The Wellness Guys Show

The Wellness Guys Show


The Wellness Guys’ Show are a fun filled half hour of education, information and inspiration from three of Australia’s top wellness experts sharing their unique knowledge on the why, the what and the how of acheiving ultimate health and wellness.


TWG 306: I’m bloated and it could be SIBO with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis  

With Brett and Laurence enjoying the high life – Damo is sent into the trenches to attend the 5th Bio-Ceuticals Research Symposium. A world class integrative medicine event that looks at the latest research around natural and integrative approaches to health concerns. This interview will blow your mind… do you bloat? do you have diarrhoea? […]

TWG 305: The Virgin Miracle Mindset  

The boys have gone rogue and Laurence brings in a special guest host, his wife Karen, on this episode. If there is one show you do NOT want to miss, it is this one! In episode 305, Karen and Laurence have the privilege of chatting to the very talented and amazing J.J. Virgin. J.J. is […]

TWG 304: Wired To Eat with Robb Wolf  

This week Brett get’s a bit excited as he and Laurence get a chance to chat to the inspirational Robb Wolf. Robb is such a wealth of information on Ancestral Health and always manages to share it in such an easy to digest, entertaining way. This week Robb drops a few bombshells about the content […]

TWG 303: The game of life with Nik Wood  

This week Brett and Laurence chat to Nik Wood about gameifying life. Nik has a really unique way of looking at life and says that it is not so much about winning the game of life as it is about making sure you are playing the right game. So many of us in life are […]

TWG 302: Awareness, intentions and mindfulness with Paul von Bergen  

This week the boys interview Paul von Bergen from Billabong Retreats about leaving the corporate world and creating a life of mindfulness (and why it isn’t always what it is cracked up to be). Tune in as Paul shares a very honest account of his life and his life changes and how he has managed […]

TWG 301: Emma Park from Qiara  

This week The Wellness Gusy interview Emma Park from Qiara about the microbiome and the importance of probiotics during pregnancy and breast feeding. Emma shares with us how gut health can impact on fertility, pregnancy, birth and breast feeding and why it is important to start thinking about gut health when you start thinking about conceiving, […]

TWG 300: The Truth About The Wellness Guys  

This week The Wellness Guys turns 300! That’s 300 weeks in a row, without missing a beat, that Damian, Laurence and Brett have produced their amazing #1 wellness podcast. To celebrate the boys decided to have a bit of fun. Laurence found a questionnaire of the top things you should ask a guy before marrying […]

TWG 299: Whatever happened to Mindful in May – Elise Bialylew  

In 2015 the Wellness Guys interviewed a superstar in the making Dr Elise Bialylew as she launched on an ambitious task of raising funds for clean water for poor people around the world. Last year she disappeared!!!! Mindful in May didn’t go ahead. We find out why and look into what happens in life and […]

TWG 298: Nurturing Us before pregnancy  

There are so many things to consider before you fall pregnant and what if you fall pregnant with out any awareness of what could be done or what would be ideal to be doing in the lead up to your healthy amazing pregnancy… and there is SOOOO much to talk about with regards how to […]

TWG 297: The Gut Healing Summit with Kale Brock  

This week The Wellness Guys interview Wellness Couch superstar Kale Brock about his upcoming Gut Healing Summit. Kale has been interviewing the leading experts from around the world on the topic of gut health and share what he has learnt with the guys. So tune in to find out what the latest experts and research […]

TWG 296: Medicinal Marijuana with Dr Rachna Patel  

This week the boys interview Dr Rachna Patel about what is an increasingly discussed and important topic in health (and especially in Australia in 2017 as new laws are brought in to place), medicinal marijuana. For years proponents have argued that marijuana has been held to a different standard to other drugs on the market, […]

TWG 295: Why you should consider floating with Shane Stott  

This week The Wellness Guys talk about nothing, but it is a whole lot of nothing that adds up to a whole lot of health. They are talking all things float tanks. No noise, no light, just you and a whole tub of salty water (that you can hardly feel either) just floating around and […]

TWG 294: What is wellness anyway with Amanda McMillan  

This week the boys interview Amanda McMillan from Wellineux about her own unique journey to wellness and how she helps her corporate clients find more balance in their lives. Amanda shares her own personal definition of wellness and how she manages to find some balance in her busy life which has not only included incredible […]

TWG 293: Hypnotherapy and the mind-body connection  

This week Brett, Marcus Laurence and Damian interview hypnotherapist Rene Brent  about how to release subconscious blocks that keep people stuck and stop the internal battles. In a very insightful episode Rene shares how people can connect with their subconscious mind to see how their own thoughts are actually getting in their way and how they […]

TWG 292: Preparation with Marcus Pearce  

This week Damian and Brett chat to good friend and fellow Wellness Couch director Marcus Pearce about preparation. How does Marcus prepare so well for big events like The Wellness Summit or The Wellness Breakthrough? And just how do these skills translate into his daily life? Great planning is one part of the picture, but […]

TWG 291: Hemp foods; Are they good for you?  

This week The Wellness Guys interview Paul Benhaim from Hemp Foods Australia about the world wide usage of hemp as a food source. Find out the difference between hemp, cannabis and marijuana and which ones have intoxicating effects on your body and which do not. Learn the environmental and nutritional benefits of hemp and why […]

TWG 290: Gut health and vegetables with Helen Padarin  

This week The Wellness Guys welcome back Helen Padarin to talk about gut health and the importance of getting enough vegetable sin your diet. Known for her work in the Paleo circles some people will be surprised to hear Helen’s passion for vegetables but not those who know her (and the Paleo movement) well. She […]

TWG 289: Understanding Gut Health  

Gut health continues to be the topic de jour in health and wellness circles and for some people it seems to be creating a bit of confusion. Enter Damian Kristof to clear the fog. In this episode Laurence and Brett pick Damian’s mind about how we work out what is actually wrong with the gut and […]

TWG 288: Sexual dysfunction with Jacqui Olliver  

After popping their cherry and talking about sex a few weeks ago the boys have entered into the danger zone again, this time to talk about sexual dysfunction. It is an important topic that affects the lives of millions and this episode is chock full of important information. From the importance of the right focus, […]

TWG 287: Inspired by Hillary  

Folowing on from our last interview with an inspiring human, LT and DK interview yet another inspiring human, Hillary King-Sullivan about how life when it throws curve balls, can be tackled and dealt with accordingly. LT and DK are inspired by Hillary’s courageous story of loss, fight, grit and determination and the lengths she goes […]

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