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What do you get when you cross the Paddle Pop Lion with a Badger? The Undercurrent Podcast! Creators Dan Graetz and Jen Dainer produce online news and satire videos that explore political and social issues. But most of the research hits the cutting room floor. With people asking for more information, references and wanting to dive deeper into the issues we thought the best way to do this was to podcast a follow up to each feature video episode. If you like it or don’t like it, let us know. It’s new for us so as always we’re keen for your constructive, hilarious feedback. View the feature video episodes, and get in touch, via the links below.


02 The Two Party Scam  

Followup to our latest episode UC_008 The Two Party Scam. Recorded on our long drive back from interviewing Rob Oakeshott (apologies for the road noise in the background). Jen & Dan discuss the Two Party System, preferential voting, and we hear from some of the players in the Independent/Minor Party political scene.

Resources mentioned:

They Vote For You - details on how sitting members have voted on every issue in the last parliament.

Melbourne University's 'Policies: Election Watch' - policies for all the major parties in one place

02.3 The Two Party Scam - Flux Full Length Interview  

Flux co-founder and Senate Candidate Nathan Spataro had a chat with Dan and Jen about a new model of democracy. Flux members download an app for their smartphone and vote on legislation as it comes before parliament. Flux senators take the thousands of member votes and translate that into their one senate vote. Senators have pledged to renounce their autonomy and vote the way their party members want them to.

Flux isn't the only online democracy platform - Online Direct Democracy is also in the race this election.  

This audio comes from a documentary style interview we filmed for The Undercurrent headline episode UC_008 - The Two Party Scam.  

'We as a movement don't believe the political paradigm we exist in now is particularly satisfactory for the 21st century.  We don't think it inspires people to want to be involved in politics.  We really think that we need something new to actually get people excited and make great decisions for their country.'


02.2 Two Party Scam - Ricky Muir Full Interview  

Victorian Senator Ricky Muir sat down with Dan and Jen for a chat about his time in Parliament, what it means to hold the government to account, and how independent and minor party voices are being stamped out of politics in Australia.

It's easy to label micro parties as single issue parties, but we found Ricky to be well informed and educated across a range of policy platforms unrelated to motoring. 

This audio comes from a documentary style interview we filmed for The Undercurrent headline episode UC_008 - The Two Party Scam.  

'I thought this was a system designed to keep the average Joe's views and opinions out. I really honestly felt like Parliament was just a tool of an elite few.  No ordinary person is ever going to have an opportunity to get involved in that.'

'I'm given the ability to vote on my conscience... So something that so many people would wish their representatives to do, which is to vote on their conscience, I can. And I do.'

02.1 Two Party Scam - Rob Oakeshott Full Interview  

Australian Independent Lower House candidate for the seat of Cowper in Northern NSW, Rob Oakeshott, sat down with Dan and Jen to discuss the value of independents in parliament.

This audio comes from a documentary style interview we filmed for The Undercurrent headline episode UC_008 - The Two Party Scam.  

Rob offers some insight into what life is like inside a minority government and how the job of policy making gets done when independents hold the balance of power.

'What independence brings is political contest. And what comes from political contest is results on the ground, on really important issues for the community. And so that's the model I tried, and the more I tried it the more effective it was.  I was really surprised just how effective it was'. 


The Dark Art of Political Polling  

Everyone’s had polling results shoved down their throats at some point, but how much stock should we really place in them? We discuss how they’re collected, how the data is ‘massaged’ to get the results and how the media interprets them. We also chat about how we, the general public, should treat them. In the lead up to federal elections in Australia and the US we go behind the scenes to see how the sausage is made. It’s all about the sausage.

For the data nerds in the audience here is the Australian Financial Review's Poll of Polls that we refer to in the episode.  Thanks to Edmund Tadros from the AFR and polling heavyweights Murray Goot and John Stirton for appearing in the show.



This audio was produced in collaboration with ABC’s First Run podcast development unit. It is made available with permission of ABC Radio.  

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