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The Unstoppable Badass

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I grew up in a small town but I knew at age 1 I would become The Unstoppable Badass


2 Music for yous and Camp Hawnee!  

This week Badass works on two songs for Music for You and also promotes Camp H.A.W.N.E.E.

Critique the Pastors!!!  

Badass takes time today to promote pastors sermons! Pastors deliver uplifting and helpful sermons and use words like hymen!

The All Music For You Episode!!!!!  

Badass rakes 3 new songs over the coals!

Travis Travis talks Donald Trump and Manswers for Women  

Travis Travis stops by to talk about Donald Trump and Jesus. Badass shows why women should be thankful for the things men don't say. Music For You with Tyler Wix.

The 69 year old obese man and THE QUESTION!  

Badass encourages a 69 year old obese man and also shows men how to answer the age old question would you _________ for a million dollars! And Badass works on the song demo Church Of Trees.

White Carl and Sister Ethel Spoken Word Night  

Badass gives you a song for free and White Carl and Sister Ethel perform at a Spoken Word night!

Run From The Devil and Badass destroys The Panic Room  

Is your New Years resolution to get in shape? Well BadAss has a workout plan to not only get you into shape but get you into Heaven! Also, Badass works on a song sent in by The Panic Room


Badass holds a telethon for tv preachers in need!

Pastors Teaching Physics and Men's Small Group Recording  

What if your pastor why a high school physics teacher and Badass plays audio from his men's group.

The Black Eye on America's Face and Thanksgiving Song  

Matt Carter stops by to critique one of Toby's songs about the black eye on America's face right now. Unstoppable performs a trueThanksgiving song he wrote. Music For You is just amazing.

White Carl and Listener Q&A  

This week Badass takes some listner questions and White Carl stops by to discuss the Revenant. Badass destroys Joshua Wing in Music For You.

Is that your belly showing?  

This week Toby discusses his biggest fear and Krazy Kyle stops by to perform new songs.

Where Did Rap Come From?  

Rap music's vulgar lyrics come from our childhood.

Misunderstanding Misunderstandings  

This week we discover that sometimes we misunderstand each other and the world just needs forgiveness and love. Or, maybe we're just awful.

Family is a Four Letter Word  

In this episode we meet the crazy Morrell's, preview the upcoming slasher film Not Silent but Deadly, and Unstoppable gives away a song idea!

Aliens Are Demons and Maybe So Is Aaron Lunsford  

In the first episode of The Unstoppable Badass our good friends White Carl and Aaron Lunsford stop by! Also, Unstoppable talks about what to do in an alien encounter. Plus, Music For You!

Badass Episode 0 For Real  

My name is Unstoppable, The Unstoppable Badass that is. You may have dreamed about me or saw me in a vision once, but now I am here through the technology of sound waves to make you horny. I mean happy. Subscribe now!

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