The Untold

The Untold

United Kingdom

Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.


Sanjeev - Saviour of Steel?  

The British steel industry is in meltdown. But one person believes he has worked out how to make it profitable, and he's investing millions. Grace Dent and her producer zoom in on events to try and discover his secret. At stake are thousands of jobs, so does Sanjeev have what it takes to make British steel rise again? Producer: Melvin Rickarby.

No Fixed Abode  

Grace Dent presents untold stories of modern Britain. Today, a tale of homelessness in Poole as we follow the life of Mel. From a career in high finance, Mel has ended up sleeping rough in the stairwell of a multi storey car park. We follow her daily - and nightly - routine as she tries to survive with no fixed abode. Events conspire to raise the stakes for Mel and the need for a roof over her head becomes more urgent than ever. Producer Neil McCarthy.

The Gold Man  

Grace Dent presents a new series documenting the untold stories of 21st century Britain. Today she follows the Gold Man of Farnworth market as he tries to save his business. John Hill is a gold trader who set up a stall at a traditional market, in Farnworth near Bolton, six years ago. He is a big character who isn't afraid to fight for what he believes in. John turned his back on an IT career to run his own stall and has led the battle to keep the traditional market going but now the local Council has written to John and his fellow traders to tell them their time is up: February 26th is their last day. John has consistently come up with alternative plans to keep the market going but, right now, it looks as if he will be the last man fighting. He needs a new site to keep his tribe of traders together but that means getting the council's permission and the other traders on side. Grace Dent wants to know if John can persuade them to go with him as he searches for hope, even at the 11th hour. Producer: Karen Gregor.

Be My Baby  

Grace Dent presents untold stories of 21st century Britain. After a week-long fling with a girl he met on Tagged, 21 year old Thomas is shocked to hear she is pregnant. He stands up to the mark, offering support and going with her to the scans, but she suddenly cuts off all communication. She doesn't return his calls or messages and Thomas can only guess what is going on. Has he done something wrong? Does she just want to do this on her own? The ex- boyfriend has moved back so perhaps the child isn't actually his? In October he sees a baby girl being pushed around town. He sees her photos on Facebook. He knows his life will change forever if he is found to be the father, but Thomas can't cope with not knowing. He is going to court to force a DNA test to find out one way or another. Producer: Sarah Bowen.

Stacey Jackson: Chasing Dreams  

Grace Dent follows pop star and mum Stacey Jackson as she launches a career in business. Stacey Jackson is no ordinary working mum - she's a successful pop star with a very wealthy husband. But for Stacey, that's not enough. She's about to launch a career in business. Why does she keep chasing new dreams when she already has all the money anyone could wish for? Producer: Sara Parker.

Darkie Day: Michael and the Mummers  

Grace Dent presents untold stories of 21st century Britain. Young black film director Michael Jenkins is making a film about Padstow's Darkie Day. It's a long standing tradition where local residents black up their faces and process through the streets singing and dancing. The locals are defensive about their celebration which is part of their Cornish identity. Despite what outsiders think they say it has no racial overtones, but they did change the name to Mummers Day after complaints prompted MP Diane Abbott to call for the festival to be stopped. As a young Black British man Michael wants to experience it for himself and capture it on film. Will any of the town's residents accept his invitation to sit down and have an honest conversation with him about Darkie Day's origins and meaning? Is political correctness making it worse? This is a story where modern Britain meets medieval history in a clash of cultures. Producer: Maggie Ayre.

Being Bowie  

Laurence Bolwell has been dressing as David Bowie and singing his songs on stage for 18 years. One Monday morning, early in January, he hears the news that his idol has died. That Friday night, he is due on stage with his act in a theatre in Carmarthen. Grace Dent tells the story of Laurence's week, and finds out what it's like to be a tribute artist the day your hero dies. Producer: Chris Ledgard.

Tainted Love  

Grace Dent tells the story of Jean, 73, who's being harassed by her 80 year old estranged husband, George. After over 40 arrests, a judge must decide whether George's actions are the result of dementia. Jean and George finally split up in early 2015 after nine years of unhappy marriage. But for George, that wasn't the end of their relationship. For months, George has been harassing Jean: writing her love letters, verbally abusing her and coming to her flat trying to gain entry. Jean now feels like a prisoner in her own home, scared to go out alone. Despite over 40 arrests, George won't keep away. As the day of George's court appearance approaches, a judge must weigh up whether George's actions are deliberate or if they stem from dementia. Producer: Laurence Grissell.

Jennifer's Search for DJ Derek  

In July last year, veteran Bristol DJ, Derek Serpell-Morris, known as "DJ Derek", went missing. He was last seen on CCTV camera leaving a pub, but after that, nothing. He might as well have vanished into thin air. His great niece, Jennifer Griffiths, used to be his PR manager, and for the last six months she has been the public face of the campaign to find Derek. Over those months, we follow Jennifer as she goes through the cycles of hope and despair, following leads that go nowhere and clues that seem to mean either everything or nothing. It's a detective story, but one where the final chapter is still unwritten. What does it do to a family to live with such uncertainty? Presenter: Grace Dent Producer: Jolyon Jenkins and Polly Weston.

The Untold - Episode 4: The search for DJ Derek  

Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.

Todmorden Under Water  

Grace Dent documents the untold dramas of 21st century Britain. Boxing Day, 7.30am: flood sirens sounded in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. As the waters rose rapidly, Mandy and Paul faced a unique rescue mission. They share their terraced house on the outskirts of Todmorden with their student daughter, her boyfriend, three dogs, four cats and 27 tortoises. The Untold follows them as they attempt to meet their first objective: getting one room clear of the water so that they can close the door on the chaos in the house and take stock. Sharing this one room with their many pets, they face numerous challenges. The town is cut off, roads are closed, they have elderly relatives in need of care, and a baby tortoise in need of emergency treatment, after it was stepped on in the chaos. Mandy also stands in the road, asking drivers to quell their speed: moving vehicles create waves which add to the water in the house. As the rain eases, The Untold finds out how Mandy and Paul try to restore some normality to their world under water. Producer Sue Mitchell.

Strictly Come Langport  

Grace Dent presents a new series documenting the untold stories of 21st century Britain. Langport in Somerset has a secret. Not a dark secret, quite a happy one really - a dance competition to blow away the winter blues. Grace Dent and her producer zoom in on events and discover a classic tale of good vs evil - a sparky 70 year old widow called Mo doing the salsa; and opposing her a tango-ing video technician called Ferg. At stake, a small silver trophy and eternal local glory. So who will win Strictly Come Langport this year? The producer is Miles Warde.

High Stakes  

Grace Dent presents a new series documenting the untold dramas of 21st century Britain. The stakes couldn't be higher for 26 year old Steve: he needs to prove he's quit gambling by Christmas in order to move back in with his partner and two kids. Steve and Stacey met as teenagers ten years ago but Stacey kicked him out when she discovered he was gambling away thousands of pounds on smartphone apps. Things came to a head when Steve blew his entire wage packet in just one hour - on payday - leading Stacey and their children facing eviction. Steve lost everything - can he win back Stacey's trust in time for a happy Christmas in the family home? Producer: Laurence Grissell.

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