Becoming a minimalist vagabond while walking from Stockholm to Sydney. Follow my chronicles as I walk halfway around the world in search of a new life-style.


Hua Hin, Thailand  

A short update after the first bit of serious walking in Asia. Also the first case of Bali Belly...

Bangkok, Thailand  

Bangkok and the first days walking in Asia. So different from the USA and Europe and another continent to add to the list!

San Diego, California. Halfway!  

San Diego marks the halfway point of the-walk! I've finished my walk across the USA and am already thinking about how to tackle Asia.

Five Thoughts on Long Distance Walking  

Five Thought on Long Distance Walking, an essay on long distance walking and part of the five thoughts series.

Glendale, Arizona and 10,000 km!  

I make it to Phoenix and cross the 10,000 km line!

Sliver City, New Mexico  

Las Cruces to Silver City, I cross the highest point on my way across America and continue west

Las Cruces, New Mexico  

Sanderson to Las Cruces. 120 km without services and a great stay in Marfa

Sanderson, Texas  

Charlie leaves to go back to Denmark and I get a cold as I move into the real Wild West

Camp Wood, Texas  

Fredricksburg to Camp Wood. Lots of freiendly people, all who seem to be from Austin and the story of the disintegrating Emu.

Fredricksburg, Texas  

Charlie and I leave Austin, discover taht tge "Emu" is not a great pack animal and reach Fredricksburg, all the while meeting friendlym helpful Texans

Austin , Texas  

Austin, Texas proves to be a great place full of great people! I meet Kirk Tuck and Charlie finally arrives from Denmark to walk with me for 3 weeks.

Bastrop, Texas  

Almost in Austin and halfway through my walk across America. I meet Tyler who is out on a test walk to Miami and get to spend the night in a church.

Five Thoughts on Being a Photographer  

Not an update on the-walk, but rather a short audio book called: Five Thoughts on Being a Photographer

Kountze, Texas  

I have reached Texas, i turn another year older and the-walk reaches 10,000 km!

Eunice, Louisiana  

Amite City to Eunice. I get proposotioned, try to remember to drink enought water and get stuck in the rain

Amite City, Louisiana  

During the last week I have walked from Mobile to Amite City and encountered a lot of southern hospitality along the way. After socializing in Mobile there followed some hot days on the road with some strange campsites. Another great week on the road, hear all about it on the podcast.

Mobile, Alabama  

I meet my first real walkers after a year on the road, get a blister and buy some new shoes. From Panama City to Mobile

One Year, Panama City  

One year on the road! The Mule and I have now been on the-walk for one year. What can I say, an epic year with so many positive experiences that they are impossible to list in a single post. Followers will already understand how great the year has been and probably only have a […]


I spend a few days hiding from the rain storms in Tallahasse and get a guided tour of the town from my couchsurfing host Bill. Everything from the supreme court to stand-up comedy

Perry, Florida  

Clearwater to Perry, walking along US 19 and reflecting on all the pawn shops and the generosity of people. Everything from truck hoods to starting to run!

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