The Trail Went Cold

The Trail Went Cold


A true crime podcast hosted by Robin Warder


The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 13 – Brooke Henson  

July 4, 1999. Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The parents of 20-year old Brooke Henson return home to find her sitting on the front porch at 2:00 AM. Brooke tells them she is going to walk to a nearby store to buy cigarettes, but she does not return home and is never heard from again. Years later, investigators are shocked to discover that Brooke is registered for classes at Columbia University in New York because a con artist named Esther Reed has stolen her identity. In spite of this revelation, Brooke’s disappearance continues to remain unsolved, but we will attempt to figure out what really happened to her on this week’s minisode of “The Trail Went Cold”. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Click here to listen to the podcast on Stitcher. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on Google Play Music. The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote. All music is composed by Vince Nitro.

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 27 – David Bacon  

September 12, 1943. Los Angeles, California. David Bacon, a 29-year old actor who has just played the title character in the serial drama “The Masked Marvel”, tells his wife he is planning to go swimming and leaves their home. Later that afternoon, Bacon’s car is seen driving erratically before it jumps a curb and crashes into a bean field. After Bacon stumbles out of the car and dies, a fatal knife wound is discovered in his back. The investigation would uncover numerous clues to suggest Bacon was leading a secret double life, such as a coded diary, a rented apartment and unexplained trips to Venice Beach. However, there would be no answers about who actually murdered him. For our special one-year anniversary show of “The Trail Went Cold”, we shall be examining one of Hollywood`s most baffling unsolved mysteries. A special thanks to one of our listeners, Esther Gamez, for providing the cover art for this episode. Be sure to check out Esther's Facebook and Tumblr pages to see more of her artwork. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Click here to listen to the podcast on Stitcher. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on Google Play Music. The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote. All music is composed by Vince Nitro.

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 12 – Dale Kerstetter  

September 12, 1987. Bradford, Pennsylvania. 50-year old Dale Kerstetter shows up to work the overnight shift as a security guard at the Corning Glassworks plant. The following morning, Dale is discovered to be missing and he is never heard from again. A check of the security tape uncovers footage of Dale walking through the plant […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 26 – Jean Moore  

April 9, 1992. 59-year old Jean Moore and her 70-year old fiancee, Al Henderson, have traveled from their hometown of Apple Valley, California for a vacation in Laughlin, Nevada. On the morning they were planning to return home, Al claims he dropped Jean off at a casino before she vanished without explanation. However, Jean does […]

The Trail Went Cold – Bonus Episode – Interview With Scott Reeder  

September 17, 1990. Davenport, Iowa. Jennifer Lewis, a nine-year old girl from nearby Rock Island, Illinois, is found murdered on a school playground and her body has been set on fire. A man named Stanley Liggins is soon convicted of the crime, but this would only be the beginning of a very controversial case in […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 11 – Jonelle Matthews  

December 20, 1984. Greeley, Colorado. After singing in a choir at a Christmas performance, 12-year old Jonelle Matthews is dropped off at her family’s house by a friend. When Jonelle’s father returns home later that evening, he is horrified to discover that Jonelle is missing and the evidence suggests she was abducted by an intruder. […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 25 – Hugues de la Plaza  

June 2, 2007. San Francisco, California. Hugues de la Plaza, a 36-year old sound engineer with dual French and American citizenship, returns to his apartment after spending the evening at a club. When morning hits, Hugues is found stabbed to death. Since a security camera shows no one else heading in the direction of Hugues’ […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 10 – Pamela Butler  

February 12, 2009. Washington, D.C.. 47-year old Pamela Butler phones her mother to say that she is planning to take her out on Valentine’s Day. Pam never shows up and after not hearing from her for several days, her family checks her house and discovers that she has vanished without explanation. Curiously, even though her […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 24 – Patsy Wright  

October 23, 1987. Arlington, Texas. 43-year old Patsy Wright phones up her sister in the middle of the night to complain that she has become nauseous after taking some NyQuil, but collapses during the call and soon passes away. An autopsy eventually reveals that Patsy was poisoned after strychnine was put in her NyQuil. The […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 9 – Russell Evans  

June 4, 1989. Spokane, Washington. 13-year old Russell Evans heads home after spending the evening with friends, but is soon found seriously injured in the middle of the road. Russell eventually succumbs to his injuries and the official ruling by police is that he was the victim of a random hit-and-run accident. However, the nature […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 23 – The Sodder Children  

Christmas Eve 1945. Fayetteville, West Virginia. George and Jenny Sodder are preparing to celebrate the holidays with nine of their children, but shortly after they go to bed, their home burns completely to the ground. When the smoke clears, five of the Sodder children – whose ages range from five to fourteen years old – […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 8 – Helen Dymond  

June 28, 1981. Tilden Township, Michigan. After a night of drinking at a local club, 48-year old Helen Dymond and her husband Roy get into an argument in the parking lot. Roy drives home without his wife and Helen decides to walk from the club to her son’s house in order to spend the night. […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 22 – Doreen Picard and Susan Laferte  

February 19, 1982. Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 27-year old Susan Laferte and 22-year old Doreen Picard are both attacked in the basement of their apartment house by an assailant who bludgeons them with a pipe. Doreen is killed and Susan remains in a coma for a month, but when she wakes up, she has no memory […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 7 – Deborah Poe  

February 4, 1990. Orlando, Florida. 26-year old Deborah Poe shows up to work the graveyard shift at a Circle K convenience store. At around 4:00 AM, the store is discovered to be empty and Deborah is reported missing. Less than an hour beforehand, a customer had frequented the store, but for unknown reasons, an unidentified […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 21 – Renee & Andrew Macrae  

November 12, 1976. Inverness, Scotland. 36-year old Renee MacRae and her 3-year old son Andrew leave on a weekend trip, supposedly to visit Renee’s sister. Later that night, their flaming vehicle is discovered at an isolated lay-by next to the A9, but Renee and Andrew have disappeared. In a shocking twist, it turns out that […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 6 – Eva Kay Wenal  

May 1, 2008. Lawrenceville, Georgia. Millionaire real estate developer Hal Wenal returns home to discover that his 60-year old wife, Eva Kay Wenal, has been murdered. The only lead is an eyewitness sighting of a suspicious man in the neighbourhood around the time of Kay’s death. A newspaper soon receives an angry anonymous letter from […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 20 – Chuck Morgan and Doug Johnston  

June 18, 1977. Tucson, Arizona. After disappearing from his family for eleven days, the body of escrow company owner Charles “Chuck” Morgan is found outside his vehicle in the desert. He has been shot in the back of the head and is carrying a two-dollar bill which appears to have a coded message written on […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 5 – Asha Degree  

February 14, 2000. Shelby, North Carolina. The parents of nine-year old Asha Degree wake up to discover that she has vanished from her bedroom. After she is reported missing, witnesses come forward to report having seen Asha walk down the highway earlier that morning. This seems to indicate that she voluntarily left her home in […]

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 19 – Artemus Ogletree  

January 4, 1935. The nude body of a young man named Roland T. Shaw is discovered inside Room 1046 of the Hotel President in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been tied up, beaten and stabbed and dies after being taken to the hospital. It turns out that “Ronald T. Shaw” is not the victim’s real […]

The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 4 – Donna Lass  

September 6, 1970. South Lake Tahoe, California. 25-year old nurse Donna Lass is nearing the end of her shift at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel-Casino when she vanishes without explanation. Her landlord and boss soon receive phone calls from an unidentified man, who claims that Donna will be absent for awhile because of a family emergency. […]

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