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The UX Workshop is a global hub where User Experience professionals and enthusiasts can strengthen their skills and meet new peers through live digital media and in-real-life events. Being in The UX Workshop is all about connecting, sharing, and learning; having fun while moving from theory to understanding.


UXCamp DC 2010 - Say THANKS to Our Video Team!  

In this short piece the CDIABU students who helped us stream and record are helping us give away books. Ty, who you don't see here was our fearless producer. The team in no particular order is: Avery Fields, Aaron Purnell, Drew Loughlin, Holden Boyles, Tysheka Pierson, and Sean GreenwoodA big thanks to all of them for their very hard work!!

UXCamp DC 2010 - On Design Inspiration  

In this episode Joe Sokhol talks about design inspiration.

UXCamp DC 2010 - Dan Willis on Belief  

In this episode Dan Willis talks about what we believe.

UXCamp DC 2010 - On Accessibility  

In this episode the group discusses accessibility issues and solutions.

UXCamp DC 2010 - Jared Spool on Web Apps and the Bottom Line  

In this episode Jared Spool talks about how UX problems always affect the bottom line.

UXCamp DC 2010 - UX KPIs  

In this episode, Jared Spool and Livia Labate talk about UX and KPIs

UXCamp DC 2010 - On Desirability  

In this episode Rob Fay discusses methods to extract desirabiltiy from users.

UX Show & Tell - The Longest Form  

In this episode, the group discusses what to do about an incredibly long form.

UX Show & Tell - Usability Documentation  

In this episode, usability and user research tools are discussed.

UX Show & Tell - Deco Demonstration  

In this episode, a front-end developer demonstrates the project he's working on.

CSNYC-The Elements of Content Strategy  

What is editorial strategy? Why is it so integral to content strategy? And what is the relationship between content strategy and publishing? Jeff MacIntyre, principal of Predicate, will present and moderate a small panel discussion: * Ian Alexander, VP, Eat Media ( * Craig Bromberg ( [virtual panelist] * Matthew Geraghty, Senior Content Strategist, Razorfish (

Sylvia Harris - New York-Presbyterian Hospital  

Sylvia Harris recounts her experience with New York-Presbyterian Hospital that lead to working on the service architecture an information design of one NYC's largest hospital campuses.

Jen Bove - Is There an App for That?  

Jennifer Bove founder and principal at KickerStudio in San Francisco discusses her thoughts on Service Design.

Jun Lee - Rebranding Legos  

Jun Lee Partner, ReD Associates, New York recounts experiences working with Lego to restore the brand.

Chenda Fruchter - Service Design at 311  

Chenda Fruchter is the Assistant Commissioner, Director of Content & Agency Relations, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication in New York City. And she the design lead for the information service 311. In this presentation, she explains some of the processes and design decisions she makes to help NYC be more informed.

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