The Wellness Guys Show

The Wellness Guys Show


The Wellness Guys’ Show are a fun filled half hour of education, information and inspiration from three of Australia’s top wellness experts sharing their unique knowledge on the why, the what and the how of acheiving ultimate health and wellness.


TWG 276: Exercising while travelling  

This week Damian is away, Laurence is about to head overseas and Brett has just been driving back and forth between Melbourne so the boys thought it would be a good time to talk about how they keep in shape when they are travelling. The conversation starts with some great insights into what prevents us […]

TWG 275: Organic skin care with Jo Lam  

This week Brett and Damian interview Jo Lam about organic skin care.  Jo shares with us her wealth of information about the products that are available on the market and why she has chosen the products she has for her shop She also shares with us her go to ingredients for skin care you […]

TWG 274: The Wellness Guys Review  

This week Brett and Damian review listener feedback from iTunes. It has been a while since the boys answered questions from the fans and this week the boys get through a whole bunch of comments and the occasional question and have a whole bunch of fun in the process (and a few jokes at Laurence’s […]

TWG 273: The Wellness Summit debrief  

After the most successful wellness summit ever Laurence, Damian and Brett get together to chat about their favourite moments, learnings and experiences from presenting to 950 wellness inspired people. The boys not only talk about their favourite moments but also the themes that emerged from the event and how people can apply the knowledge learned […]

TWG 272: LIVE from The Wellness Summit 2016  

This week The Wellness Guys are LIVE at The Wellness Summit. Joined on stage by the Up For A Chat girls, Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking), Tim Robards (The Robards Method and The Bachelor), Kale Brock and Steph Lowe and taking questions live from the audience this a hilarious, informative and interactive episode that you will […]

TWG 271: Double your energy with Yuri Elkaim  

This week Laurence and Brett interview nutrition, fitness and fat loss expert Yuri Elkaim. Yuri has an amazing journey from sports jock and soccer player to losing his hair at the tender age of 17! Diagnosed with auto-immune alopecia Yuri embarked on a health and wellness journey which led him to many doctors and specialists […]

TWG 270: How to prioritise  

This week The Wellness Guys have a fascinating discussion about how to prioritise. How do you know if a particular project or lifestyle is right for you? How do you balance or manage all of your different roles? When is the greater good more important than your own individual goals and desires? The Wellness Guys […]

TWG 269: The failure of expectations  

The is an alarming amount of suicide occurring worldwide at the moment with social media buzzing about #22pushupsaday and #itsokaytotalk in support of people in trouble. Even though DK and LT are not experts in resolving conflict nor are they mental health experts – they delve deep into what perhaps are the issues that drive […]

TWG 268: Holistic podiatry with Dr Michele Summers Colon  

This week Brett interviews Dr Michele Summers Colon about holistic podiatry. What is holistic podiatry? What does it look like in practice. This interview covers how Dr Michele integrates her Western medicine learning with her Eastern medicine practices in order to treat the whole person, not just the feet. So tune in for another insightful episode […]

TWG 267: Dealing with chronic pain with Mandy Mercury  

This week The Wellness Guys speak to Mandy Mercury about scoliosis and dealing with chronic pain. Mandy shares her amazing journey of dealing with scoliosis, chronic pain management and her journey to coming off of medications. She shares with us how she has come to terms with her diagnosis and her situation and how she […]

TWG 266: Functional Gut Disorders  

This week The Wellness Guys interview Professor Gerald Holtmann and Gastro-neuro-enterology. The professor shares with the guys all of the latest research on the gut, gut disorders, causes and potential solutions. Including what we now know about the different types of gut disorders, how previously undetected or unknown gut disorders may have been mislabelled and […]

TWG 265: The Robards Method  

This week Laurence and Brett interview Tim Robards, founder of the Robards Methods and the original bachelor on Australian TV (yes ladies, the one with the abs). Tim shares with us how his upbringing led him to a passion for helping people eat, think and move in a healthy way and how his original inspiration […]

TWG 264: Adrenal dysfunction with Shannon Brenton  

This week while is off enjoying the sun in Greece Laurence and Brett spend sometime talking with Nutritionist and Naturopath Shannon Brenton about Adrenal fatigue. It seems to be one of those conditions that is on the rise but is it just better awareness? What is causing so many people to get so run down […]

TWG 263: 180 Nutrition – Guy Lawrence’s AMAZING story!  

Help, share and inspire! Prepare to be inspired as DK and LT delve deep into the successes and struggles of pioneering new food paradigms. Understand the how and the why behind Guy’s hugely successful nutrition company.

TWG 262: DK and LT the Cube  

Have you ever had a dream, where you walk through a desert and there is a cube. On this cube you notice a ladder, some flowers and a horse… what does all of this mean???? LT and DK break this down to understand what this all says about each other and we reckon you could […]

TWG 261 : My Fight against Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) with Nissa Lee  

Just imagine while you are travelling around Australia at 24 years of age and then you start to lose your balance, eyes start to twitch and other weird symptoms begin to show up.  Then you discover that you are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.)!  In this episode, you will hear how Nissa Lee spends the […]

TWG 260: Ch..Ch..Ch…Changes – Celebrating 5 years of The Wellness Guys  

This week The Wellness Guys celebrate 5 years of The Wellness guys Show. What an achievement! The boys talk about all of the changes that they have seen in the health and wellness world over the last 5 years and the changes that they themselves have made over that time. They also take a peek […]

TWG 259: The Search for Hurt with Obstacle Racer Champion Matt Murphy  

In this episode, Laurence gets to fly solo as he dissects one of Australia’s greatest athlete Matt Murphy. Matt just recently won the Melbourne Spartan Race here in Australia but was also the 2013 runner up Spartan Race World Championship among many other obstacle race accolades. He was the STAR of on ESPN’s Search for […]

TWG 258: Whats With Wheat  

In this incredible episode, Brett, Laurence and DK have the one and only Cyndi O’Meara back on The Wellness Guys after 210 episodes to explore the perils of wheat, glyphosate, modern day farming! As Cyndi’s blockbuster movie/documentary go live around the globe in just a few days, we thought it would be great to drill […]

TWG 257: The Fat Revolution with Christine Cronao  

This week Damian and Brett interview Christine Cronao about the fat revolution. It has been a slow burn over the last few decades but I think it is finally safe to say that fat is back! The boys talk to Christine about all things fat and in particular the benefits of a high fat diet […]

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