Fantasy Classic side. The cheap players are how you are able to generate the coin to upgrade players in your squad so you can get as many premiums in when it comes to the finals in the last four rounds of the year. If you don’t think you have the best cash cows in your team at the moment, you need to make them a priority with your two trades this week. Roy, Calvin and Warnie work through the best moves to make ahead of round three. Also in this week’s podcast: - The hits and misses from round two - Fantasy news including injuries, suspensions, “Magoos news”, breakevens and more - Trading strategy in the early rounds - Social media questions answered - At look at “PACK ‘ER UP BOYS”, Trion’s team that won the week - A sneak peek at Calvin's captains research

Game on, baby - Episode 125  

Round one scores have been tallied, new prices calculated and we’re ready to make our first trades. With the weekly price movements, we need to be smart when using our two trades. There were some very high scores this round with 62 players breaking the 100 point barrier. It’s important not to just chase last week’s big score as Roy, Calvin and Warnie look at the best strategy for this first week of trading on the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast. Also in this week’s podcast: - Warnie’s lockout experience. - What we learned from round one including the slow burning rookies. - The top team of round one, Paul Forrester’s “raulup” that scored 2373 (see team below). - Your social media questions answered. - The Traders’ team.

Lockout Week - Episode 124  

It has been a long, hard pre-season for AFL Fantasy coaches. Some who were seeking redemption from last year, like Warnie, started as soon as the 2016 season finished. While others have been quietly absorbing information over the last couple of months and are happy with where their squad sits. For quite a few, this is the week when the first virtual step is taken on the Fantasy training track. Teams need to be finalised before the first bounce on Friday night, but if you wish to have a Tiger or a Blue, then they’ll need to be locked away before 7:20pm AEDT on Thursday night. The Traders guide you through every step of the way on the all-important final podcast ahead of round one. Also in this week’s podcast: - The Traders’ team is unpacked. - Roy discusses team structure. - The best of the sub-$250K players. - Calvin’s captain tips including the loophole. - Team Vanilla – the most popular picks this year. - Warnie catches up with Russell Shore, the winner of Fantasy Classic in 2016. - Your social media questions answered.

Fantasy Draft Special - Episode 123  

Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the official Fantasy Draft game of the AFL with hints and tips for beginners to experts. Play now at

JLT4 Fantasy Review - Episode 122  

...and breathe. The 27 matches of the JLT Community Series are in the can and Fantasy numbers are being crunched as we countdown to the round one lockout. The challenge of playing AFL Fantasy Classic is selecting a starting squad that will score maximum points while staying under the $11M salary cap. To be able to fit as many premium players in your squad, you need to find players who are priced below what their output will be. Pre-season matches give coaches a bit of an idea of who is under-priced based on their potential role when the real thing starts in round one. The $150K players are best suited to the bench. But if you can get away with a couple to start on your field, then they not only act as cash cows but can provide handy points both directly and indirectly. They can allow you to select more premium players, getting an edge over your opponents. Plenty of under-priced players put their hands up across the course of the JLT Series, but it’s important to pick those who are likely to take that form into the pre-season. The Traders trim their extended squads as they aim to settle on the 30 they’ll take into round one. Also in this week’s podcast: - Game-by-game notes on Fantasy relevant players. - What we learned from the JLT Series as a whole – including who the top scoring players were, the players playing above their value and the best of the bargains to fill your bench. - How have Roy, Calvin and Warnie's teams changed over the JLT. - Social media question time. - The Fantasy Classic team of the JLT is revealed with a few surprising inclusions.

JLT3 Fantasy Review - Episode 121  

With all teams having played twice in the JLT Community Series, we are getting a bit of an idea of who could be in each club’s best 22 for round one – including the all-important Fantasy bargains. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss the Fantasy hits and misses of the six games from the weekend. The boys analyse the players who are impressing as we piece together our Classic squads and who might be moving up the Draft rankings. Also in this week’s podcast: - Game-by-game notes on Fantasy relevant players. - The Tom Rockliff playing forward debate. - The outcome of the Bacon Cup and AFL Media drafts. - The best sub-$250K players to select. - Social media question time.

JLT2 Fantasy Review - Episode 120  

Another weekend of JLT Community Series action has a few more names make their way on the Fantasy watchlist including Jack Steven (MID, $630,000) who played a blistering first half on Thursday night. The Saint went at over two Fantasy points per minute. Steven’s ownership increased off the back of that performance as many coaches remembered that he was the highest averaging midfielder of 2015. Roy, Calvin and Warnie highlight some of the best performances of the weekend including potential dual position additions we may see this year. Dustin Martin (MID, $646,000) is a good chance to add FWD status while Brent Stanton (MID, $574,000) has a role that sees him playing significant minutes in the defensive 50 Register for AFL Fantasy - Also in this week’s podcast: - Game-by-game notes on Fantasy relevant players. - The changing ruck strategy including thoughts from Glenn Luff from Champion Data on the third man up rule and Fantasy. - Roy’s look at the best of the swag of under-priced players - How the first round of our Fantasy Draft is likely to pan out. - A team from Morts on the highest averaging players of the first two JLT game that would be scoring 2281 from the best possible on field 22.

JLT1 Fantasy Review - Episode 119  

The first weekend of the JLT Community Series saw plenty of AFL Fantasy numbers for us to sink our teeth into. Warnie looks at who would be the top scoring players had they played a ‘full’ game. Although Roy says, we must #StayStrongJLT… but which players have confirmed their places in our Fantasy squads, made their way onto the watch list or may have had a line drawn through their names following the first six matches of the pre-season? Also in this week’s podcast: - Game-by-game notes on Fantasy relevant players. -’s rookie expert Callum Twomey names his top 10 draftees to watch for your Fantasy team. - Fantasy question time from social media. - A JLT team made up of good performers from week one

Fantasy Radio Hawks v Cats JLT Q3  

Third quarter featuring special guest, Luke Hodge. The Traders call Hawks v Cats from an AFL Fantasy perspective from University of Tasmania Stadium, Launceston. 17 February 2017.

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